Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skulduggery & the Jolly Roger! (Alestorm: Captain Morgan's Revenge / Tengkorak: Konsentrasi Massa)

Geeez, dunno why but the week sure is taking its sweet fooking time to get to the weekend . . . sigh. Me knows everyone else is quite possibly going thru the same motions as me in Cubicle Hell, so me has taken the liberty of posting a few choice metal albums to lift the gloom slightly.
Last weeek saw Necrotic Chaos & Tools of the Trade fly the Jalur Gemilang high & proud.
Today's first offering is from our neighbours Indonesia. The aptly named Tengkorak are very much in the mould of latter day Napalm Death (circa Harmony Corruption) & their lyrical stance is very much of the socio-politico slant. Good stuff & weighing in at over an hour, Konsentrasi Massa is value fer money. But then again, yer not fooking paying anything fer it here, are you . . . ?
Second offering is something a little more light-hearted. Fer those of you who enjoyed Finntroll's adventures on the high seas, here's more sailor-tinged metal from Alestorm. This lot play a more traditional power metal with actual discernible vocals in English and the sing songs are in tribute to the Jolly Roger. That's right, ladies & gents, its . . . 'Pirate Metal'!!! Very much the natural heirs to Running Wild, Alestorm sing of ship-jacking, mead & wenches. Not quite me cuppa but me thinks quite a few of you will enjoy this, especially Frustrated Warrior Man - Achilles. Tally Ho!

To download, just click:
Alestorm's Capt Morgan's Revenge:

Tengkorak's Konsentrasi Massa:

Also available is Tengkorak's English LP Civil Emergency:
ps: As usual, look forward to reading yer comments on the albums on offer today. Cheers!


akuani said...

now if only I listened to music like this - I'd be rushing to get my hands on them *ehehehe*

but what can I say, I'm mainstream pop garbage sell-out ... too much noise 'de-stablises' my already edgy sanity :))

I might listen to it with chainsaw in hand as I thrash parliment in session or something - inspiring no doubt *grin*

anfield devotee said...

ani: There is hope yet . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

my pc is fully loaded cant be downloading big files la nowadays. but hey, their scene is pretty much kicking too huh, if not harder than us. used to listen to one of their metal bands called the Blood Sucker. they were one of the underground oldies. i doubt they're still around. could be dead.

senorita.. said... - alestorm (not bad... but i am holding on to downloads... too crowded edi iTunes in laptop) - tengkorak (omg,head banging no doubt)

Life's Like That said...

AD : Nothing for me ah?

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Thanx fer youtube links! At the risk of sounding presumptous, me thinks u & mr teh will probably enjoy Alestorm more than Tengkorak. Though me personal preference is fer the latter as its more hardcore.

kerp: You should get an external disk drive la dude, nanti yer pc crash, you'll be royally fooked.
Am listening to an old band right now, remember At The Gates?

LLT: You could try doing yer salsa to Tengkorak . . . never know, you might start a new trend!

Bernard said...

Dei, forget them Indon's & drunken Scot pirates. Go check out dem Bangla matcha's at :

Oredi downloaded & enjoying Howls of Murshidabad. Your download will also include a pix of the band members in typical Bangla matcha pose.

Looks like dem Indons & Bangla got more talent than just coming here to work at construction zones...

Bernard said...

Tuan Kerp,

Agree with AD on the external drive. A couple of purple notes or so will get you a decent drive with enuff space to satisfy all your music & porno needs...

anfield devotee said...

bernard: yes, Bangladesh was me next target along with China & Taiwan.

Who would have thought that when Carcass released Reek of Putrfaction a couple of decades ago, a whole horde of youth from all corners of the glode would be doing grindcore & obssessed with bodily functions/splatter!

But do download Tengkorak all the sme, quite good.

ps: Don't forget Friday @ Rennie's!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Oh yeah, At The Gates. Remember them quite well although have not heard much of their materials. Another Scandinavian metalheads, featured numerously in DIY fanzines during the 90s.


Eh, what porn? Hehehehehhe…although youporn’s no longer available, we still have the ever-so reliable redtube to save the day…kihkih…