Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whose telling porkie pies?

"It is a desperate and pathetic attempt to discredit and taint my political image," says the DPM rather limply at the press conference.

"They can charge me in court and I will then reveal all in court," says Raja Petra over his explosive (pun fully intended) statutory declaration.

Now what do you think will happen?
a) Raja Petra is silenced using ISA, blackmail, threats etc?

b) Raja Petra is blown up? (see pix above)

c) Raja Petra reveals all sorts of shitty details in court & backs it up with concrete evidence?

d) None of the above. Some poor sod takes the fall fer the murder & all VVIPs live happily ever after . . .

Me thinks its c) coz like it or not, am sure Bodohwi & his supporters are chuffed no end that the so-called saviour of UMNO is under the fooking spotlight! Even if it isn't murder, there's plenty of dirty linen regarding the purchase of them subs in Paris (which is the centre of this whole fooking messy affair innit) to discredit Najib.

Who sets to gain from this besides old sleepyhead? Lest we forget all those money-grabbing whores who are still jostling fer top seats in UMNO who are behind Najib in the pecking order - Double M Taib, Keris-licker Hishamuddin et al. Even Najib loyalists (& let's face it, loyalty ain't UMNO members strong point) who stand to move up the ladder will be licking their lips in anticipation.

What me finds slightly disconcerting is that there are fookers out there who think this botak can do a better job than Bodohwi! Think about it, Bodohwi got a landslide in his first GE coz of the perceived lack of skeletons in his closet. This fooker has got a walk-in wardrobe the size of Narnia full of em.

Me knows its not on to cast aspersions without proof but seriously, everyone bar the most blinkered can see this Lothario carries too much baggage fer him to ever be a leader to lead us out of the quagmire. His many "deeds" will just be ammo fer his detractors.

Let us not forget at the end of the day, a young lady was murdered. At the moment, the trial has been nothing short of a fiasco with even the prosecution doing its best to further discredit the already tainted judiciary.

Perhaps the best the family of the victim can hope fer is the destruction of a certain politician's career. That's scant justice fer the death of a loved one innit . . .

To read Raja Petra's statutory declaration in full, go to:


mozlovesnigella said...

"....This fooker has got a walk-in wardrobe the size of Narnia full of em..."

NICE ONe chief.

i would love to agree on "C" as well - and rejoice with unbridled glee.

however due to the burdensome apathy that i have been lugging around for the last few months observing the dealings, counter dealings and all that arsewiping crap; am more inclined to
slap a "D" on me forehead; and continously dig my boogers and point and say...
i told yu so.incessantly and
repeatedly. just too damn
incensed with the whole affair to the point of i-couldn'giva-fark.*sigh*

btw-got some stuff "grinding" i see. good stuff. and oh yeah, i was amazed on finding g/core bands all the way in south/east asia (excluding japan/korea) on the weblink yu sent.

very interesting,spanked me arse over yer lap it did!:))

anfield devotee said...

moz: yeah dude, am sure many will say (d) as well. But somehow me thinks this pundek & his many dirty deeds (done dirt cheap am sure) is gonna bite him in the arse.

Given that Bodohwi's administration is on such seriously shaky ground, why do you think he is keeping his fooking mouth shut? Coz they know what he did last summer dude!

As fer grindcore, please do check out Neuropathia on brutal zone! Great stuff.

Also do note me has moved all music links onto a seperate blog roll. Also see digital melt down fer a comprehensive list of fantastic music sites.


akuani said...

Please have a heart for the Bukit Aman dudes (although personally I have no place for these clowns either!) as they deal with Diva Rosmah and her statement.

Did they have to make serious changes to their premise to accommodate our local Diva with way too much HairSpray and Botox?

nick m said...

hey, this post is sub judice. like you give a toss. ;-)
anyways, this is the endgame. RPK better have something pretty spectacular to pull out of the hat.

j or ji said...

i think the answer will be D.

PM will be accounted as 'menyembunyikan maklumat kes' and he will also be drag to, he dun want that to happen.

So, the accused will be found guilty.

End of the story and the Diva can go for a shopping spree at Paris again...happily ever after.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i dont think it'll reach the 'c' stage. even if it did, the case will be thrown out due to 'lack' of evidence and the prosecuton team will be lead by a familiar face. it'll be all in the drama melayu-type script.

*cibai la its only thursday. i have to agree with you la boss, this week seems like it is taking its own sweet time. but glad got my job lazy too write for this week. can even start my own weekend but no point also since everyone's still break their bones in their offices. real losers laa these people...kihkih....

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Bastard ah, laugh at us cubicle dwellers . . .

nick: Me didn't say anything beyond the point that this smear campaign has perhaps tainted his rep irreparably.

j or ji & ani: How much of the hatred towards the DPM is down to his wifey me wonders?

Achilles said...

AD: As Moz said... i would love to see C happen, but i think it will be D as well. This is the Govt's fooking technique of taichi.

Remember not so long ago.. the Sun Newspaper slammed the High Performance Sports Center? What happened? they all (meaning the fookers who stood to gain from it) kept quiet... and whoosh everything forgotten as if it never happened. yes... they dropped the prject but did anyone get caught for it? nope

Also lets not forget the AG report which caught some M-Fookers buying screwdrivers for hundreds of ringgit... what happen? they gave some stupid bullshit explanation... and then again, everything forgotten. again.. did anyone get in trouble? Nope

this is just a tip of the iceberg of the bullshit that has been happening all along and nothing happens after that.

Same here... they will just play low in hopes that the hype will die down. will anyone get in trouble? yes some fooker who is standing for trial now... and then everything will be forgotten.

only way to get rid of these machas... hire some assasins and end it now. seriously... get a petition going and collect RM 1 from everyone who signs it... we will have more than enough $$ to hire the best assasin in the world. Also, it will serve as a reminder to other pundeks who decide to step up not to fook around or they will receive head shots as well.

Is the assasin idea Sadistic and drastic? a little... effective... definitely.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Been listening to too much Steel Assassin la you dude. . .

Me thinks some of you misjudge me comments. Me is not saying c because me thinks justice will be served. Me thinks he might get screwed the way Anwar did because it may well be in the best interests of certain groups within UMNO.

akuani said...

I think No. 2 aside with his own family history of unscrupulous tacticians, there's a huge dislike for his spouse - who replaced the original spouse.

She comes from my hometown. Her mother taught me 'Jawi' back in primary and even then when she was courting you know who - she was disliked for how she ensured her place by literally evicting the predecessors - all in typical Malay drama style.

Gossips are rife about them 2 - but I have to say, if you make your bed, you better sleep in it be it Ros(mah)es or thorns ... and so Najib declares his innocence and in the background Our Sleeping Beauty and his metro-sexual son-inlaw review war games.

boleh buat skrip la cam ni woi!

anfield devotee said...

ani: All these small town gals, me tells you . . . tsk tsk . . . fooking gold diggers

akuani said...

AD : errrmmmm me smalltown girl ... lost my smalltown turned moolah cash cow to a KL fooking gold digger - dontcha get me started :))

thankfully some of us choose to be unique and leave them gold diggers to their devices

As an aside *ppssttt* you know any moolah cash cows I might dazzale with my amazing wit *ahahahha* poor sod whoever that might be *grin*

Achilles said...

AD: Good point...but for that to happen, it needs someone with balls...
Since Bodohwi lacks dearly in that department i doubt it will happen. to be honest, i think bodohwi is scared of DPM.

But it would be great fun to watch if your prediction happens. sure beats the hell out of my prediction happening.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: In fact, quite the reverse. In spite of all his timid facade, many people are afraid of Bodohwi. He is a wily old UMNO politician - useless at running a country but damn good at getting his way within the party itself. Remember he has climbed over a few heads to get where he is today.

Like me said, don't you think it is quite odd that despite Bodohwi's seemingly fragile standing, Najib has done/said fook all. Any other person who have told him to step down in no uncertain terms. This is where me thinks Bodohwi holds a few aces up his sleeve. Am sure he knows something bout this case & probably has solid evidence of proof.

ani: No la, sorry, don't know of any sugar daddies out there.

Achilles said...

AD: Hmmm.... interesting point.
Well lets hope what you say is true. Like i said... i would definitely prefer your predicted scenario happening rather than mine. Let's get the popcorn ready and see how the plot unfolds. hehehehee

Tinesh said...

*circles D with tongue sticking out*

Life's Like That said...

I think it is naive to think that anything is going to happen to the bigwigs, bigwigs wives or bigwigs aides. They have had immense experience over the years to manipulate these kinds of situations. Unless RPK has solid evidence, I think he will soon end up in Kamunting!

Jon-C said...

*JonC is seated right in the center of the cinema to watch the sparks fly while sipping his gin tonic and munching on pop corns*

Kekekeke! The best big budget production ever in Malaysia i tell you! Got highly secured military grade explosive, got special branch police, got arms dealer, got big shot politician and thrown in a Mongolian model, sure fire formula to the box office!

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: Tell me, did you expect Anwar to be charged with sodomy? And to serve time fer it? C'mon, be honest. Nobody saw it coming.

Like me said, me expected the majority to say (d) coz that IS the MALAYSIAN way.

But somehow me got a strange feeling Bodohwi might use Najib as a scapegoat to cling onto power.

What better reason is there fer political betrayal?

moonfairy said...

I tink D la! Adoi mak! If raja Petra gets BOOm and goes POof, liddat our general will be seen as guilty... rite, rite? neway, my first visit here. feel free to visit mine and exhange ideas wif me.

anfield devotee said...

welcome to FFS moonfairy. Well, like me says, there's always hope . . . perhaps political convenience will seal botak's fate.

senorita.. said...

it's getting interesting... read abt what R.Petra wrote some days ago... i think it will all be swept under the carpet.. knowing Msia... sigh

anfield devotee said...

senorita: fingers crossed. me is hoping that they hang the bald fook out to dry as this country will be seriously fooked if he is allowed to come to power.


Mohan said...

still wondering if it's a
(Najib&Mahathir) vs. (Badawi&KJ) straight fight with cronies and aides cheering, while the whole fucking country and people are just 'collateral damage'!

Mohan said...

Oh! forgot! and Anuar on the side of the ring waiting to steal the golden belt.

Bernard said...

Mohan: this gonna be a cage match with ladders, tables & chairs?

Mohan said...

hey bernard,
Nice to meet you1
ladders, tables and chairs ..haha! You ppl. will have plenty when they destroy the forest reserves in Kedah! Do think that both sides are fuckers! and deserve to be locked up in the cage you mentioned. Malaysia is going to the dogs!! But like AD mentioned, anything is better that what we have governing us now!
p/s: maybe you ppl. should draw a smiley face on Anuar, Najib and Mr. Nik with a lipstick, smack their heads with a high heeled shoe and send then down using submarines to Pulau Jerejak!

Mohan said...

p/s: oh! forgot to mention Badawi ...but nevermind, he's still sleeping!

anfield devotee said...

Laaaaaadies & gentlemen,

In the blue corner, wearing nothing but a guilty look & his wife's undies, former UMNO youth chief & original keris licker . . . give a loud cheer fer Najib "C4" Razak!

In the red corner, we have a blue blood, champion shit stirrer & agent provocateur supreme, Raja "bollocks" Petra !!!!