Friday, July 18, 2008

Sign of a good leader

Me has been fooking irritated lately by the number of people who profess to be pro-opposition but are quick to label Anwar as a two-faced bastard who should not be trusted. Some have gone as far to say that it will be the ruin of this country should he ever come to power.

Now, look at the poster above & tell me is that really the punk you want running our country? Why do we have such double standards when it comes to judging BN & Anwar?

Me is not naive to believe Anwar has completely turned over a new leaf but fact remains, he is still the only viable opposition candidate. He has thus far managed to unite PAS, Keadilan & DAP to represent a united front.

Why can't we use his time in BN as a positive? In that, he possesses the know how of running an economy & a govt (as well as knowing the location of a skeleton or two). Can we not fer a moment give the benefit of doubt to the one person who could send BN packing. As Malcolm X once said, "By any means necessary." And he was talking bout taking up arms! All me is saying is to give this bloke a chance thru democratic channels.

Am sorry to name names here but this is in response to:
a) Akuani - "heard sodomy & Anwar are comfortable bedfellows. No sympathy from me."

FFS says: If you believe a 60-year old man with a back problem can force his will onto a 23-year-old, well . . . Just look at the poster above & it should raise ENOUGH doubt over the sanctity of the accuser. Even if Anwar is bi-sexual, so fooking what?

b) Slacker & Kopite78: "Anwar is power-hungry & will be the ruin of this country."

FFS says: Which politician isn't? Its what drives them after all. It sure ain't fooking civic duty. How sure are you that Najib won't do the same? Or Hishamuddin? As you all can see Bodohwi & KJ are doing a wonderful job right now.
Furthermore, can you imagine that a greedy, immoral bastard like Khir Toyo actually has an outside chance of landing a key position in the UMNO GE come end of the year. Seriously, Khir better than Anwar?

c) Miss Lim (a friend who works fer Al-Jazeera): "My sources say he will turn Malaysia into an Islamic state when in power?" & this classic, "A leopard never changes its spots."

FFS says: Really? Will the DAP & other non-Islamic factions in East Malaysia agree? Won't they vote against it? There are enough Muslims who don't want that to happen; otherwise PAS would be running this country a long time ago. As fer a policy of Islamization, you forget, it was begun by the Mighty Tun more than a decade ago.
As fer the issue of a leopard & its fooking spots, let's not forget Najib famously hoisted a banner that had the UMNO keris dripping in blood with the words 'Bunuh Cina' inscribed under it. That image (on front pg of the NST) of him as UMNO youth chief leading the Kg Baru demonstrations in the late 80s is ingrained in me. Though you say you do not want Najib to come to power, Bodohwi has already set a date fer hand over to this bloke? What about his RACIST roots?!!? What about his fooking spots? Is he a better option than Anwar?

d) VV (a friend & avowed BN diehard): "Pakatan fookers are only talking cock & have nothing to show for it."

FFS says: Of course BN bastards never talk cock. Please see poster above.

e) Madam AA's mum: "This Anwar is a trouble-maker. He's going to cause a riot la."

FFS says: The people who have continuously brought up the race card is BN. Anwar may be an opportunist but he is riding on an ideal many of us want ie equal opportunities for all Malaysians.

As usual, me look forward to hearing yer comments on this conundrum facing many Malaysians. Have a good weekend!


@dam said...

agree with you there...

although a lot of us non-PKR supporters have our doubts about Anwar, he is truly the only one from outside BN who has the know how...since, he was once the far can he be from being a PM? I don't think it is an issue about his capability up front!

like you said, I can't see the others from BN doing better than him!!!

and I don't believe he has the ability to fuck a 23 year old Saiful...Saiful's not that good looking anyway compared to Anwar's 1998 Indon god-brother! Anwar is a man of taste! Saiful? nah!!!

No matter what, for now, we people are pretty fucked up!

senorita.. said...

in my opinion, we shud thank God for someone like Anwar who is not afraid to stand up and go against the big power.. and he's playing his cards rather well. as for hidden agenda,all will know that all politicians have that. be it for power, wealth, status etc..

k_saegaran said...

The opposition won more seats not because of DSAI but the people wanted more opposition against BN so that BN will stop being arrogant and actually start serving the rakyat. I don't care what DSAI's sexual preference is but I don't trust him for what he stood for while in BN.

Kopite78 said...

I think you have made a mistake. I did not make that statement. But I will admit that I do not trust Anwar.

There is no such thing as an honest politician. They are all dirty. I have said this before and I am saying it again. "The only thing worse than a child molester is a politician."

If you recall from my blog postings in the run up to the elections, where I was encouraging everyone to vote for the opposition, I did state that if BN was the opposition in such a situation, I will be voting for them. I am not alligned to any one party. I stand for a just and balanced government. A system where there is a proper check and balance.

Maya said...

hi there,

that poster is so matches his smile..just wandering if tht tatoo's yours. i'm not a devotee but i've been to anfield tour last year and it was awesome..just sharing :D

Jon-C said...

The lesser of 2 evils at the moment is with DSAI. The choice boils down to these - incompetent leaders and rampant corruption or some one with a dark past, questionable sex-orientation but with good ideas and plan on good governence.

I've said since day one, me no fan of DSAI but i'd still choose him over what we have in power now.

anfield devotee said...

@dam: Correct, correct, correct.

senorita: Precisely.

Kopite78: It was slacker who said the "ruin" but while you did the "power-hungry" bit. Sorry fer confusion. Yes, like me said, opposition supporters who are casting aspersions. There need to be a focus & that focus is to get rid of BN. Of course, we will never completely trust a poltician but such is the cynicsm directed at anwar from opposition voters is baffling. Would they all prefer it like the last election? Annihilation at the hands of BN? As fer a fair & balanced govt, that goes without saying. Just that me thinks BN's concerted discrediting of anwar is beginning to pay dividends. If we don't back him, who do we back? Khir? Najib?

Akuani (via sms): "I'm willing to gove anyone a chance. But Anwar & the morons in power are beyond giving chnaces."

FFS: So we give up? Give BN carte blanche?

Segar: Ok, have a degree of mistrust but fer so many to continously say 'no way la anwar' is tantamount to saying BN forever. That's how its tands right now. Yes? No?

Maya: Welcome to FFS. Feel free to circulate the poster. Me thinks its hilarious. Yes, that's me tattoo. Anfiled was awesome? Of course it was . . .
Hope to see you around more often.

Mark said...

DSAI is indeed the lesser of two evils at this point as JonC mentioned. If PKR should come into power, I doubt he'd be dumb enough to be as greedy and corrupt as the current gits are. If PKR become the ruling party, BN will be a very strong opposition indeed and PKR will have to keep winning the public over, especially after the recent elections where the rakyat flexed it's muscles.

Pertaining to the sodomy case, the brilliant Syed Hamid Albar has posed this question, "What is he afraid of?", referring to DSAI's reluctance to submit his DNA sample. The latter had already of course mentioned that he didn't want it tampered with, as alleged back in 1998. When asked why they could not use the same sample back in 1998, the DIG of police mentioned that it's because this is a different case. So what? Same person right? Can a person change his/her DNA over time? Also, why is DSAI being denied a copy of the police report lodged against him? Could they not at least have taken the effort to fabricate one?

On the issue of this early arrest, they keep saying that they had reason to believe he would not have turned up at police headquarters. What reason??? Bad enough the ISA detain people without needing to provide any reasons before hand but now the police as well???

j or ji said...

if i have to choose,then,i will always choose Tun M.
My second choice is always Anwar.

they both are genius.thats why they cant werk together.genius kenot werk with another genius.

Mark said...

Our Home Minister now says that DSAI can call in a foreign medical team to conduct the tests but what is the point IF the evidence has been tampered with??? If they want to be transparent, offer to bring in a foreign investigation team to look into the whole case lah!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i concur with J or Ji!

but now that the MIGHTY TUN is no longer in the picture, we may have to make do with Anwar. yes, he's the lesser one of the 2 devils. we are left with zero capable leader to choose from. currently Anwar is the best our country can come up with.

Anba said...

thats one really funny poster...had a goos laugh when i first saw it...Kudos to the person who came with the poster...Good work

I dun trust anwar...but like Balaji pointed out who else is capable...?

I know...Comrade Kerpov...

Bernard said...

All in favour of a revolution to put Tuan Kerp in charge of Malaysia, please sat AYE!

I second Anba's proposal. Now let's vote...

Viva la revolution!

Mark said...

Kerp? I'm in! Free porn! Woo hoo!

tony said...

A.D, lest I forget, Najib was making a speech under the banner, I don't recall him 'hoisting it'...
Not that I support him....

As for Anwar, PKR is like another UMNO.....accept that it has other members too...this country's 'Islamisation' was set in motion by him....if he is willing to correct that, he has my vote.
But he sang a different tune, in Kampung Bharu.

I agree with you that he is the best alternative and about this buggery thing, it stinks arse really.

Anba said...

tony:- i hope when you say arse you're not talkin abt us Arse Anal i mean us Arsenal fans...
heheheh !!!

akuani said...

AD: I think my sms was minus the typos *grin*

And I think you received my response to your BN carte blanche poser.

I probs veered off the angle you were coming in from but I think you understand also my response given the circumstance.

I concur with K Saegaran on why I voted Opposition and the last thing it had to do was AI, I just wanted more people in Parliament to make BN realise people aren't educated herd mentality idiots anymore. We haven't bought their bullshit for a while now.

And in limited context concur with Surin, had BN been the Opposition to the hypothetical unfair/unjust/discriminatory/croony infested 'Govt' - I'd have voted for them purely to introduce a balance of scales.

But I know I know, where's my perspective ... I better shut up now.

Happy weekend all ...

and Kerp's got my vote :)) 'free porn' eh? I think I can swing quite a few votes for Kerp *kih kih kih*

akuani said...

And I think I did mention I have no issues with his sexual preferences.

I think it'd do him a lot more in his race to PM - we'd be the first official Muslim country with a confessed bi for leader and one with beans between his ears that works.

NOW that would be something really to look forward to - I'd give him a chance then AD for sure, I'd find new respect for sticking up for his beliefs.

*apologies to all who've just puked your lunch from my appalling post*

Life's Like That said...

I vote for Kerp if he gets all of us as his crony ministers, not just for free porn!

anfield devotee said...

Kerp fer PM? Sounds good but you knw this bugger will put all spurs fand under ISA. Poor Moz.

Tony: No. Very clearly remember him hoisting such a banner. And let's face it, if he istanding under it giving a speech is as good an endorsement rite?

j or ji / kerp: RE The Mighty Tun. Sorry but since when corruption, ISA & judicial tampering is equated wth the work of a genius? Me has alawyas maintained that the rot started with DrM.

akuani: Pls note that wanting a balanced & fair govt goes without saying. Wantiong to get on with life without all this bullshit political circus is another as well. But let's stay focussed. Best way to rid a rotten Bn is fer them to have a stint as opposition.

Becky: Good point.

anba: pls feel free to circulate the poster among ye faithful.

Kopite78 said...

Kerp! Kerp! Kerp! I know a certain Spurs fan who deserves to be in ISA.

akuani said...

AD: as an aside

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty." -Stephen King, novelist (b. 1947)

Perhaps this is what we are seeing now in the political arena of our country? I think Stephen King has an interesting point.

senorita.. said...

another point to vote for Kerp: then we'll have Nigella Lawson as Home Minister.. =P

there u go Kerp... i help promote u.

maybe can campaign with 'Like Nigella? Vote for me.. i guarantee a 'delicious' future for Msia'


senorita.. said...

oh yeah... then kids in school will also have a wider set of ahem, 'vocabularies' to learn.


Achilles said...

AD: As i always say... the only good politician is a dead one, but in this shit hole that we are in, i do believe DSAI will make life better. YES, there will be problems, yes there will still be stuff we will still complain about.. but that's life. One thing fer sure... there will be a whole lot less complaining with DSAI in power.

Also, thought I should share that one of me colleagues told me the other day that they really believe DSAI is gay and that’s why he shouldn’t be PM. I was like WTF??? So what if he is? Is it part of the fooking job description to be PM? Do you fooking need eyes to be a musician? What about ray charles and Stevie wonder?? Also mind you that despite Bill Clinton’s sexual urges and drama, he did a whole lot fooking more for US than GW Bush has. So go figure.

Jon-C said...

I am in for Kerph as PM as well. ;0)

Hidup Kerp, Hidup Porn! Wahahahaa!

Mohan said...

Me for Tuan Kerp too, although never met him but surely will someday. Tabik!
p/s: Kerp: Hope you've got your laptop back and what! me the biggest Perv!...hmmm me this innocent bloke with Bambi eyes.. oh wait need another double scotch to look at the naked chick that appered suddenly on me laptop!..HA!

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Therein lies the issue. Many are beginning to fall fer BN's shite. Imagine a web of lies & deceit so poorly out together & there are those who fall fer it. Tragic innit? And like you said, so fooking what if its true.

akuani: (see above) Tragic innit? Sorry, Stephen King's quote. What next? Anwar's quest fer power the sequel to Needful Things?

senorita: Nigella? this is worrying, now you beginning to sound like moz!

kerp: You've got the popular vote!

Achilles said...

Kerp: You got me vote too. Only one favour i ask from you... bring down the taxes on cigarettes please. hehehehehehe

i think next election we register Kerp as a private candidate.

AD: sigh... have we already lost the battle?

anfield devotee said...

achilles: It is disheartening. But we musn't give up. There are those who do see things fer what they are & let's not forget, the last time, UMNO tried something like this it damn near fooking split the party.

The ultimate aim is to boot BN out. As Mr Marley once sang, "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight . . ."

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pundek la you all. muahahahhaha...

fine, malam ni jadi PM, tomorrow morning all brothels will be legalised.

RTM crap will be scrapped to make way for Hustler TV and Buletin Utama will be replaced with a new look, re-branded Naked News!

Women reporters/journalists wearing pants and long skirts will be barred from the parliament. note: pidah aziz however will be exempted from abiding by this particular rule.

ok guys, i'm now officially off for the weekend...

woo fucking hooo!

Tinesh said...

This is why Im voting Kerp..Bugger has a proper manifesto which appeals to every fuckin Malaysian..No racial card, no shits attached and certainly the legalizing brothels move compensates for the petrol price hike..And while you're at at that Sir, would you kindly legalize lil miss mary as well?

anfield devotee said...

With Kerp in power, Malaysia will become the new Amsterdam of the Far East.

Tourism Up 7000%. Economy booms.

People happy with Hustler TV. TV entertainment has kept mat rempits off the streets. Crime rate down by 300%.

Everbody happy. Everybody smiling.

PM Kerp is however assinated by Kak Pidah whilst on a tour of the country's top brothels with a cyanide filled condom . . .

mozlovesnigella said...

tuan balRIC

senorita.. said...

lol at 'mozlovesnigella'


AD,what la..... where's the fairy tale happy ending wei...? nv even mention Kerp in a pool with all the PlayMates of Malaysia.. =P