Monday, June 30, 2008

Silence or Revolt?

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

- Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

How long will you continue to be silent while terror reigns? Kick Barisan Nazis out now!


akuani said...

sorry ya AD ... AI and sodomy seem to be comfortable bed partners I've heard.

So BN nazis or not, I think this is a good Wag The Dog by AI to boost his PM in waiting saga ...

No sympathies from me - soowwweeee.

Jon-C said...

FuiYoh!!! Another political blockbuster from "bolehwood." What ever it is - sodomy or not, it's time for BN to say their goodbyes.

Kopite78 said...

I agree with Akuani. It looks like after 10 years since he was first accused of sodomy, this latest accusation looks more to work in his favour.

Seeking refuge at the Turkish embassy is another well planned move.

I would agree that the BN leaders are a dumb lot but even they will know that trying to get rid of Anwar using Tun's methods will not go down well with the rakyat.

It looks like a way to just take away the attention from RPK's statutory declaration abt DPM and wifey.

k_saegaran said...

Another diversion tactic away from the real issue (Mongolian saga) or, conspiracy to kill 2 birds with one stone by BN (get rid of AI and boost DPM). Sick of all this crap la. BN has run out of ideas and competent leaders.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Sorry, me is not his biggest fan but are you saying you condone such tactics?

"Sowwwweee" (!??!) This smacks of desperation at the 11th hour . . . again. When DPM is under scrutiny & there is major rumours of crossovers.
Who cares if he is bi? If it means getting rid of the parasites that currently run this country, so be it.

As fer wagging the dog & boosting his image, not much use if yer rotting in jail fer several years again & barred from politics, rite?

As in the poem, sympathy is NOT fer him but fer OURSELVES!

We are at a crossroads here & we should be angry that BN think they can do whatever the fook they want. AI fan or not, removal of opposition politicians thru slander, intimidation & fear tactics cannot be tolerated!

Perhaps you should read the poem again. You seemed to have missed the point.

JonC: They are tightening their grip even more; so what do we do?

anfield devotee said...

kopite78: See above.

YOu seem to forget that BN reacts to ALL crisis in similar heavy handed fashion.

Whether you think its a calculated gamble from AI or not, it still NOT acceptable.

ps: so are you sugesting he made his aide make the police report?

Life's Like That said...

Frankly I am sick and tired of all this bullshit and crap that is going on. Whether it is the BN or PKR playing games here, I don fooking care anymore. Please do what you are elected to do, that is to serve the ppl and not fight each other for your own greed. The economy and ppl are already suffering badly at this point in time and here are our so-called leaders accusing each other of fooking each other's arse!

I wholeheartedly agree that the BN deserves to be booted out but if AI is d puppetmaster as many claims he is in this current incident, how much better is he? If that is true, he too is showing his thirst for ultimate power. What good is another power hungry leader? The more this saga unfolds the more I feel AI is not the one to lead this country. Who then? No one I feel in this batch is qualified to.

In short, we're screwed!!!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Just like everyone else, me has doubts over his true intentions & integrity. He is after all ex-BN.

Political reality is that only he was able to make a opposition coalition work. To great effect I might add.

He also seems to be the only one able to tempt crossovers. Doubt DAP or PAS would be able to do this.

Also he seems to be the only one that has BN running scared.

Fer change to happen, must be prepared fer the old to be swept out & a period of discomfort.

If we persist with BN & their outmoded ways, uncontrolled greed & avarice, we are going the same route as zimbabwe . . .

akuani said...

AD: I read the poem. I understood it's context. I wondered about it in context to AI per se.

But reading your response as to it being in context to you and me who don't have the avenue to run into some embassy and seek political asylum - now I understand. AAaaaa ok.

Remember Nelson Mandela spent a phreaking good many years rotting in jail but he held to his believes and his visions (dunno if people see him as a success of not) so if AI is willing to be the voice of the people, what's another few years of warming up a seat in Kville for the rakyat for the Malaysia he sees all of us sharing?

But AD, BN might have been walloping us like forever with their arrogance, but I think after March08 BN is fully aware that the people are NOT STUPID anymore.

So to replay a decade old 'trick'? I don't think so even they are THAT stupid!

I least of all have an issue if he is bi-sexual, gay or not (that's his business behind closed doors) - what matters is what he does for you and me, the people of this country.

At the moment it doesn't look like you and me feature in his great plan. And in that way, some of us who are watching and reading between the lines are beginning to wonder who indeed is going to be speaking out for us when the time comes.

When I am hauled off by our friendly men in blue, because of what my blogs might or might not say - who is going to come save my sorry Indian ass??? AI? BA?

Sorry to report, I'll be cooling my angry disgruntled butt for some time before anyone remembers I existed!

AI gets to be covered by CNN, and the likes - and probably granted political asylum in some swanky place.

As for his aide? Who knows what motivates men? I don't!

Life's Like That said...

AD : I personally feel that we are in nowhere as serious a condition as Zimbabwe. I have a Zimbabwean friend here and he told me that even in the current political condition, M'sia is heaven compared to his country. In Zimbabwe, Mugabe's spies are everywhere and any sort of dissent will cause someone to vanish magically in the nite, never to be found again.

Don get me wrong, I am all for change but the current alternatives are starting to lose its lustre with me. In the beginning, the opposition was kind of excitingw ith all its promises of reform etc, then it became slightly boring with its long drawn-out affairs between leaders of both sides. Now, as I said earlier, it's crap!

anfield devotee said...

Correcto Mundo ani. Me was talking about the use of such draconian tactics in relation to lesser mortals like you & me. Or some other less connected individuals.

But with regards to BN stupidity, well, who knows. Megalomania has a way of distorting things beyond all recognition.

Fer example, see blowing up of Mongolian models. Talk about discreet when a simple rock tied to the foot & the Klang river would have erased all trace of evidence.

Fer another more recent example of BN stupidity as LLT pointed out, the stopping of projects in Penang. Penangites were fed up that projects were fer the benefit of the few & wanted progress fer all. Somehow BN still used the same old fear & deprivatiopn tactics of yore.

And before anyone says me is naive, pls bear in mind that every politician has an agenda. It is up to you to try & shape that agenda to suit OUR needs.

And right now, that should be about getting the fooking BN pricks out of power before they completely destroy our country.

akuani said...

LLT: I agree with you mate .. It's all crap in the end.

And yes, in some twisted way, we're still 'heaven' compared to what some others are going through. Zimbabwe just one example. Remembering Idi Amin? PolPot? they wiped out anyone who opposed them.

Seeing as it's BN 'leader's being wiped out (MIC seems to lead this arena in true 'Dalapathy' fashion) not any BA leaders to date ... errrr what does this kinda say eh?

AD: Agreed every politician has an agenda. Knowing where we feature in that agenda is the key to survival.

At the moment, I am wondering why there was no Parti Pundak *hihiih* i.e. Parti Undi Rosak (remember the website) - I'd have cast my vote for them no doubts. BN and BA both disappoint me.

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Are you suggesting we only act when its like zimbabwe?

Spies in the nite? Hello, people are still afraid of speaking out should they also disappear in a black maria.

Just fer yer info, Zimbabwe was one of the MOST well to do African nations. Fab weather, great agriculture & plenty of expats who stayed back after independence to lend their expertise.

It has taken Mugabe less than a decade to send their economy into the doldrums & a nation into chaos. In fact, it took only seven years after they forcibly took white-owned farming land & gave it to his cronies fer things to start going pear shaped.

Now he is still in power amid accusations of bullying & jailing opposition members, electoral rigging & holding a nation hostage.

Apart from the 6000% inflation, does any of this sound familiar?

anfield devotee said...

As fer the opposition not delivering, pls be patient. They have the odds stacked against them.

If we could stomach 50years & counting of BN crap, what's a few months of waiting?

Jon-C said...

I'll reserve my judgment until mid term on the performance of the PR setup. Roma ain't built in 1 day. We've been screwed the past 50 years, so i ain't giving up yet. Apathy ain't gonna do nuts our to our future.

k_saegaran said...

Back to your original question AD. How to we voice our frustrations, anger and displessure? How do we kick BN out? Incase we do kick them out, who is capable of leading us and will be accepted by the majority? IMO Pakatan will do well if given enough time because of the real check and balance within the coalition as opposed to BN (yes men). Any candidates for PM?

nick m said...

AD. You know what. Like I told you over the phone, I was going to comment on this. Then I figured, why bother. I mean if there are people who think AI is behind this new sodomy allegations, so be it.

anfield devotee said...

segar: me thinks it will need concerted action on all fronts - boycott all mass media.

More marches & rallies.

And of course, fer BN members to openly voice their displeasure at the way things are.

But most importantly, no apathy! Everyone must register to vote to send even bigger shick waves thru Bn. I mean, I know more unregistered peoples than registered ones! This must change!

And patience, like you said, fer Pakatan to do the job.

nick m said...

On the performance of PR. I wrote a rather strong email to TheStar last week about the 100-day Report Card for PR-led State Governments. The gist of it: BN has been in power for 5 decades, why the fuck didn't they do a report card for it???

I think the PR-led administrations need to be given a chance.

akuani said...

*shudders* PM candidates? There are no capable (wo)men out there I fear.

K_S: AD has a point you know we're all still afraid to speak out for fear of a black maria hauling our asses from the comfort zones - hence like braying mules, here we are shouting out our displeasure, on each other's blogs.

Unless we're as well known bloggers to have people read us, sad to say we sound like dogs in the wilderness.

If anything, some angst is vented at the current fooked up daily dose of Bolehland.

Pakatan or Barisan ... or from all of this nonsense will there emerge a stronger more multi-racial, for the people truly madly deeply (oops) Bangsa Malaysia party?

We keeps our digits crossed and wait ...

senorita.. said...

yes, politicians ALWAYS have their own agenda.. with all the power and money, one can hardly stay a saint (that is if that person is a saint to begin with)

so what's the development now? do they have any hard evidence? did this mess starts from the victim lodging a report?

from what i see, BN is seriously feeling the threat posed by Anwar and is desperately trying to get rid of him, any way possible... but i think this whole scenario will benefit Anwar (if he's lucky enough to escape unhurt)

nanda666 said...

I honestly am sick of all this crap too!!! all the hype about AI la..BN la...our rights la...then ...all go home have a couple of beers and watch TV and football....What the fook????? We did our part...we we have AI and the opposition in a strong position to do what we voted them to do...let them do it!! What is all the hot air on the net gonna do????? The main stream media is already telling 2 sides of the story, right??
Everyone know RPK & the DPM story right?
so....let them sort this out la...I agree that they all need to work for the people and we'll check on that in a few months...but stop making them sound like the Taliban or Nazis or the KKK!!! They may be self centered, ego-centric, half witted dumb@#@$s but the didn't FOOKing put us in the gas chambers or shoot our butts for walking in the streets in protest.
Yes... they shot some water cannons....The British opened fire in Amritsar and people jumped into wells....(Remember Ghandhi?????)

Let's just wait and see la.......if you really need to complain....the weather is pretty hot recently too and AC is gonna cost more soon!!!

Achilles said...

AD: Bro... i agree with you 100%. It's time to boot those fookers off. Is my "Steel Assassin" plan sounding better and better to you now? hehehehehee. for drastic change to happen, we need to take drastic actions. Lets see our DPM and AAB hiding in the Turkish Embassy instead.

In terms of BN being that stupid... YES they are and don't forget... they are desperate. And since the previous ass fooking incident worked so well in putting AI away... why not do the same thing again. PLUS they need something quick. it is fooking sick and so fooking shite... i dunno what to say.

LLT: I agree...Our situation is not as critical / serious as that of many other nations...for which i am very very thankful for... but i believe AD will concur with this... do we really want to wait till things become that bad before we do something? Food for thought.

Achilles said...

OK... the timing of my posting is obviously shite. I was typing it half way... got busy with work..left my work station... came back and sent it. only to see AD pull the fooking words of my mouth....and then suddenly at the bottom i say "AD will concur with me". looks stupid i know...heheheheee

theALBERTUS said...

The one thing I can say now is that, its a bit boring la nowadays. Gone are the press breakout political news scandal like Watergate, Iran-Contra, Profumo and our very BMF-Carrian Group.

Sigh! Why can't we just have a good political scandal. Like having solid evidence like what Deep Throat did during the Watergate scandal.


I agree with the BN fellas to be knocked off the perch. And I thought I had to worry about royal arrogance. This one is more coming from these so-called political bourgeoisies

Viva Liberte!

anfield devotee said...

re nanda: Me was just about to lambast mr nanda fer his comments but decided to clarify with him via phone. He says he canna believe that BN are that fooking stupid. Me points to the way BN have handled Penang after the GE fer proof. Nanda chuckles in agreement.

As fer the zimbabwe example, he says its a bit far fetched. But THIS IS NOT MY IMAGINATION, that was taken from a recent talk me attended given by Institute of Integrity Malaysia Pres Dato Mohd Tap Salleh himself. He said it was shocking to see how cronysim destroyed a picturesque & wealthy country in such short space of time. Nanda the world traveller admits he has seen it fer himself.

He says we have voted, let them get on with their jobs. But that's precisely it, BN are stopping the opposition from doing ANYTHING at all.

Nanda then asked, what do we do? We continue to grumble, shout & voice our displeasure & prepare to march if & when necessary.

Akuani: As fer yer remarks about "braying like mules on blogs" & "dogs in the wilderness", then might I point out that it'd be the same fer yer road safety campaigns on yer blog(???). Why fooking bother? Give up then, why dont you?

While me acknowledges the fact that bloggers aren't going to change the world; it is one avenue fer open discussion & thought. Do you not think that alone is a worthwhile pursuit?

The free exchange of ideas & opinions within these blogs are a small step forward. As you can see even amongst ourselves, there is considerable difference of opinion.

Yer tak kisah attitude from the the first comment was shocking to say the least (nick m was so appalled he couldn't respond!) . . .
ps: In case, you hadn't realised that is the point of the poem . . . apathy destroys everything!

senorita: BN are resorting to their old tactics cause they are panicking like fook that the crossover is about to happen.

nick: TQ fer being a voice of reason.

theALBERTUS said...

Take out the same statement again when Oil per barrel reached USD$200.00. Then we'll know wether Armageddon is upon us!

Sources tell me USD$200 is not far off! It already reached USD$150.00 before the end of business day on friday.

Viva Liberte!

theALBERTUS said...

Ask the same statement again when Oil per barrel reaches USD$200.00. Then we'll know wether Armageddon is upon us or not!

Silencia or Revolusi!

Sources tell me USD$200 is not far off! It already reached USD$150.00 before the end of business day on friday.

Viva Liberte!

anfield devotee said...

achilles: No, TQ very much fer yer posting. Precisely me sentiments. Though the Steel Assasin scenario is tempting, we should never get dragged down to their level.

Me knows, me knows, as Malcolm X said, "By whatever means necessary . . ."

anfield devotee said...

albertus: Good point. Wonder what most people will say when the prive hits that magical figure?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro, i'm no closet TDM fan but have to agree with some of us (particularly saegaran) here. this is a ploy to divert the people's attention from the main issue. not necessary the c4 saga. my fear is that the rakyat's anger over the fuel price hike will subside bcos of all the shitty happenings clouding us currently. soon we'll forget about it and the gomen will happily jack it up rediculously again.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: hear ye, hear ye . . .

Mohan said...

AD: a nice time to fuckin' pump out loud(very very loud indeed)CENTURIES OF SINS!

Life's Like That said...

Everyone is frustrated with what's going on at the moment. I read today that more and more people are getting second jobs to supplement their income. There is this dude who actually runs a laundry at night in his apartment! He washes, dries and irons all the clothes himself!

To all our leaders out there, take note of the difficulties of the public. If you don try your utmost to help them, you will suffer in the end. It doesnt matter who u r!

akuani said...

*rolls eyes* points noted AD.

And apologises to Nik M for being so appalling.

LLT: Indeed more and more people are looking for supplementary income, kinda like some of my US friends working 3 jobs to keep a roof over their head in the world's super-power apparently long before this current global crisis.

What more us? Apparently I have a talent for writing moving obituaries - how apt!

~slinks off into apathy-ville~

Achilles said...

AD: When you are ready for the steel assasin scenario, let me know. hehehehe. no-lah.. i know its drastic and though i can talk a lot of shit now, when it comes to it, i know i will chicken out too. but its just fun to think of what we could do if we really wanted to and how these fookers should be thankful we are not that barbaric.

Speaking of side income, if anyone is interested, i have a vacant sales position open in me magazine. It's on a part time basis and the commissions are great. you work your own hours, set your own appointments etc. All you have to do is convince clients to buy ad space in d magazine. simple right? interested, please let me know.

AD: sorry to use your blog as a job posting site. hehehehehe hope you don't mind.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Course not, go right ahead. Am just a lil suprpised that you didn't include the usual caveat of only sexy young females need apply". he he

As fer the scenario, me kids you not, me actually dream of it every nite! Pumping ole Botox face with pork fat is one of me faves !!!

Mohan: Napalm Death's Scum more like.

LLT: Yes, maybe we should apply fer achilles sales position before he puts in that caveat me mentioned!

Akuani: No hard feelings eh aunty. You can roll yer eyes all you want but just that too many people are missing the point rite now. Obstacles are being placed in front of everything the opposition do plus they are out to cling on to power forever these BN bastards. Hence the smear campaign.

Kopite 78: This must be the latest & most innovative ploy ever to get into power. Get one of yer own aides to say he was butt fooked. Sure win election one! Genius!

Nanda: Am sure you realise that the hype is down to BN's dirty tactics.
And if that isn't good enough an explanation, please realise that the cult of personality is VITAL in politics. Otherwise Tian Chua would be PM.

akuani said...

Uncle AD none taken ... have learnt to be notoriously thick skinned :)

and one large pot of that paandi curry will soothe any frayed nerves ... (typical piglet I am even in such trying times, food always gives me a better mood)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

LLT- i dont need to look far. someone offered me a job recently collecting letters and i took it without any 2nd thought. times are bad, cant be too fussy.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: He he, that's the spirit of a democratic discussion! Deal on the pandi curry.

BTW, me canna see any content on yer blog since you changed templates. Apo masalah?

Kerp: Bro, just be a smut peddler la, you'll be able to give plenty of recommendations (ëh, boss, ini banyak bagus oh, gua dah tengok, semua cun cun punya") plus me hears its a very lucrative trade . . . hee hee

akuani said...

AD: I did a random sample of friends and they said page loads fine.

You might want to
a. clear cache and see if that helps
b. since you're in uncle mode now, do you have problems with shades of orange/yellow? *ouch* trying to be helpful la wei ...

anfield devotee said...

akuani: eh? Not me who has a problem with "gay" colours . . .


akuani said...

la ... apa pulak pasal colours? Can see or not now? ... otherwise I need to go change something again ... *sniff*

Achilles said...

AD: Actually i wanted to add that sexy young females will be a definite advantage. hehehehe

Life's Like That said...

Akuani : Watch out for AD's pandi curry. Fiery and "explosive". I hv first hand experience!

Kerp : Agree w AD. Just become a smut-peddlerlah. Good income. At least we then know where to get good smut!(if there's such a thing!)

Achilles : You always get the opposite of what you advertise for. So describe AD in your ad and you will end up with sexy young hot female! muahahaha.....

AD : Jangan marah ya.

akuani said...

LLT: He came bearing a pot of something sooooooooooooo yummy Christmas 2006 :)) now if only he'd come around again with some more - he's always welcome down in Seremban *hint hint hint AD*

anfield devotee said...

Akuani: Soon, soon.

LLT: You see others had no prob with me pandi curry; only you la.

Achilles: Need any help with interviewing process pls give us a holler!

anfield devotee said...

Interesting analysis of current scenario at Malaysian Insider:

Feel free to make up yer own mind.

akuani said...

AD: did you read this other link AI's statement?

I have been told that my assassination has not been ruled out as means to subvert the people's will and bring an end to the transformational changes taking place in Malaysia.

Aduhai .... Abe Lincoln and JFK must be rolling in their graves at the moment. (.ani decides to withdraw into tempurung and think about things more relevant at a personal level for a while - let the assassins and assassin targets figure out what to do next)

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Me knows you & a lot of others may think this statement is self-delusional & smacks of self-importance.

But pls consider fer a minute, people have been killed fer far less. We are talking about a bunch of people who see public office as their own personal bank & Malaysia as their fiefdom. They stand to lose all of it.

Is it really that incredible that someone out there may want to bump him off?

He's been more than a mere irritant & we saw what "they" do to irritants (from Mongolia) . . .

ps: Abe & JFK were killed off coz lotsa of people were going to lose money over their policies. See the similarities?

akuani said...

knocking the sucker off isn't the incredible part ... it happens anywhere.

but if they wanted to, it'd have been a long time ago me thinks ...

anyways, let's just stay with character assassination angle then ... that's SO MUCH more credible

anfield devotee said...

ahhhh, but dear ani, they've never been this close to losing power . . . fer good . . .

Desperate times call fer desperate measures . . .

akuani said...

AD: I will include in my daily whisperings to the G in the sky ... to please take care of all Malaysians - it would seem that in wanting big changes instantly, we are blinded to more pressing matters.

Good Luck to AI and the PR in stewarding one totally equal integrated Malaysia. I am sure Ashna and Kasha would benefit greatly from such change.

HIDUP Bangsa Malaysia ... (or so we hope)

p/s: how is it we have forgotten AI's lalang wavering in the past and most recent remodelling of himself (circa Mar08) to be the PEOPLE's Leader??

I guess, when blinded, we should allow stumbling in the dark for a bit before a light shows the way.

I did my part in March, I sat flabbergast at those initial stumblings within PK and now I will watch this drama unfold itself.

BN or PK - I don't think the change we want is going to be from either. But we wait. After all "Uncle Sam" has already warned us small time kampung kids to behave ... most interesting times indeed!

AD: if I'm giving you a BP or indigestion you can tell me to STFU you know ehehehhe, but I still want my paandi curry!

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Of course we haven't forgotten his past misdeeds. No way. But let's face it, he is the only one who has BN shitting in their pants. And that alone is worth the price of admission, do you not think?

He he . . . yer always welcome here. Its free speech . . . except when you start on yer scum nonsense ok?

akuani said...

but AD I ain't said nothing since the last Musang Berlalu about ma Devils ... and I don't intend to get murdered with all these here Kopites ...

heehehhe guides honour!

SLACKER said...

I have a theory... maybe DSAI was the person who instigated the sodomigate part deux.

it makes sense. he is no fool and he's planning and timing - u must say has been pretty impeccable.......

watever it is.. BN needs to fuck off... but DSAI? he'll do worse for the nation...

akuani said...

oh oh ... SLACKER: now that's going to get everyone into a knickers in knots situation

psst,... for that last killer line, give me 5 *hehehe* (packs to start drive home - I have to see the follow up to SLACKERs post)

anfield devotee said...

slacker & ani: Again am at pains to point out that me is no fan of his.

Fact remains, he is the best hope of booting the BN out.

Unless, either of you have a better idea (which am very sorry to say, ani you have not provided), me thinks we'll have to take a chance with this devil . . .

Or would you prefer to be ruled b fookers who think we should be beaten before snakes? Or by fookers who have no qualms about blowing models up fer the simple sake of swindling the nation?

akuani said...

AD: at this juncture any suggestion I might make here will end up with me counting bars some place and you taking care of my 2 daughters in my absence (I trust this is not a good idea seeing as you can't BUB in your 2-seater)

I hope you understand that some things are best done without fanfare but just done. Something everyone esp. the politicians seem to be missing!

anfield devotee said...

ani: That's Barisan fer you. Me would like nothing better than to blog bout footie, music & food all the fooking time.

But saying nothing is precisely why OUR country is the wat IT IS today.

And you still haven't provided an alternative to AI. Or do you think BN should remain in power?

akuani said...

Bala wish I could stand up and point out 1 fooker I had faith in to lead this country.

I am sorry but I don't. No one (least of all AI - you ain't no fan of him either) has impressed me to date.

I am looking at the opposition and still trying find the vibe - so far nothing. I'll keep looking.

BN needs a good kick in the butt, but because we ousted every non Malay in the BN coalition, UMNO arrogance prevails still ...

In denying the 2/3 majority, there seemed to be no clear mandate from Opposition other than AI wanting to be PM by hook or by crook.

Even then when they won the states - it took them quite a bit to get their act together.

In the mean time, you and I who voted to deny that 2/3 (alamak undi adalah rahsia) are now facing more and more uncertainty for this country and her people.

Long and short Bala, I'm sorry I don't have a candidate I believe in.

Do I want the fookers in power to remain the reign holders?? FOOKING NO!

But I think, AI is not the answer to all of this (where I agreed with SLACKER) and I think AI's agendas are still not clear even within the PR circles.

I hope, something good happens for us all. Where I can contribute, I will.

In the end, it's Malay (UMNO) against Malay (AI) we the 'proverbial kancil' mati ditengah.

I'll be just really sorry to see all those banking on crusader AI to change Malaysia to be played out when he gets what he wants.

If all this so called shitting in the pants AI is causing UMNO (and I'd be suggesting lomotil in bulk), I think UMNO has also got the same salvo of laxatives for AI and his quest for Premiership.

So speak up yes. And in speaking up, like many before us in other countries, we must be fully prepared to face the consequences of our beliefs and actions - it's a sacrifice for a greater cause.

Does this mean we pick up arms and scream revolution? Over run Parliament? What is our modus operandi then to be heard and to be taken seriously?

Are we merely banking on AI and his merry bandits to save us all?

I for one trust nobody, not when it's about my future (I learnt ppl disappoint you when you give them complete trust the hard way)

Life's Like That said...

Yo everyone! Just relax. Let's see how all of this turns out and let's hope fer the best. Just had a couple of drinks and me thinks, let nature take its course. Am I making sense? I don think so. Blame it on Mr Chivas!

anfield devotee said...

akuani: So no candidates, leave it be?

Fook me but yer just so wishy washy la. Where is yer conviction? Where is yer perspective?

Politicans are not to be trusted? Pls tell me something we don't know.

From the opening salvo of AI being a sodomite to yer last comment, yer ramblings have failed to put anything concrete (or coherent might I add) across besides the er "I dunno but it better not be AI" . . .

Am really sorry, but me canna understand the lack of patience from you over the opposition controlled states ("took some time to get their act together"). WHY????? Its just been a few fooking months with every obstacle imaginable & more placed in front of em. What were you expecting?!?

Voted opposition & what we got? Uncertain future? Man, you sound just like a BN supporter. . .

Do you think you are the only one suffering? Did you think BN were going to take this lying down?

As fer yer misgivings over AI, can't you at least see the potential fer kicking out a totally corrupt & morally bankrupt BN out as chance we should be willing to take?

I mean you make him sound like he's the worse bastard there is. Realistically, after Bodohwi, its Najib (the original keris licker), followed by Hishamuddin. Plus an administration filled with the likes of Khir Toyol, MM Taib, Nazri et al. Seriously, you think AI is worse than all this fookers put together? You seriously telling me these are better options?

At least with AI, there is the form of a checks & balance of DAP & PAS. If the two walk out, no majority.

Me is not putting me faith in AI blindly. Tis a calculated gamble. Fer him to succeed, he will need us. Unlike BN who only need to rely on the police, judiciary & media - all fooking corrupt. And of course typical Malaysian apathy & conservatism that has been the RUIN of this country.

ps: And sorry, what the fook are you talking about picking up arms & over running parliament? Words fail me . . .

pps: Dear Ani, again, me hopes you take this in the spirit of a free & open exchange of opinions.

Jon-C said...

At this moment in time, the definite lesser evil of the two is DSAI. I am definitely not a supporter of his. Looking back to his BN days, DASI did fook up the education system when he was incharge.

However, I'm definately with AD on this one.

akuani said...

AD: am totally on the same page re your pps :)) ... no worries.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: good to know.

Moving on, Death Angel, aunty?