Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anwar or one of these pricks?

With regards to the recent flirtation between PAS & UMNO, me came across this piece in the BM-edition of MalaysiaKini. Firstly, check out Khir Toyo desperate attempts to bribe PAS with MB+deputy MB+4excos package (What? No karaoke?!?). Let's just hope PAS see it fer just what it is - a cheap ploy to break up an opposition coalition that is seriously challenging BN's authority.
Secondly, in one of me recent postings, me was severely disheartened to hear so many so-called opposition supporters (or at least people who voted against Barisan Najis) cast aspersions on Anwar. Accusations ranged from sodomite to Islamic extremist.

Ok, let me reiterate me stance - like anyone else, me is wary of fooking politicians & their forked tongues. But as me is at pains to point out, do you really think the inroads of the last GE could have been made without Anwar's involvement?

Me friend who works fer Al-jazeera no less has gone as far as to say she hopes "this two-faced bastard is locked away & the key thrown away" & that "according to her sources Anwar will form an Islamic state". Point she seems to have forgotten she too was celebrating the GE results like many other fed up Malaysians. Who's got a short memory?

Now if you read the article below, who would you choose? On the one hand, a former DPM who is now locked in a battle to stay out of jail (again) but is preaching equal opportunities fer all Malaysians . . . or . . . bastards like Khir fooking Toyo who OPENLY say there can be no equal status fer non-Bumis & their religions & that we are the extremists. (Don't believe me? Please refer to article below).

Fooking seriously? Do you really consider that fooking bastards like Khir is a better option than Anwar? The latter may be lying but right now that is a chance me is willing to take. Why back racist & corrupt cunts like Khir? To what benefit?

Fer further examples of BN leaders rotten to the fooking core, see also Mercedes Besar . . .oh, sorry, Menteri Besar of Terengganu. Also believe it or not, Mr Muhd "I don't speak English" Taib who was caught with unexplained monies in a case in Australia is jostling fer a VP's post in UMNO! Fooking unbeliavble!

To all the Anwar detractors, this is what we are facing. A line up comprising Najib (racist, corrupt & quite possible, C4 expert), Hishamuddin (racist), Khir (racist, corrupt) & Muhd Taib (corrupt, stupid) occupying the higher echolons of the ruling party. Is this a better option than Anwar who is part of a coalition comprising DAP & PAS?

Are we really so used to the fooking shite dished out by Barisan Najis that we are willing to put up with it ad infinitum? . . .

ps: In case anyone missed the point, instead of trying to win back Malaysian hearts, BN play the same old 'Ketuanan Melayu' card again . . . sigh . . . is this what you want?

pps: PAS big shots including Nik Aziz has belatedly responded to the meeting with UMNO. They say UMNO is trying to stir shit while Nik Aziz went as far as to say to rejoin UMNO would be "sleeping with the enemy"! (Didn't take Nik Aziz fer a Julia Roberts fan).

Muzakarah: PAS ditawar jawatan MB
Jul 22, 08 3:11pm
Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo berkata, dalam muzakarah antara pemimpin tertinggi PAS dengan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, beliau telah mencadangkan agar PAS diberi jawatan menteri besar dan timbalan menteri besar serta empat exco di Selangor.

"Malahan saya menolak sebarang jawatan bagi mengelakkan dianggap menguasai exco yang bakal dibentuk," kata Dr Mohd Khir yang membawa pemimpin tertinggi PAS itu bertemua Abdullah.

"Saya lakukan ini kerana percaya bahawa gabungan PAS dan BN akan memastikan kepentingan agama Islam dan orang Melayu tidak akan diperkotak-katikkan," tulisnya dalam blog beliau.

"Bagi saya yang penting ialah kepentingan agama Islam dan orang melayu terjaga bukan siapa yang menjadi pemimpin utama," tambahnya.

Malangnya, kata Dr Mohd Khir, pengaruh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dalam PAS, melalui Setiausaha Agungnya, Kamaruddin Jaafar, telah menggagalkan usaha tersebut.

Beliau yakin selagi Datuk Seri Anwar memainkan peranan penting dalam Pakatan rakyat, muzakarah tersebut tidak akan memberi sebarang kesan.

"Datuk Seri Anwar memang tidak mahu Melayu bersatu kerana itulah beliau tubuhkan Pakatan Rakyat yang berjuang atas prinsip kesamarataan, menyamakan taraf agama Islam dengan agama lain, menyamaratakan kedudukan orang Melayu dengan bangsa lain, walaupun memiliki status bumiputera," tambahnya.

Sebab itulah, kata Dr Mohd Khir, Anwar dapat menarik sokongan yang besar daripada golongan ekstremis Cina melalui DAP dan ekstremis India melalui Hindraf.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, cadangan untuk mengadakan muzakarah mengenai agenda Islam dan orang Melayu nampak lebih baik sekarang.

"Saya percaya PAS sekarang sudah mulai sedar bahawa mereka kian tersisih dalam membicarakan isu Islam dan orang Melayu di negeri-negeri di bawah Pakatan Rakyat.

"Ini ditambah lagi dengan masalah peribadi Datuk Seri Anwar sekarang. Saya tidak mengimpikan PAS dan Umno bersatu dalam bentuk fizikal parti atau ideologi politik.

"Tapi saya mengimpikan kesatuan orang Melayu dalam erti mempertahankan kedudukan dan agenda Islam dan Melayu di negara ini," tambahnya.

Dr Mohd Khir berkata, impian beliau ialah suatu hari nanti "kita semua dapat melihat Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Datin Seri Wan Azizah dan Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, duduk semeja".


Jon-C said...

Same old shit from the toyol. That fooker deserved to be whack right where the sun don't shine. Farking disgraceful!

Thanks goodness Tok Guru can see through all this thin veiled "offers." The PR state govt should take this opportunity and bury that racist extremists himself to the ground and never be allowed to rise up again.

akuani said...

Quote: "Ok, let me reiterate me stance - like anyone else, me is wary of fooking politicians & their forked tongues. But as me is at pains to point out, do you really think the inroads of the last GE could have been made without Anwar's involvement? Unqoute

I have only one thing to say here and perhaps it's only people like me who might see it this way, the inroads in the last GE that you are attributing to Anwar's involvement - I think is sorely misplaced.

People like myself were just plain fed up with the monopoly the BN clowns have been having to the point they forget it is the rakyat that put them there in the first place.

So the majority of rakyat who voted Opposition and helped create those inroads weren't doing it because Anwar was part of an equation - they did it because they wanted some change.

And before you quickly assassinate this by saying "aunty where's your fooking perspective and tell me how appalling this is to the other readers of this blog" - I wonder why some people cannot accept that the GE results were really a reflection of extremely fooking fed up rakyat and that Anwar was not the motivating factor to anything.

I know when I cast my vote that day - it had nothing whatsoever to do with Anwar or his presence in BA, but about creating an opportunity for change in the political scene because BN has really taken it up their arses that they can do bloody fooking anything and there's no one to question them.

Hopefully this time I managed to convey my thoughts a little better. If not, you're free to slaughter me again ...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm taking every words said by TG Nik Aziz. the talks will not lead to anywhere. in fact he did not play any single part in this muzakarah. its just a ploy by pakdol to to try and win back the hearts of the malays that they are very open and shits like that. to TG Nik Aziz its simple; if ameno believed the malays has really split as claimed by the malay-nased party, then they are free to join PAS.

sorry bro, i'm more interested at commenting on PAS than Anwar. BUT, i concur with you there's no other capable leader than him whom qualifies for the PM job.

*muhd taib (corrupt, stupid) - muahahhahahhahahahaha...thats a real gem la boss.

Kopite78 said...

It is about electing the lesser of two evils when it comes to our politics.

Though I do not trust Anwar, he has however openly expressed that he stands for equality. This will be something all of us and the opposition coalition will hold him to if and when he comes to power.

I will agree with Akuani, my vote for the opposition in the last GE, although was for Nur Izzah, was not because of Anwar. I have become completely fed up with the fookin Barisan Nazi and their total disregard for the welfare of the people. Corrupted SOBs who have raped this country through and through just to fill their own pockets.

Forgive my ranting...but sometimes I just wish I had all these SOBs in a row standing against a wall and I had on me an AK47. I can only imagine how sweet it will be to squeeze the trigger. Murdering, cheating, raping, racist, sadistic SOBs

Achilles said...

AD: my posting might seem a bit angry... but that is because i am. hope you don't mind.

The Mercedes story really made me laugh when i read in the newspaper. i couldn't believe what i was reading. The logic was unbelievable... Buying mercedes to replace Perdana's to save money??? WTF?? And then you say the govt got no money to subsidize fuel. WTF??

Also, dunno if guys read the speak free column in the Sun on Monday... one MF decided to give his point on how the govt is acting appropriately on AI's case.
He mentioned that the 23 year old physically overpowered by AI who is strong as an OX and we should not be fooled by the frail and physically weak image he potrays. did he give any proof?? Nope.. he just happen to believe that 61 year old AI is strong as an ox compared the poor and frail 23 year old. Hey Stoopid... please wake up lah and take your head out of you ass lah.

Also, he said the reason there was enormous presence of police on the day AI was arrested was because AI has some contact with the US. So it was prudent to act that way as AI could have a whole fleet of US Marines waiting in his residence. WTF? Hello...first of all stop watching so much Die Hard lah..secondly the US marines got better shit to do lah...then to get involved in our cock politics... thirdly, if they were deployed in AI's residence, you tink our fat "nasi lemak eating" police personnel would stand a chance??? please lah...all they have to do is throw nasi lemak to one far corner and all the cops will run in that direction.

I just want to say... please stop treating us like retards.

Also sorry if i lari topic a bit lah... just bengang lah.

akuani said...

achilles : did you hear the radio today? Apparently 1 of the Perdana took almost 175k in repairs ... err what happened to that car la? gave birth to a savvy or something?

I was rolling in my car with tears in my eyes - my 2 daughters thought their mommy gone nuts!

Dah la kena tangkap buat salah, mati mati nak jugak tipu orang - ADOI!

AD: sorry ya for hijack!

ISA said...

ahh i'm back...excellent time playing football in not so-sunny spain, gala time in JKT...and finally, back to some serious stuff. Let me make this clear from the start, i hate both sides of this current political scene.

i have to agree with the views of Akuani...i myself didnt vote for the opposition just because of that wanker and i definitely didnt believe in all that shit about hari ini kita tubuhkan kerajaan, esok harga minyak turuuuuuuuun!!! utter rubbish..if he does come into power, of course the price of oil will go down but at what price??

i do believe that the majority of the people out there voted for anyone but BN. Fed up with dopey bodohwi and his bomb expert sidekick..was Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat my choice? was forced down my throat because i just cannot stomach any more BN muck. Lets try some different muck, me thinks...

In my constituency, it boiled down to SHREK of BN against receding hairline rep of DAP...

...whoa..choices choices...

be afraid my fellow citizens for the future looks fooking bleak..

anfield devotee said...

JonC: Yer too kind. Jail fer embezzlement is the very least this fooking bastard deserves.

kerp: Me wifey brought an interesting point when she said she was surprised that PAS fell fer UMNO's trap. They should've known these bastards would paint PAS the wrong shade of green.

kopite78: Trigger happy aren't we? Also pls see below me response to Akuani & yerself.

Akuani: Ok, sorry to reiterate this. But you really do lack fooking perspective la aunty.

Yes, you, me & kopite78 may vote opposition coz we are fed up & also believe in a system of check & balances. But do note our scenario does not equate with the larger electorate.

Those of us have been voting opposition from day one are NOT the majority. Face facts la. Majority of M'sian voters are BN kaki. Just look at the previous landslide under Bodohwi.

Yes, many may be fed up but it took the galvanising effect of a charasmatic leader who knew the inner workings of BN to deny BN the 2/3 majority.

Fer further proof that he did change the minds of many, look at the numbers at the ceramahs where he spoke. They were tens of thousands more than those where he was absent(eg Klang, Penang, etc). Many came, listened & were swayed.

Also do not discount his ability to reach out to the Malay electorate which DAP fails to do so. He also convinced many non-Bumi voters to pangkah PAS. That takes some doing. And fer these two parties to co-operate like in Perak. Incredible!

Think of the bigger picture.

Again, me reiterates that me is no fan of his but the fact remains Anwar has got BN running scared, something PAS & DAP have failed to do on their own.

If BN weren't browning their pants this moment, do you think they would be resorting to all the dirty tactics at the moment to discredit him?

Like it or not, Anwar is our best alternative compared to the mutha fooking arseholes in BN's line up. Like me said, do you prefer Anwar (as checked by DAP & PAS) or Khir/Muhd Taib having free reign in UMNO/BN?

Its a stark choice innit? Think fer amoment, do you really wanna be stuck with the likes of fooking Botoxed swindlers & racists such as Khir at the helm. Scary innit?

Me urge you to reconsider your backing fer the one figure who could quite possibly change the face of this nation fer the better.

TQ fer yer comments.

achilles: Good points. BN still insists on treating the electorate like retards. What to do? But wait, today's headlines, cabinet to discuss mercedes purchase!
Najib et al bengang la, how come he has got to ride in a crappy perdana whilst them fellas get to jolly jolly in a benzo! ha ha!

Isa: Good to have you back. But pls see the point me made to akuani above. Educated people like yerselves voting opposition is a minority la.

Cannot downplay the impact he has had. Like it or not, me thinks its a choice we must be prepared to make ie support Anwar to rid our nation of cunts like khir, muhd taib, najib et al.

C'mon la dey, at least with anwar, got in-house checks & balance. These outlaws in BN mana ada? Think about it, despite the sex tape, Uncle Chuah is ready to mount a challenge fer MCA presidency. Hallo bro?

Again, me asks you, akuani & kopite78, are we so used to the shite being dished by Barisan Najis that we are willing to stomach it rather than take a chance with Anwar?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

nahhh...unlike ameno, PAS cant easily be fooled. they are there to listen what shit's in store and trust me, at the end of the day its what TGNA had said that really matters to them. in the first place i think the talk will not produce any fruit. the nexr rime before anyone realise it, the 2 parties will go at each other's throat. back to square one. the same old story crap.

ISA said...

Never Anwar...i dont trust that man at all. I have my reasons...u were not at UIA when he was the President. All i can say is that the number of people turning out ceramahs can never be used as an indication, many came and listened...swayed? i dont think so.

Just remember the time when terengganu fell to PAS for the first time in 25 years (i was there) a couple of elections ago, completely destroying that old hag wan got so bad that most of voters said if u put a tree trunk with PAS insignia to run against BN, the tree trunk would have won.

what makes u think that if anwar comes into power he wont have the same cunts with him, different people but same cunts?

its not that i want to stomach more shit from BN but i'm not prepared to take shit in some other form too...and definitely not from MR harga minyak turuuuuuuun!!

sure, it is so damn easy to be the armchair politician, footballer etc and to complain...but for me, i have my alternatives, i am doing something...but not under any of the shit umbrellas we have now...fook them..including anwar...and thats my fooking perspective on things..

dont get me wrong, anwar and his gang's efforts are appreciated to jolt the establishment. just like any revolution, u need some rebel rouser to shake things up but dont expect them to run the country.

change the face of the country? maybe...for the better? i doubt it.

Achilles said...

Akuani: No-lah.. didn't hear that on radio. must have missed it... but yeah, that is funny.

What are these fookers doing-lah? RM 175,000 to repair a car that costs only RM 100,000 to purchase brand new? did the mechanic use golden spare parts? Might as well buy a new car innit?

govt always say got no money.. its because it is being wasted like this.

AD: yes.. i also think Najib bengang all his Machai driving mercedes and he only driving a V6. hahahahahaha serves him right-lah. Now he knows what it feels like to be fooked over.

Also wanted to add... me was skeptical about Anwar as well like many of the other bloggers here and i understand their views coz i too wasn't a big fan of Anwar before, but the more shit you see being done onto Anwar, the more you realize these BN fookers are trying to cover something up and the more these fookers are scared that they are going to lose to him. otherwise why do all this? If Barisan Najis had just kept quiet and played it cool, i probably wouldn't be so much of a supporter of AI today... so looks like their tactics did the opposite to me.

anfield devotee said...

Isa: Fair enough. At least you acknowledge his role as a rabble rouser to shake up the govt.

Understand yer sentiments given his rhethoric during UIA days. Fair point. But after being tortured by his own gang, let's hope he has seen the folly of his earlier ways.

However, me is just scare shitless of the alternatives available in BN . . .

Me canna see how Anwar can be worse that that lot of pundeks.

akuani said...

ISA: I like your perspective.

AD: your point to ISA - which says educated people like yourselfs voting opposition is a minority ... are you saying the majority of the educated 'elusive Bangsa Malaysia' voted BN?????? WTF is wrong with our education???????????

WHOA! hold yer horses, wait a dang minute there ... are you trying to say that the 30% chinese and 35% indian vote sway were of a minority educated class?

or are you saying that this collective are the educated minority that voted Opposition - hence the ermmmm 17% Malays were possibly educated or illiterate?

ehehehhe sorry la AD, you keep stuffing perspective in my face, but that one liner there taken in skewed context is pretty disheartening any which way you look at it.

Because if the sway and majority vote for Opposition comes from the 'uneducated' (for the lack of a better word at this juncture), then that means, whoever takes their romantisised fancy next GE will get the landslide???????

NOW that is way scarier than having the fooking idiots in BN that scare the shits outta you and me for now as voted leaders of the future ... because this nation is then depending on a majority that is incapable of thinking with clarity and vision but swayed by drama minggu ini style politics.

Anyone know any habitable rock out in the ocean that I might stake claim to and govern in my perspective lacking style? At least it be fun to have tea and squabble...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

like it or not, nowadays when Anwar speaks, everyone listen.

akuani said...

archilles: here's a report from thestar :))

The Report

*rolls eyes* ... maybe they shipped their Perdana to ermmmm Inner Mongolia for maintenance.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Yes, sorry to irritate you with that line he he.

You know what I mean. The educayed classes who can see beyond their own rice bowl. Who actually give a shit that the judiciary is corrupt, the police inept etc etc.

Let's face it, majority of M'sians want to just continue the way things are. Don't rock da boat kinda thing.

It is sad. Definitely.

And you are right that many Malaysians were rightfully fed up and wanted to send a wake up call to BN. But me still thinks having anwar as a focal point made all the diff.

Ask the man on the street whether they can see Hadi Awang or Lim Kit Siang as PM, the answer will be a resounding 'No'.

But Anwar . . .

Isa is unwilling to get fooked over by another bunch of arseholes he says. But don't you think that's being a bit presumptous. And if not Anwar, the answer is that we will continue being fooked over by BN & their Mercedes driving cronies.

Achilles/Akuani: RM175K on repairs? Hello, they were pimping out their rides la . . .

Life's Like That said...

Donno abt all of you, but I m sick of our political scene at the mo. Whether it is abt DSAI, Najib, Bodohwi etc. Don wan to get into healthy debates ala AD-Akuani. Just gets me blood boiling over!

Prefer to concentrate on more positive stuffs at the moment like the Olympics etc. Lari from topic a bit :

Did you know that US swimmer Michael Phelps is not just trying to emulate Mark Spitz by winning 7 golds and setting 7 world records done in the 72 Olympics? He is trying to beat it by entering 8 events! Good Luck!

madude said...

anfielddevotee, you are right in most accounts, however politicians will always be politicians, or they will be called by another name, Priest, Monk etc.... Of course they are known as shitheads, bloodsuckers, pain in the butt etc. Anyway, our rakyat is not that stupid anymore. Yes they are not. The recent happenings are so obvious that the only people who seem to think that the rakyat dont see it the way it is The Barisan Najis gang members. The problem however still remains that for every person who has access to free press, there is one who does not have or does not bother to explore. So herein in lies the problem.

Not really problem though, because from the last election we know the process of change has begun. The word is process. It will take time but the rakyat will get there. Having said all this, I must say that my sentiments against BN actually exploded only after the events subsequent to the elections. The manuplation of Anwar's case, Ministers and top BN people can do no wrong attitude, The counless so called inquiries on BN VIPs but no action is ever taken etc, Zakaria, fined some peanut amount! The list just gos on. The other day Anwar won the debate hands down and the next day our highly respected newspapes report about how well SOBICIK did! Bullshit! And he was supposed to resign if he lost. HE LOST!!!!!

Point is changes are happening, and will keep happening. We just got to keep grinding.

Mark said...

Akuani: Erm you sure you heard it right? RM 175K to repair a Perdana? A new one doesn't cost that much, why not just buy a new one?

If they want to save, buy lah a Camry or and Accord. Costs much less, cheaper to maintain and both are reliable. This comes two days after our DPM comes out in the press urging Malaysians to buy Proton! LOL!

AD: I agree with your analysis on the possible candidates but we all know that the majority vote based on emotion and not logic. It's the same reason the Opposition won so many seats recently. All they need is for one of these idiots to start waving a Keris around again while giving his political speech.

akuani said...

LLT : ala AD-akuani *kih kih* you think we ought to mud sling on national TV my friend?

But the selingan is welcomed ... remember Carl Lewis out to emulate Jesse Owens - he did it, SO here's rooting for Phelps to emulate and beyond (eh wait why does that suddenly sound like Buzz Lightyear???)

Mark: please read attached 'The Report' ... I might be short on perspective but I am usually known for triple checking such mundane facts - it was on the radio and its in TheStar :)) - bloody hell kinda money to spend on repairs. I agree with AD - they pimped their rides man! bloody fookers!

Achilles said...

I think Mark hit the spot with saying that if they wanted to be cost savy (as they so fooking claim), go for a Camry or Accord. It is reliable and definitely cheaper than a mercedes benz... any fooking school kid with half a brain can tell you that. doesn't it just get your blood boiling that these fooks can just biasa-ly piss on you infront of your eyes and then give you a stupid reason to cover up. Want to lie also at least think of one cun story-lah... make it a bit believable-lah... don't lah say ice is actually hot and then expect all of us to believe it!

AD: just wanted to add that i too think AI was a focal point that was necessary to make people change thier mind set in the recent GE... maybe not directly to his party, but gave people what they needed to stand for a change. If it wasn't for him and his ceramah's, people would have just voted BN as usual.

Think of all the previous elections and why BN won landslide victories without even any effort? was there a dominant opposition character that stood up and got your blood pumping? Nope...the idea of voting opposition was uncool and not better vote for BN since got no choice... i have heard this line from so many people.

But what was different this election? a popular and powerful opposition character came into the picture and he was the catalyst for the change.

The debate... the fooker Shabery missed the ball big time. AI made it clear that he is not pissed with Petronas... he is sayin that BN is swindeling money for their own pockets... money which can be used for the rakyat.... and shabery's response? if we take money from petronas as AI suggested.... Hello si bodoh... please understand the question before answering-lah... i ask you about apples, please don't tell me about how to make roti canai-lah. it's 2 different things.

AD: sorry fer all the long postings...hope you don't mind.

Mark said...

I received this over email

Older Version

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer,
building its house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool, and laughs &
dances & plays the summer away.

Come winter, the Ant is warm and well fed.

The Grasshopper has no food or shelter so he dies out in
the cold.

Modern Version

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer,
building its house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant's a fool, and laughs &
dances & plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press
conference and demands to know why the Ant should be warm and well fed
while he is cold and starving.

TV1, TV2 & TV3 show up to provide pictures of the
shivering Grasshopper next to a video of the Ant in his comfortable home
with a table filled with food.

The majority of the Malaysian Parliament are stunned by
the sharp contrast. How can this poor Grasshopper be allowed to suffer?

Khairy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant's

Nazri goes on a fast along with other Grasshoppers
demanding that Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during

The Malaysia Government immediately passes a law
preventing Ants from working hard in the summer so as to bring about
equality of poverty among Ants and Grasshoppers.

Hishammudin makes 'More Special Reservation' for
Grasshoppers in Educational Institutions & in Government Services.

The Ant is fined for failing to share 30% of his food
with the Grasshopper.

Prime Minister announces that this is part of the NEP.
Every ant must not question it.

Many years later...

The Ant has migrated to the US and set up a
multi-billion dollar company there.

100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite the
'Special Reservation'.

Losing lot of hard working Ants and feeding the
Grasshoppers, Malaysia is still a developing country.

All because the ANTS are still doing their work

akuani said...

Mark: the "selingan" is getting better

premo said...

Interesting topic and even more interesting opinions. Like most here I agree with what AD and kopite have said but I also think Isa and Kerp have made some valid points/solid arguments. Wish I could contribute more to this discussion but I really don't think I'll be bringing anything new to the table; whats been said has been said - many times.

Right now alarm bells are ringing with this whole muzarakah thing. This cannot be good for anyone living in this country - except for those who stand to profit from our suffering (BN and their cronies).

anfield devotee said...

becky: Thank you fer that Aesop-lile tale. Good one. However, me must stress that there is another side to that story & will reserve it fer another discussion fer naother day. But TQ.

achilles: Like me said on Kerp's blog, kira these VIPs not driving Bentleys kira they have ubah gaya hidup already la.
Their excuses sound just like Najib's excuse when he said he was merely helping the poor boy with his scholarship application. Whta tha fook?
No worries bout long postings la, you forget, Moz is a regular round these parts!

LLT / Akuani: Yes, me too is fed up. But we cannot let BN get away with this shit. EHOUGH!

As fer the Olympics, me don't follow as two months down the line 50% of the winners will ne stripped of their medals coz of doping . . .

madude: Do we know you? But welcome to FFS anyways. Yer points are well put. Yer rite that fer every concerned citizen there are scores more who don't care or worse, believ the shit that BN feeds em.

j or ji said...

wah..view dan komen yg sangat kritikal...

aku cuma rasa yang PEMIMPIN AGUNG (uwekk!)kita, tak kisah la sapa,dpm,menteri ka toyol ka..
mereka tak memperjuangkan ketuanan melayu.TAK PERNAH!

Kroni mereka berbagai bangsa.bukan melayu aje.

Mereka hanya bercerita pasal ketuanan melayu sekarang,ketika mereka dah kehilangan undi. Dulu ketika berkuasa,mereka tak citer pun pasal ketuanan melayu.

Ketuanan melayu bukan perjuangan mereka tapi hanya modal politik sahaja..jadi,tak perlu beri reaksi.

Apabila mereka berkuasa sepenuhnya nanti, takda dah ketuanan2 ni..

Sampai ke TUA la kita tunggu..semua bangsa sama aje taraf nya nanti.

Anba said...

Behold veryone...the words from the great Guru....

"When are people going to learn, Democracy doesn't work." — Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Anba said...

This is another good one 2 ponder upon...

"Politics (n): poli from Latin meaning many; tics: blood sucking parasites" — Unknown

akuani said...

Does anyone read this guy? Am not saying swallow everything but thought provoking no doubt ... KTemoc

Ketuanan Melayu is merely a political model? REALLY????

Was Hishamuddin's keris waving 2 years ago a prophecy to the demise of BN infamy bullshit wagon or what???

Damn it I must have missed something here ...

Ignore it eh? pretty hard to achieve or stomach really especially when dealing with the kind of really A-class morons I have to with my government type project work ... I am left stumped at how these people sit where they do ...

I better not waylay AD's piece with my super irritated ranting for now, better just take it out on my own blog - but it does not take losing parliament majority for this ill placed misconception of race supremacy to come into existence.

They have systematically indoctrinated this via our bullshit filled education system - where everyone else is an idiot (have you read the latest History books????? - aarrggghhhhhhh I just burst a blood vessel here!)

If you went to school in the 70s and remember anything you learnt - you'd realise your Sejarah textbook content changed so much by the time I sat for it in 1990 for STPM - I was not sure this was the same country I started learning history about in the mid-70s.

taking a peek into my Std 2 daughter's 'Moral' books makes me sooooooooooo fooking angry it's not funny!

And I am going to slap silly the next teacher that classifies or refers non-Malays as Khafirs (infidels) - who died and made her/him supremo?

AD: please come visit me when they haul my sorry 'multi-racist' ass off ya ... I'll give you life feeds of how it feels to be on the inside

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: Correct! BN are quick to fooking play the race card whenever they are cornered. Very very true . . .

anba: Very good definitions. However don't quite see the funny side of Homer's wise words. Why? That's what the Mighty Tun is trying to put across in his recent Hardtalk appearance.

What we have now is not democracy. Its Mahathirism. And as you can see it fooking stinks . . .

anfield devotee said...

akuani: rant away. yer more than welcome.

But j or ji does have a point in saying these fookers usually only play the race card when they need to win back support; otherwise its fill their own poclet time!

mozisfawlty said...

diperkotak-katikkan, heheh. i like that word. haven't heard it bein used in a long time. but fer some benign reason - why is it proddin' up me arse chief?

tuan balRIC, bro, its times like this which gets me spiel all knotted up between the ears. probaly its just downright reticence to put anything conclusive on the platter. but then again - when have i been forthcoming with anything remotely conclusive(either in the FFS or LGL..mwahhaa). as i was tellin tuan kerp over the LGL, stayin away from the sosiopolitico scenario is self imposed option which i have dementedly chosen. plus, it helps to control the BP too bro; the utter crappola of it all just burns at the seams man.

its time like this, that i naturally turn to one of the few things capable of holdin the warped head well and glued - da muzak bro :). ripped on an old track from an old classic; FNM's angel doost. ironically, a track comes on, and whaddaye know its crack hitler.

i can't think of a better way of summin' up this fella - a crack hitler. again dude, why would anyone one to keep proddin' the beehive? are you:-
a) a dumbarse;
b) yer actin like a dumbarse;
c) you choose to be a dumbarse;
d) yu realise what yer doin, but just cant give a flyin fark; &
d) none of the above - yu just think you too smart fer the average malaysian.

allo brader. the average msian is no more the mulling fly hoverin over shit.

chief - ill get to the point la. little bit more i type means, it will be just to "darn" vulgar.

my points are this:-
a) racial card - i passed the link to yer site to some of me mates in the office. the general consensus - mixed on anwar, but as to the statement of KT, almost unanimous a well and bright farkyulacibai - all races. most of the got a kick out of the other fellas poster..mwahahhaa. ketawe terberak wa cakap lu.

b) racial cards are played world over. good example politics in tamil nadu state. MPs (or rather MLA's - member of legislative assembly), get elected based on get this - caste votes. and they publicly go on speeches about fighting for caste rights, which brings me to the next point

c) its all about the moolah they're gonna make. no loyalty in the perceived support. the fellas supporting are there to see what they can make out of it. that plus some dasyhat undergroud contacts (mafia-like, yu get the picture to put into effect whatever required in a worst case scenario) both sides of the law - so whats there left. get elected at whatever cost.
again this, happens on almost on a global context particularly in 3rd world nations leapfroggin hard into the developed band.

d) is anwar the man? honestly i dunno bro. wa tak tau. but i tell yu what i do know, the man has got the charisma. true, folk might not have voted because of him and just lodged a protest. but i differ in this, let me ask yu this -
how good would yer vote for the oppo have been - if the 3 factions did not band together in some manner or another. next point, whats the glue bindin 'em? bulang? DAP? it's like to extremes of double-edged spear end bent into 2 - rather flexibly i might add. the mans got the lube, the jelly mon (no pun intended).

having said that, amongst all this i see a man like tok guru, a whiff of fresh air bro. dude, i had the opportunity to watch him give a speech during a perasmian in kb, and here was this frail lookin dude blowin' me. speakin in the notoriously quaint accent, the points he made should i say practical. the layman (as in the moz) can understand. later while in KB, a friend of mine showed me his place of residence. dude, i got the shock of me life and told meself this - there is still probably some hope. heck the man even allowed and donated funds to construct a temple of reasonable size smack bang in KB town. political stunt, he didn't really need to it. not much votes of that colour there in the first place. yu get what i mean?

e)there is no one threatening anybody's religion. islam is a religion that teaches good and good way to live yer life. my ma told me once that back where she grew up (and came from), it was quite common for people of different faith to go to the other's respective places of worship to pray. either its to bayar niat and what not. the same has been inculcated in me. to me, all religion is the same. there is only god (or a superior being of some sort). and all religion teaches good. why do cunts like this keep stokin it?
wonder what he'd do if he saw an ethnic parsi prayin in the zoroastrian way, mwahhahaha.

jo, gua blah dulu. fras jugak. take care and good night. where the hell did you get repulsion man...fuhyoohh.. premo. thanks.

mozisfawlty said...

btw dude - read this wiki link all the way to the end - i kid yu not

and see who's a 2nd-generation malaysian:

senorita.. said...

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."-quote taken from Forrest Gump.

i guess that's exactly what's happening and hopefully the giant leap is towards positivism. all here is playing a part, which is a good thing.


anfield devotee said...

Moz: Good points. Exactly especially with regards to Anwar being the glue that holds the coalition together. Me is saying he is the focal point of the disenchanted.

To Messrs Isa/Akuani/kopite78 & all others who voted not fer Anwar but as a protest to BN, never forget that politics is all about the CULT OF PERSONALITY.

And let's face it, like Moz said, the bloke's got it but the fooking bucketload.

TQ fer pointing out the Tok Guru's good points. Me has highlighted this many times to the ant-PAS faction, esp with regards to the temple issue & his modest lifetsyle. Unfortunately, there are always enough racist cunts lower down the ranks to spoil the Tok Guru's good work.

senorita: As much as me enjoyed the typical feel-good vibe of Forrest Gump, me was seriously fooking cheesed off that it got the Oscar fer best motion picture instead of the CLEAR winner that year - Pulp Fiction (still waiting fer yer review).

And don't you mean Neil Armstrong?

Mark said...

AD: To be fair she did say "quote taken FROM Forrest Gump" i.e. could be referring to the movie and not the person? See lah what happens when you watch too many movies.

senorita.. said...

yes, thank u Mark. it was from the Neil Armstrong moment showed in the Forrest Gump movie. =)

Pulp Fiction huh? for Oscar,i guess i would go for Forrest Gump too. more substance, i feel. =)

i did enjoy Pulp Fiction though. gotta love the OD scene as well as all those vulgarities.

anfield devotee said...

Becky: sorry fer confusion, sir.

senorita: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Forrest Gump more substance? Nooooooooo! It was just typical cloying Hollywood shmaltz while ulp Fiction brought new life to the Film Noir genre!

senorita.. said...

opps, i shud have known to keep quiet. =P

anfield devotee said...

senorita: yer entitled tp yer opinion, of course. But so is I to respond.

Hmmmm . . . yer review of Pulp Fiction will be quite ineteresting to say the least.

ps: No comment on the babi topic above?

Achilles said...

you know what they say... opinion is like an asshole.... everyone's got one. hahahahahaha

Just thought i would share that with you guys.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: The point is to try to convince those on the other side to come to yer way of thinking.

Isa may say some pretty strong things but he assumes that we'll be just as fooked under Pakatan. Me thinks why don't we give em a chance first before jumping to conclusions. After all, how much worse can it be than what BN are doing now?

ISA said...

politics : cult of personality? too the same breath, not all within BN are bad and neither are all within PKR bad.

Its the personality..sure arseholes like bodohwi, chiky thambi, tyson, toyol, MR C4 etc should not be given any time of day..but there are some who actually fall within or have certain traits from the greats like Tun Dr.Ismail and Razak (too bad son didnt turn out right...)

and sorry bro, no power on earth will change me mind on anwar...once bitten twice shy...only need the wanker to ruffle feathers..shake the establishment for the better and screw off...hey...politics where got fair one? everyone's got a purpose...ambik madu lepas tu belahlah...MERELY means to an end which i'm sure we all desire...

sorry...i've got an evil view of politics...

anfield devotee said...

Isa: er . . . you got an evil view on everything!

He he

But point taken.

Unfortunatley the good within BN cann do shit against the overwhelming power of the rotten who hold sway.

So me fer one is willing to give the alternative a chance. If not fer anything but to make fooking sure BN never take us fer granted again.