Friday, June 13, 2008

A New Anthem fer a New Nation?

As we continue to stare into the abyss of uncontrolled inflation, me is quite surprised that things have been very quiet on the political front. Anyways, all this talk of "ubah gaya hidup" & fer us to become a nation of cyclists, me thought it is perhaps appropriate that me humbly propose that we change our national anthem to the one above.

Anyways, all together now . . . "Bicycle! Bicycle! . . . I want to ride my biiiiiicycle!"

ps: Vid above is dedicated to Mr Fuddy Duddy - Tony "Mercury" Yew!

pps: Sorry, original uncensored version of video has been removed fro youtube.


Bernard said...

How about this as the filler they could show before Berita Perdana on RTM1 ('Saluran Ceria Anda' or is that TV3??) from the German masters of electronica, Kraftwerk.

mozhasbloodshoteyes said...

NICE ONE - where la yu get all this :)))

re: petrol - for some reason or other am morosely apathetic to complain;like a frog on the choppin board of the bio-lab - sans chloroform - "come chop me cheebai, yes THAT included"

however, due to a recent stopover from a cousin of mine. i am adamant to rant and rave now. the dude earns a meagre 600-800 bucks a month, in a good month to the max double that. which brings you the range of RM 1600 to 1800k. a qualifed alchoholic papa of one,sigh, nevertheless a gem of a fella with a heard of, where was i again? he explained his situation.
yes, it was a financial issue.

it was his predicament, that triggered my inquisitiveness.

through a voracious personal study/research/disloding of thorns stuck up me arse on the need increase - i have come up with nowt.

but after the few cans of ye'olde original o-kau's (none of em sissy 6.8% ones)with this fella..
the coins started a chinking. 2 plausible theories:-

a) net-exporter situation:
we are sellin' out oil either:-
i) in higher volumes; OR
ii) at same/lower volumes but naturally at higher prices.

we are buyin cheaper oil for local consumption - i.e. to be sold to suckers like me.

arithmetically, by utilizing std 2 maths, there is an outright gain..duh right.

now put this scenario agains the s/porean water deal. (tuan balakov, hold on...) what happened there. we're selling them raw water at a historical rate of which dem buggers have clamped it down tightly to an age-old agreement - i.e. which is not in the least bit reflective of current market prices (or punkassed inflation). concurrently, we also purchase processed water back per cubic metre at a higher rate. although it is claimed, that yu cant get raw water at that price, undeniably the prices would be somewhat reflective of current prices.

now take that analogous compariosn and put it over the framework of petrol. dude - it would be interesting to see what this cunts have done with the pricing.too farkin interesting.

i dun think they're punishing anyone or there's a purposeful intent behind this (well maybe). i think these cunts have started to realise that the heavy partyin over the last 25 odd years has taken its toll on them pockets.

the dudes really don't have the money or are foreseeing a sharp drop in the coming years. mind you, these fellas are not idiots as well to hike 80 sen after the commotion in the last election.

and by pricing i mean - the selling of petrol has not be well-negotiatied to justify a comfortably subsidized price for local consumption.

am in the process of gettin' me grubby hands on some XXX financial information will forward it once i have the time.

b) 2nd theory - there is MOST DEFINITELY stockpiling. it is not a shortage. no, i don't think it's govt linked, rather MNC-linked. MNC who pay well for the protection and yes possibliy military protection. hint: compare the trend of military action over the last 6 months in the obvious fronts - MNCs took a heavy beating facing the severe credit crunch of the last year, would this be plausible reason to buck up the farkin prices.

me dont know. all i know is this. i have just discovered the virtues of reverend horton heat.
and i am falling in love candy-eyed like that kid who used to walk miles to pertama complex after halfdays on saturday to grab his tapes.

anfield devotee said...

Bernard: Until they release a remix called Tour De Langkawi, me thinks the Queen version is more suitable.

Moz: Betul. Both scenarios plausible.

RE: Rev Horton Heat - yeah man, good stuff that.

nick m said...

the uncensored version
is still available on youtube.

anfield devotee said...

nick: tak boleh buka the link. The two vids me searched fer on youtube said it had been removed & was no longer available.

Bernard said...

No problem what. Just have to sign in on youtube only...

theALBERTUS said...

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
Theres too much confusion
I cant get no relief
Businessman they drink my wine
Plow men dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody of it is worth

That's all i can say to the establishment!

Anba said...

I was nvr a big fan of Queen until i saw the uncensored vid...a million thnx...Nick
Now i'm suddenly lookin for queen videos...fer all the wrong reasons..

Now i suddenly want to become one of the bicycle seats in that killer video...

Mat Salleh Chix n their bottom....hmmmmmmmmm
Lucky they don't sell The UK Sun God..

Anba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bernard said...

Anba, dangerous to be the bike seat lest you kena one of dem "Fat Bottomed Girls"....

anfield devotee said...

Anba: Hee hee, what kind of cikgu la this one? Hee hee

Albertus: All Along The Twin Towers?

Bernard: Yes, was signed in but got message that said unable to find page or something. Nevermind, as long as people like Anba got thru & is ahem, satisfied.

Anba said...

Bernard Ji:
Me dun mine fat bottomed gals but just mind fat gals

Balaji ;- im an honest spoken, normal male teacher hehehe...who is responsible and well displined during 8-5pm...after 5pm...when im not dispensing me becomes an FFS militia hot blooded male species
by the way balaji didnt you awaken the inner animus in us a sometime ago...with the pics of perfectly shaped bottoms of them playboy gals in footie uniform...hehehehe

anfield devotee said...

Anba: No, that was meant as a serious reportage on the state of local footie reflecting our morally bankrupt govt.

Anba said...

Darn...Really, them arses must have clouded me b'coz im an Arse fan to..i mean Arsenal fan

nick m said...

bala. i don't know about you, but i managed to watch it. i just needed to sign in and confirm i'm over 18.

anfield devotee said...

Nick: Tried a few times, message said "video has been removed'. But found a karaoke version with original vid!!!

senorita.. said...

AD...... i think it's gay... sorry. HEHEHE

but betul-betul kena pada tempat...! peeps, ya'll gotta love bicycles now

anfield devotee said...

senorita: er . . . yes, freddie mercury was like the biggest queen (excuse the obvious pun) on the fooking planet . . .

ps: He used to call his thick moustache his "cock duster" !!!

senorita.. said...

what the hell? can he perform fellatio on himself like Marilyn Manson? cock duster... makes one wonders

anfield devotee said...

senorita: er . . . no. He was saying quite clearly that he was performing on other gents . . .

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...



senorita: sorry no offence meant. reading the acidic rhetoric over the LGL/FFS fence is always too good to resist.

senorita.. said...

i think too much.. =/

nevertheless, cute nickname for a moustache LOL