Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fer Pandi Lovers Only PtIII

"Ubah Gaya Hidup" - that's every Malaysians' new motto. Ok, in the spirit of the times, me will try to accommodate a few changes to me lifestyle. So fer starters, me would like to share a "budget" meal recipe with you featuring the (now expensive like fook @ RM7++/kg) pandi.

Previously on this blog, me has posted a couple of oink recipes. The first was me personal fave of pork curry, using a significant number of choice ingredients which made it a bit of a gourmet meal. Next was the roasted Rum Bones which needed expensive cuts of ribs plus a generous splash of Barcadi Rum (Gold edition no less). So me has cut down on these extravagant meals at home & in its place a more "reasonable" option.

Pasta Olio Olio w Luncheon Meat
Ingredients (fer two pax)
1) One can of luncheon meat (approx RM6.50 /original recipe used bacon & gourmet sausages)
2) One can of button mushrooms (approx RM2.30 / original recipe used selection of imported mushrooms)
3) 10 stalks cili padi (approx 10sen / free if you grow yer own)
4) 2 large onions (approx 50sen)
5) 2 bulbs garlic (approx 30 sen)
6) Olive oil (approx RM32 per litre, though you not using all / otherwise sub with vege or corn oil)
7) Lea & Perrin's (approx RM6.50 per btl - again not using all at once / cheaper Maggi Worcester sauce also available)
8) Paprika or Cheyenne powder (approx RM2.50 fer 50g pack - again not using all)
9) Mixed herbs (approx RM3 per 500g pack - not using all)
10) Bay leaf (optional)
11) Pasta of choice (spaghetti costs approx RM3.00 fer a 500g pack - again only using a third fer two diners)

1) Heat oil in wok/pan & sweat down the sliced onions followed by the garlic & cili padi (& bay leaf).
2) Add sliced/cubed luncheon meat & season with paprika or cheyenne powder (latter more bite).
3) Stir fry till luncheon meat is cooked & turning slightly crisp. Add in sliced button mushrooms (you can also add a few veges such as capsicum if you wish, but the name of the game is to reduce cost, so up to you).
4) Sprinkle mixed herbs and fry on low heat till aromatic.
5) Boil pasta in separate pot with a touch of olive oil &/or butter (sub with margarine) & salt.
6) Drain pasta & add to wok with luncheon meat & give it a good mix allowing the pasta to absorb the flavours.
7) Serve hot with cold beer (no wine, remember, ubah gaya hidup!)

Seriously, though, if you do the math, the meal would have cost roughly RM15 at most fer two (with many ingredients to be used fer subsequent meals). That ain't too fooking bad is it. So me is off to the kitchen to start preparing this cost-conscious meal fer wifey & meself.

Hope ye all like it as well. Happy woking!

ps: Sorry, no digital camera to take pix. Perhaps after me gets me petrol rebate from Post Office. Ha ha!

pps: Apologies to Tn Kerp & other non-pork eaters. You can sub babi with sliced chicken breast pieces. Or if yer feeling really extravagant, giant prawns but that sorta defeats the point of the whole exercise here . . .


nanda666 said...

Hehe!! me heading home to cook some chicken "peretel" but the fooking "organic" chicken was RM 26!! Me wifei needs a lesson in the "ubah gaya hidup" later today...this chicken is gonna be for the chicken rice, soup, stock, vege, etc for the whole fooking week!!! hahahaha!!

nick m said...

it's 4.20pm now, 3 hours shy of dinner and you had to post a freakin' recipe with pork! good thing you don't have any pictures. the words "luncheon meat" gets my gastric juices flowing.

anfield devotee said...

nick: So cook la you lazy fook! Have become over reliant on yer maid la you . . .

nanda: Waaah, organic. Very extravagant. But then again, employees of Petronas subsidiaries can afford to be, rite . . . hmmmph!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

for a moment i thought you were writing about Sri Paandi's rivalry.

no worry boss. so far as far as food goes, my family has yet to ration on our intake. those fuckers can tell us to change our lifestyle but no way we should deprive ourselves from digging in on our favorite meal.

*its tuesday and will be having dinner at me aunt's. its a weekly ritual thing.

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Did you see the ps proviso? Recipe works well with chicken or seafood as well.

Reason me use pork was to illustrate the high prices. Oink is now almost like a luxury item.

One sure way to kill off the machas la, booze & pandi price naik. . . sob!

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...

bro, just wanna confirm something erh..technical. there was no mention of salting the dish..oh i see it now..the luncheon meat is already salted enough - is that it? can't be in the paprika right? the lea & perins maybe - but that is a neutral/slight tawar taste kan?..and oh wait wait..i got 2 more dumb novice-like questions to ask:-
a) what's cheyenne powder in BM ah - serbuk ape tu?
b) you were saying mixed herbs - like western herbs is it - like parsely, sage, rosemaryyy and thymmeeeeeee ka?(er no..no..no folksy flowertwirly seventies pun intended..mwhhahahah)

ok. let me know chief. been a while since i started tweakin' the gas control...this may be just
the warm-up i'm lookin for.
got me one single-head
stove now. er..no just need to figure out whether i should spend more $$$$ to get a cabinet-rest or just do it the plain old fashion way...cangkung, outside..and with the obligatory china towel over the head or round the neck.hehehhee

ok okay i gotta run...before
somebody actually comes and asks me a dreaded question - i.e.:
"dude, don't tell me yu dig si & funkel"mwahahahahahahahhaha. later mon. nice.

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...

macha dei. oink is still cheaper than farkin fish bro. heck even chicken is cheapr.

can afford to buy a decent tenggiri nowadays. doubledigit sial.

and what gets to me most is this...yu'know the sea mammaml fishes that people rarely bought to cook at home..those days...e.g. pari / shark meat. *sigh*
that is more expensive that proper fish nowadays. &$%^#@&@*@*

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...

tuan kerpov...sri paanndddiiiiiiiiiiimwahhahahahhahahaa

now why didn't i think of that, in certain branches their staff
seem to have an arse they size of a proper well fed oink, hence the "inertia" in moving their butts to provide service

anfield devotee said...

moz: There's salt when boiling pasta. That's usually enuff fer me, but pls add to taste in dish.

As fer the mix herbs & paprika, me gets it from tesco. Yes, the mix herbs is the usual mix of oregano, rosemary. thyme & sage. Paprika in BM? Er, Paprik? Er, Tn Kerp, any idea?

ps: Did you not download The Crown album? Or you already own a copy? Good stuff.

senorita.. said...

thx for the recipe...

i hope i remember to try it.. my meals are all darn simple

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Nay worries. Was actually cooking it just now with The Crown was blasting away in the background!


mozlovesrevhortonheat said...

Tuan balakov: thanks a lot chief.

oh not paprika...looking for the malay word for cheyenne powder...what dat la...
damn hungry sial.

re: the crown. no. belum download. sori ler bro. office ban all you tube. i'm sure it sounds good. will do it in due course. cheers

btw something interesting for you reds on one mr.d.grohl:

"....In June 2008, Grohl was Paul McCartney's special guest for a concert at the Anfield football stadium in Liverpool, in one of the central events of the English city's year as European Capital of Culture. Grohl joined McCartney's band singing backup vocals and playing guitar on Band on the Run and drums on Back in the U.S.S.R. and I Saw Her Standing There...." - raped from w/pedia. oh no, not yu too dave...mwahahha

ok ok i think i've posted more times than i did in a single week. so until we meet again i bid yu..good hellish sounds.

muststopthis said...

OOi! Bala....you should get off your arse and stop thinking bout food only!
....This fat fooker went up Mount Kinabalu, and have your Bro-In-Law to thank for a pack of dehydration salts! Can you beat that?
Met him half way up...."blah blah blah...me brother in law ran that place Broadwalk in Phileo!"

When will we see you up on Kinabalu with a Pig Head?

anfield devotee said...

Tony: Ha ha! Well done! Me brother in law must have recognise you as the fat fook who left halfway thru the Miracle of Istanbul!

Moz: Dude, use either or la. No chayenne powder, just sprinle extra paprika la. This simple recipe is open to all sorts of tinkering.

Life's Like That said...

Not introducing your hot oink curry that gave me so much "PLEASURES"?

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Fooker, sorry la!

Me actually posted the recipe to that a long time ago! Hee hee.

Jon-C said...

FARK!!! I just had some lame arse pasta with just some basic ingredients and a rather tasteless sauce last night..... should have check this out before i cooked it.

Damn it, could have tasted pandi pasta instead of some screwed up spaghetti with sauce that only tasted like tomato paste.

Achilles said...

Me favourite topping on pizza is luncheon meat pieces fried till its super crisp...make sure you are generous with the portions of cheese and luncheon meat...you have never tasted pizza that good before...adding crispy bacon slices is a great addition too.

of course luncheon meat, bacon and cheese together is a potent recipe for a an instant heart attack as well but it tastes damn fooking awesome. once in a while can-lah...

anfield devotee said...

achilles: spoken like a true pandi loaver . . .

Bernard said...

Bager...still hitting the pandi like no tomorrow-ah? BTW, Hairy Senan just SMS about dinner on Friday but I have prior dinner engagement. Waiting for him to message back.

anfield devotee said...

wei, Chong, try to make it sat la. Fri nite's usually not good fer wifey la. Senan & his wifey complain they haven't seen me wifey fer ages la.

Sat would be ideal.