Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel to the fire

This report appeared in yesterday's edition of The Sun. Its on the topic hangat of S'pore cars not allowed to fill at stations within a 50km radius of the border (also applicable up north). Apparently, the stations at the Thai border have already felt the pinch & many are complaining about the slump in sales.

Domestic Trade & Consumers Affair Minister Datuk Sharir Abdul Samad had this to say:
"It is not right to depend on business of a product which is heavily subsidised and then complain."

On the rationale of the move?
"The intention to restrict the radius to 50km is to ensure that only genuine visitors or tourists are filling up at local stations and not those who come in just to fill up their tanks and the turn back."

On Malaysians working in S'pore or have PR status.
"I think as Malaysians who earn in Singapore dollars and are prepared to buy Singapore cars, they should be able to be inconvenienced to go out to buy petrol."

Fook me! Is it possible that a fooking BN Minister is actually saying something that makes sense or is it just me anti-S'pore sentiment clouding me judgement? The report also says that the govt will be forking out RM56 BILLION in subsidies this year alone. So is the measure above a genuine effort to stem fuel smuggling or just another slap in the face of our neighbours (especially after they 'stole' our rocks)?

Would love to hear what yer thoughts on this issue, especially from those who are Johorians (Anand, Premo & Nick Mun - that'd be you). Good move or just punitive measures against them fooking arrogant islanders?

Either way, sounds good to me. Anything against S'pore is quite possibly the only occasion me will support our govt. And yes, they are NOT a proper country . . .

ps: Asian World Cup Qualifier two days ago - S'pore 3 v Uzbekistan 7!!! Hoo-fooking-ray!


Jon-C said...

I posted my thoughts on the impending price increase for fuel in me blog. Go check it out.... but warning might contain an earful of automotive terms and economics talk. Kekekekeke

Jon-C said...

Confirmed MYR 2.70 per liter after 12 am tonite. Price expected to increase summore in August due to totally no subsidy and prices set by market forces.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

we'll inevitably feel the pinch. now lets move on.

Bala, hey i managed to catch the game and the uzbek lads really taught them kiasu fellas a lesson in footie. this singaporean national team seems more like a club team than anything else. they've got like a bunch of caucasian, an african and a couple of mainland chinese in their team. i mean, what the hell was that man? are they really short of genuine, true blue singaporean that can kick some balls? i'm with you bala, cant stand em people.

check out their national table tennis team, entirely made up of foreigners!

anfield devotee said...

JonC: As it stands, market price would mean we would pay RM5.06 per litre. That would mean a 150% increase in fuel prices. That would make me personal cost to well over a thousand rinngit a month. And me drives a compavt 1.6!!! What tha fook!!!!

kerp: Talk a lot these fellas. Fooking S'pre better at everything. Sure la, fill everywhere full of foreigners sure la . . .

Achilles said...

yeah, i heard the rumours to... thats why every petrol station in Malaysia is being raided by kiasu Malaysians who want to fill up before the hike. I mean seriously... how much money will you save? eventually you will have to pay the increased price anyway. not to mention, how much petrol you wasted while waiting for your turn to pump petrol at the station.

the fuel hike is one pinch... the other fooking pinch comes from fookers who start raising the price of everything using petrol price increase as the cause.

the last time the raised the price of petrol, my monthly parking went up by RM 20. I asked the guy WTF? How does fuel prices increase your operating cost as a parking lot? the counter guy gave me a classic response "tak tau-lah bang... harga semua naik, tapi gaji aku sama je."

can anyone see a recession coming soon?

Mark said...

A 30% increase, that is steep! Every bloody thing will go up now. The ripple effect will be widespread. As it is food prices have gone up recently. Another hike now?

I read in the papers today that some idiot commented the money can be put to better use, like helping the poor. Yeah right, that is what you have been doing all this while, fighting poverty! Aside from escalating prices, we can expect more crime now. Bravo!

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Yes, wholeheartedly agree with yer observations. Me collegue said fights broke out at the petrol pump near her house coz of queue-cutting fookers. Hoped they lynched the muthafooker.

And yes, how much would they have saved by rushing to the pump. Average RM20-30. Ok, not a trifling amount but still not worth the hassle unless you drive a Range Rover or Chayenne. Then again those who can afford those vehicles aren't fussed about the increase anyways.

mark: welcome back, long time no see. Also agree with what you say regarding escalating crime wave. All fooked up.

Life's Like That said...

Fooks! Fooks! Fooks!

AD, u picking me up the next time we have thani session?

For everyone's info, came across this stat in today's papers!!! Go wonder!

Comparison of fuel prices in oil exporting countries

Country Price/Litre(RM)

UAE 1.09
Egypt 1.03
Bahrain 0.87
Qatar 0.68
Kuwait 0.68
Saudi Arabia 0.38
Iran 0.35
Nigeria 0.32
Turkmenistan 0.25
Venezuela 0.16

Jon-C said...

Pak "tidur" Lah is from a whole new planet of his own. The argument of "out fuel cheaper than bla bla bla country" is a real fooked up attempt on covering his arse. Basket! We ain't 3 year olds lah!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Fooking hell, we are just being punished fer NOT voting BN . . . They are pushing us ever closer to the abyss

titoki said...

Oh fook! I can't wait for the 13th GE!!!!

anfield devotee said...

titoki: Will there be a country left to salavage or would we be back in the stone ages?

Me don't think many families will be able to make ends meet now, fer fooking sure la.

premo said...

I agree with everyone here. Nothing good can come out of this. This is madness! This is PAK LAAAAHH!!!

Might as well start fookin cycling to work and such la. Save up some kish kash and get me a BMX lo-yder with vegan oil motor. I'll be puttering around KL like a Vespa and before you know its a new trend like electroclash and FB chat. Maybe I'll fit WWII side car as well for kawan kawan kurang kurus like AD and Bernard...

Ok obviously I'm rambling now - got the Mozz

anfield devotee said...

premo: Siapa kawan kawan kursng kurus? Fook off, took me years to get into the shape me is in, ok.

Got news fer you, new vespas cost a bomb. Old ones also cost a bomb as the few salvageble ones change hands fer quite tidy sums, mate.