Friday, June 27, 2008

Ultimate Fanboy's Dream

Now this an album that me has been searching fer quite a few years now. It is a side project of Dave Grohl (of Foo Fighters / Nirvana fame). Anyways, me was chuffed to bits to finally have located it. Anyways, below is a run down of said album by guest reviewer, Nick Mun (of 23.psi fame).

Probot - Probot (Rhino Record 2004)

Let me say at the outset that I'm going to sound effusive about Dave Grohl's side project Probot. Perhaps it's just that nothing that emerged from the nu metal years of the late 90s till the millennium and beyond have been remarkable or groundbreaking. It seems not only has it all been done before, but it's been done remarkably well too. Perhaps it is in the nature of side projects that allow their movers far greater creative freedom than they normally have, turning it into something more than a welcomed distraction.

Probot began as a boy's dream to play with his heavy metal heroes. It's just that this boy was Grohl. Musically, Grohl has been a revelation in his own right, starting out drumming for various hardcore DC bands (most notably Scream) before joining Nirvana in 1990. But it was only with the demise of Kurt Cobain (and Nirvana) that he emerges as a complete singer-songwriter-musician. In 1995, Grohl wrote and recorded on his own for his debut as Foo Fighters. It was only on stage that the services of Pat Smear (ex Germs), Nate Mendel et al were called upon.

Grohl approached Probot in much the same way. Instead of opting for the straight forward cover version tribute route, he wrote all the tracks and performed most of the instrumentation. The recordings were then sent to each of his heroes for the vocals to be layered on. Moving from studio to studio, Probot was eventually completed and released in 2004.

What's outstanding is how Grohl has managed to stay true to the vibe of his favourite bands. It really could have been Cathedral (Ice Cold Man), Sepultura (Red War) or Motorhead (Shake Your Blood) that you're listening to. But what is revealing from the very first track (Centuries of Sin featuring Cronos from Venom) is that Probot is way better than anything Grohl has done with Foo Fighters.

Perhaps the comparison is unfair. After all Grohl assembled such an impressive line-up for Probot that it was bound to eclipse anything he had done or will do with Foo Fighters. Indeed, Probot is testament of just how complete Grohl is as a musician, a fact that was overshadowed when he was in Nirvana. Indeed it must have been a labour of love fuelled no less by that boyhood dream of playing with one's heavy metal heroes.

As an aside, Grohl had also sought the participation of Death's Chuck Schuldiner and Slayer's Tom Araya. Schuldiner unfortunately passed away of brain cancer before any collaboration could take place while Araya was kept off the project due to scheduling conflict. The 11th song (Sweet Dreams, King Diamond) has a hidden track, I Am The Warlock which features Jack Black. Grohl also collaborates on Black's Tenacious D. It is rumoured that Probot will release its second album in 2009. - Nick Mun

Artwork fer thhis album was done by Voivod's Away.

Me urges you to fooking please, please download this fooking awesome LP at : .

Below is the vid to Shake Your Blood which features 66 adult entertainment actesses - the Suicide Girls (Hold yer horses, Kerp!). Have a great weekend, hopefully whilst blasting Probot!


nick m said...

thanks for putting up the article.
suicide girls? another boyhood dream no doubt. imagine the post-video shoot festivities. ;-)

anfield devotee said...

yes, especially with dirty old man Lemmy there . . .

Glad you are enjoying the albums featured thus far. You've already got this, Cavalera Conspiracy & The Crown on the above average list. Watch this space fer more.

premo said...

Thanks for making my week bros! Rock on!!

anfield devotee said...

premo: yer most welcome dude! Pls do let us know what you think of the album by posting a short review in the comments box.

premo said...

While waiting for the album to download I listened to Shake yer Blood and Red War. Freakin awesome!

In the mean time check out these sites for more metal news, updates and downloads:

Anba said...

Superb Album...
Do listen to the hidden track.. i am the warlock...memang cun...
My Fav Trax:-
1.Centuries of sin
2.Shake your Blood
3.Silent Spring
4.Red War...
5.Big Sky...

do check out this trailer of Lemmy the Movie..
mite enjoy it...
Have a good weekend everyone...

mozlovesnigella said...



50. (IF)


(i know, i know the focus should be more on mr.grohl's output; prolific he may be, but chief..still..MR.KILMINSTER pheeewweettt..a friday could not have been better).

TUAN PREMO: slamat kembali ke pangkuan jalan. heard yu've been busy being a "playah" :))) ooooo..morelinkes..Ilapyoudei. pity i've been banned from any downloads. there's always broadband..hehehehhehe.

yours appreciatively,

p.s. tuan balakov, keep 'em coming you hear me chief alright? brings back nascent memories..sweet memories of yesteryears; of compiling scraps of cuttings of "oooollddddnewssssspppappaerr" written by
one and
mysterious [notorious??:)))]
from the flipside of the msian scene.

keeeppp 'em comingggg mate. (if and when you have the time of course). and thanks.

mozlovesnigella said...

ooo btw...66 adult entertainers..really??
fridays just
seem to age
better by the night
don't they.

nick m said...

not a dud track on it.

anfield devotee said...

moz: yer welcome dude. Am listening to old Malevolent Creation rite now. Fooking great stuff!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

shit dude, the post-nirvana Grohl has certainly come a long way, chruning his creativity freely. never thought this fella can write songs till FF came out with their (his) debut. remember or not boss, i was asking you about this very band sometime back and apparently only Anbalakov had the original copy. i wish i could have it too. but nonetheless you'll be making a copy for me...kihkih...fucking freebies!!!!!!!!!!

Azer Mantessa said...


on najib:

i mark (c)

dun think RPK simply declare anything for nothing. he was jailed once and had sum freakin moments so i bet he must have sumthing ... CONCRETE else he wun dare.

interesting issue.

this writing rock! thanks for the video.

have a rockin wkend

senorita.. said...

it's nice..! =)

akuani said...

AD: I listened to clip... aside from the video (which as usual I cannot figure out whats the relation) and the music is likely something I wouldn't mind blasting on days I smell/want to draw blood (which is quite often actually :D)

Tried to download the LP, too slow streamyx .. will give it another shot later.

Mohan said...

AD: Many thanks for that! Still struggling with the vocals of heavy metal stuff!..but the music is absolutely brilliant. Keep listening to Centuries of Sin and wondering how much fun I'd have if I ever get to see it live!.
Once again..I kowtow and salute you dude for the music!

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Great to see you enjoyed this album. Can't help but agree with Nick Mun that this surpasses all of his Foo Fighters stuff.

Kerp: You got it dude. Another one to burn . . .

ani: Keep trying. It'll be worth it. Pls note most downloads will take bewteen 15-30 minutes; so pls be patient. It is free after all.

senorita: Question is whether you liked it enough to download the album? Hope you did.

Azer: Finally, someone who agrees with me on the Najin issue.

To everyone: Keep watching this space fer more free downloads!

Maran said...

Thanks for the post. I'm a big fan of Dave Grohl's drumming.