Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A simple message to dem boys in blue

As you are stuck in a massive crawl & approach the unnecessary road block being mounted by BN's enforcement agency, don't you just wish you could wind down yer window & fooking repeat what Kermit & gang are saying in the vid above?

ps: With the exception of the few honest ones like Kopite Muru, of course.

pps: Don't forget, 9pm tonite live on Astro - Anwar v Shaberry.


Mark said...

On the issue, two remarks from our PM caught my attention.

First, he mentioned that the roadblocks were a "success". He then went on to say that if the opposition wanted to protest, they should do so in an empty stadium.

"Roadblocks a success".
- If the opposition truly wanted to show up, they would have got up in the wee hours of the morning to make their journey downtown, no? In what way was it a success?

""Empty stadium"
- Defeats the purpose of it being a protest, no?

Jon-C said...

Ask him to speak to the bosses of those workers who got trapped in those jams. Better yet he should announce rebates for the companies for lost of productivity. :0P Success konon.... my foot lar.

Times like this i am thankful i stay and work in Klang. Then again i'm fooking far from the rest of the world. Damn... win some loose some.

Mark said...

In today's NST, the brilliant Syed Hamid Albar was quoted as saying, "I know the roadblocks caused a lot of inconvenience, but it was taken in the interest of public safety and security".

How was the public in any danger? Since when have these protests been violent? To make them appear so, authorities start firing tear gas and chemically laced water into crowds to disperse them. What action warranted this response? Reporters from international media were present and they saw no acts of provocation from the peaceful protesters.

He also said that he had proof that opposition was planning a rally although this was denied by them. What proof? Someone please remind me if a person is innocent until proven guilty, or the other way around? Let's no make assumptions here, let us instead look at the facts. Fact 1: There was no rally/demonstration. Fact 2: The roadblocks caused a huge inconvenience to a whole lot of people.

Jon-C said...

Aiyah! There is such a thing as a transplanted proof mar. Malaysia Boleh fabricate everything including evidence.

Sometimes i do wonder if the big shots in the government are older than 3 when they talk.

anfield devotee said...

becky: The unfortunate thing is that many people out there blame the opposition fer the chaos. Seriously. Me kid you not, enough people who have been brainwashed by govt propaganda all these years actually buy this FOOKING BULLSHIT!
So it makes sense fer the govt & the police to continue doing this. They are also hoping to browbeat people into feeling that voting/supporting opposition will lead to all this tedious incovieniences. And they are succeeding . . .

JonC: Say hello to Vigneswaran fer me . . .

Jon-C said...

Oi unker, i updated my blog liau. :0P

Nothing worthwhile to talk about from myside. All the political drama getting boring lar. Also waited for them pics from Sat. before i post mah.

premo said...

Yeah man all this politricking is becoming tiring la. But will def try to catch the live debate on Astro Awani tonite for a good laugh. Like circus only our country - worse than Sun tabloid headlines yo.

anfield devotee said...

Premo: Perhpas we should form a political party. Obviously would NOT be race based.

And we can have Mr Beauty Spot @ Becky @ great grandson of Tun HS Lee be our poster boy leader ?

And since our country is so enamoured by dynasties (see Mukhriz, Najib, Hishamuddin et al), perhaps Becky may get quite a few votes . . .

Achilles said...

First of all, i don't see the point of these fooking road blocks. a 3 lane road is reduced to one lane, and then you have one retarded cop waving everybody by without even checking. i could be have nukes in my car and wearing a i hate BN t-shirt and cap and still these dumb fooks wouldn't notice. So i again i ask... whats the point of doing that if you are not even bothered at looking at people. You might as well just dump some boulders on the road to reduce the lanes to one lane... it would be the same thing.

AD: as fer people blaming opposition for this chaos.. that is just plain stupid. how can you do that? If somebody throws a stone at you and the stone hits you... who do you blame? the stone or the fooker who threw it. go figure...how can you blame someone else other than the fookers who do this directly to you? The fooker who organizes the roadblock is the fooker to be blamed lah.

also agree with Mark on whats the point of holding a rally in the stadium... might as well do it in your house bathroom if that's the case.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

watching the debate last night, i thought anwar was focused through out, presenting his points with facts and figure. but unlike him, our pundek info minister was more interested at taking swipe at anwar and went astray with his historical nonsense. i think he was more keen to impress his bosses la this monkey.

Life's Like That said...

Kerp : Actually He was just too dumb to answer the questions thrown at him. I felt embarassed for him, if he didn't feel so himself.

Come by my blog and drop a line or twolah bro!

anfield devotee said...

achilles: yes, it is dumb. But me kid you not, there are people out there, nay, people me knows who think like that. One example would be Mr VV whose skype conversation me pasted here fer all to see.
Am sorry, but one of me colleagues was so fond of calling opposition rallies "riots"!!! So me asked her what riots? Answer - The Star say rioters what, otherwise why would police fire tear gas? . . .

Do not forget the simple fact that BN are still in power. Why? Coz enough short-sighted dickheads believe in these bastards divine right to rule.

kerp & LLT: But am sure many will say shaberry showed anwar the folly of his ways . . .

senorita.. said...

i hv yet to catch the debate online, but will do so later. having read some blogs postings about the debate, it is quite apparent that Anwar did a superb job in handling the issues and such while the other Shaberry (?! right ar?) did not..

and when i log into my facebook, am shocked to find one of my acquaintance from Msia, who is also studying in Wtgn, saying kudos to Shaberry n that Anwar's rhetoric doesnt work anymore. man oh man, i think that kid is as blind as he can be. typical UMNO fanboy.

sad but true

akuani said...

These roadblocks are a pain in the arse no doubt to everyone ... and this seems to be the trend in the last 10 yrs - unhappy take to the streets ...

I guess since I ain't joining none of these rallies, I'm the one buggered by the roadblocks and traffic diversions and cursing the government and Opposition alike.

I suppose till people start doing real work to achieve their talk, we will see more and more roadblocks and street protests ... such foooking joy and wasted petrol burnt.

Anba said...

I actually wanted to skip the whole thing yesterday ... but like the saying curiosity killed the cat..and boy it sure did kill me...the way our Gomen ministers Tai chi's the question leaves me feelin like "What The Fook..
Remember Syed Hamid Albars performance during the Al Jazeerah interview..
Now comin bck to mah point
Remember when asked about the 4.2 billion worth of Subsidy money saved when they increased it by 30 cents in 2006 ...and only 837 million were spent to upgrade the pubic transportation... what happened to d balance remains unanswered...if what Anwar says true..it only cost RM 6 billion to reduce the oil price by 50 cents rite..why not use the money...
Gomen says it Saves 50 billion worth of subsidy money when oil is raised by 80 cents...where does this money goes..?

akuani said...

and just in case all the 'THROW BN OUT' people here assume the talkers I am refering are the Opposition only - please stand corrected I am referring to both the Govt and the Opposition.

Everybody is talking - but who the fook is doing anything about anything?

(leaves before the debris start flying)

Jon-C said...

Hmmm apparently DSAI got "arrested" around 1pm and escorted to Bkt Aman for questioning due to the "liwat" case, after his questioning at ACA at Putrajaya.

Out of curiosity, are you doing anything as well akuani?

anfield devotee said...

JonC: TQ fer asking akuani that question.

akuani: again, what are you doing? Me knows that in some small way, me constant harranguing of me colleagues managed to turn three votes away from BN. Samll but its a start. I have stopped buying newspapers & stopped frequenting Petronas.

On public rallies, did you notice that there WAS NOT a rally on the day? And did you also NOT notice that BN get to march whenever the feel like it?

As fer it being a trend of the last 10 years, fook wake the fook up la madam.

Thank goodness people are slowly saying NO to BN this way. What other way is there - the judiciary? The media? Fooking hell, aunty, please tell us how & we will follow you!

I actively attneded many reformasi rallies when Anwar was first arrested. One thing me learnt then was that many people were unhappy at the way BN ran this country. This cut across boundaries of race & wealth.

Me also notice you get fed up with opposition very quickly but seemed happy enough to live with Khir Toyo, Tok Mat, Nazri etc & all these other BN fookers. No complainst there? Why?
You must think they are doing a splendid job. Correct?

As fer yer classic "until people do real work to achieve their talk", fookig hell, aunty, where the fook is yer fooking perspective? BN places obstacles at every fooking juncture to STOP you. What alternative do we have?

Fer those of you who wanted to know who could be short sighted enough to NOT see the issues, Ladies & gents, me peresnt to you akuani - the voice of reason & logic . . .

Achilles said...

Akuani: i hate to say this, but i am shocked. Both the govt and the opposition??? I am shocked… that is worse than a BN supporter… at least they know which side of the fence they stand on rather than in the middle. Again, I ask you the same question. If someone throws a stone at you… do you blame the stone as well as the thrower? How about God for giving you nerves to feel the stone hitting you? Since you are on a blame game, might as well go all the way.

As I said, the fooking cops did nothing. They just slowed down traffic while chit-chatting among themselves over some teh tarik which they bungkus at the nearest mamak. If they did check every car that passed by, yes, I would agree that there was a "possible" purpose to the blocks… but this? It was just meant to torment people. Throwing stones at you for no reason…. Even worse.

And you asked a very important question and a valid one if i may add... "Everybody is talking - but who the fook is doing anything about anything?".

Let me ask you back the same question...If you had great idea that could help the country, how would you do it? What would you do to get you voice heard? If you had a great idea for bringing down the price of petrol tomorrow for instance... could you barge into parliament and tell them about it? do you think they would listen? do you think they would act on it? do you think everyone would have a "why didn't i think of that" moment and hug you?

As AD mentioned… people are trying to make the country better, but greedy fookers in BN have everything to loose. So they obstruct you in every single step and juncture… what else can you do? You say no one is doing anything… what are they supposed to be doing??? Please, if you have the answer, share it with us…we are all ears.

Jon-C said...

Freedom and justice ain't free and it will never be. It'll also be pointless to wait for it to fall like a durian from a tree.

It's high time to shape up or ship out, and the time for our generation to stand up to ensure a better future for our kids and their generation. The "tak pe" attitude has too go, we got to be more proactive to decided for ourselves and not wait from some backward thinking chauvinists to fook it all up.

anfield devotee said...

Polis! Tangkap dia! (*sound of JOnC being hauled off to Jln Dang Wangi*)

akuani said...

What Have I Done(or as understood here what I have NOT done)?

1.I voted Opposition not BN because like everyone else, I wanted BN to realize they no longer could fuck the rakyat
2.I myself do not buy newspapers but keep abreast with all other media forms (an obviously ill informed it's been pointed out)
3.I’ve only ever used SHELL (so I didn’t have to stop frequenting PETRONAS like some)
4.BN only ever marches for anything as a reactive action to bolster flagging BN loyalties have you noticed? Or did that point simply miss you completely? My bad for using the word rally instead of whatever might have been more acceptable.
5.I woke up some time ago I think to a lot of realities – thank you very much.
6.The fucking judiciary? I gave up on that 6 years ago they fucking can’t even get a divorce matter right leave alone anything important.
7.If I had a way that worked for everyone, trust me I’d be sharing it whole heartedly and perhaps I would be the next demi God this fucked up country was cheering on – but again I am sorry I don’t have the one plan for all, that DIGI not ani
8.I agree people are fed up with BN. And it does cut across race and wealth boundaries – WAY GOOD MAN! And then what?
9.I never said I was fed up with the Opposition – that is purely YOUR assumption which all and sundry assume is the truth. I never said anyone of the fucking morons in Government have done a splendid job either – again that’s purely your assumption shared by the rest, not what I think or feel.
10.Please tell me the fucking short sighted perspectiveless aunty that I am, what the fuck should my perspective be? Is my perspective of what I think is a Malaysia I want to see for my daughters and the future so totally unacceptable just because I am not screaming AI is a demi God I want to replace the morons imbeciles in the current seat of power?
11.Really AD do you EVEN know what my hopes are for this country? What my expectations are of the people who make decisions that fuck up not only my sorry short sighted excuse of being but every other fucked up ass who calls his/herself Malaysian?
12.You don’t do you? When I voted for a change, I wasn’t stupid enough to believe it was going to happen overnight. Neither was I stupid enough to think that BN would sit down and take the losses quietly. Neither was I stupid enough to believe that my entire change of current circumstance was solely and purely dependent on one person taking power.
13.Its an oxymoron no less I know and I admit I am neither reason nor logic and I have no plan to share, no way to lead.
14.I apologise for offending the good senses of your readers and yourself.

I better go get my short sightedness looked into post haste before it further fuels assumptions about how deliriously happy I am with current state we are in.

And all in the spirit of discussion no less, no offense intended, and none taken. Pleasant day to all.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: No offense taken; not to worry.

Before you talk about ME & my assumptions which you say has become the gospel truth, might I just remind you about the assumption YOU made regarding AI's sexual orientation. Yes? No?

Secondly, it was you who said it was pointless to be baying like dogs at each others blogs. Really? Then why do you blog?

Thirdly, as me has pointed out, you have been ultra quick to voice yer disappointment bout opposition failings. Again, as me pointed out, you seem very quite during the regime of the the aforementioned idiots. So what are people to think? C'mon, seriously.

As fer NOt knowing yer aspirations fer the country? Of course, me don't coz you have never been clear about yer stance.

And if you say yer on the same page, good. But pls note almost everybody who have read yer comments are similarly flabergasted. See achilles fer instance. Am also questioned by others (who believe or not, do NOT share me sentiments on many issues) but seem equally puzzled by yer stance whatever it may be . . .

Is this our fault or yers?

Look back at yer comments & think fer a moment. Sorry, but me really thinks you've not been communicating yer point across well.

This the first time we have heard you say certain things. And that was inly AFTER some "mild"prodding . . .

Keep it up aunty! All in the name of free speech, ok? See ya soon!

anfield devotee said...

ps: akuani. Yer comments bout "how deliriously happy with the state of things". . .

Might me just remind you that sarcasm is poor man's humour; especially piss poor attempts at it . . .

Hee hee

Jon-C said...

Mate, those at the dinner if got "ops lalang 3" sure 80% or more will get their ass hauled up to Kamunting. Kekekekeke....... Becky cheekily told me that.

Jon-C said...

Fuiyoh! AD, now you've really started the "fire" to act. Hehehehe.

anfield devotee said...

bastard becky . . . if we go down, we'll make sure we take him down with us by naming Mr Shirley Temple as chief instigator!

Mark said...

No proof mate, I don't have a blog :P