Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Conversation with a BN supporter

This is a recent skype conversation me had with a BN-supporting friend. Yes, we're buddies, talk-footie-over-cold-beer-type-of-buddy. But we are on polar opposites when it comes to politics. This verbatim (cut & pasted) online conversation really go some way in reflecting the mentality & attitude of BN folk . . .

FFS says: Dear VV (real name removed to protect identity)
FFS: pls make sure you are nowhere near snakes
VV says: why la joe?
FFS: lest you get beaten senseless by yer BN faithful
VV: ah! will do bro
FFS: Hamidah Osman
FFS: The pride of BN
VV: bitch
VV: but please don't categorise with BN
FFS:actually me friend said it best
FFS: he says she actually wants some Indian snake to beat her ass
VV: haha
FFS: just salah sebut
FFS: eh? If don't categorise with BN, shouldn't the party expel her?
VV: why?
VV: let her talk la...its not the party stand
VV: we have better things to do la
VV: let's get on with things
FFS: To use fave terminology of BN - fer making "seditious" & "racially sensitive" remarks?
VV: i'm very disappointed with Pakatan
FFS: anyways, still think Najib has nothing to do with Mongol blow up
VV: we need to get on with the more important things la
VV: stop harping on these issues
FFS: Dude, the opposition have held the 5 states fer less than 6 months & everyone is fed up
FFS: why?
VV: Pakatan is full of shit and no substance
FFS: they have been blocked by BN at every juncture
FFS:BN would look the same la if they were in that position
FFS: Hang On
FFS: In fact
FFS: They look like they are full of shit & of no substance whilst in POWER!
VV: we have 50 years of record to back us
VV: Pakatan as a BUGGER to show for all the shit thay have been talking
FFS: yes, like stopping the penang monorail project . . .
FFS: fabulous
FFS: People-centric projects BN say
FFS: 50 years of intimidation & racial politics . . .
FFS: you call that a record
FFS: ???
VV: where were we 50 years ago?
VV: practically a village
FFS: Pls answer the penang monorail
FFS: what justification?
VV: without BN, we'll still be embroiled in petty matters
FFS: pls answer the question
VV: visionaries bro!
VV: taken us to where we are today
FFS: pls answer the question sir
VV: who the fuck cares about the monorial
FFS: allrite, c u & good day

There you have it - BN are Visionaries, Pakatan full of shite. BN have taken us from village to city. But who gives a fuck about the monorail. What wonderful rational & logic; all the while side-stepping pertinent issues as petty & unimportant.

And oh yeah, murder is apparently a petty issue among BN folk . . . Go figure.

ps: Me friend also thinks that the corruption of the judiciary is also a petty issue & we need to move on. Also not aware that Najib had purchased submarines at extortionate prices. . . sigh . . .


Jon-C said...

I'd bet, it'll be more fruitful talking to the wall. Most of them visionaries had nothing but a vision to fill their Swiss bank coffers.


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nanda666 said...

GOD!! This guy sound like SAMY la...

anfield devotee said...

nanda: The tragedy of it is he is an intelligent, well educated fellow on all other subjects. But when it comes to his beloved BN & the god-like DrM, fooking hell, he disintegrates into this.

Fooking unbelivable!

JonC: Cakap satu, bikin lain . . . typical BN . . .

Mark said...

No offence mate but your friends sounds really really ignorant. Either that or he advocates blind faith.

50 years on and we're no longer living in trees. When the coined the term "concrete jungle" they must have used Malaysia as a reference point. Now we have tall skyscrapers and huge amounts of development but we still have the same monkeys swinging between flagpole to flagpole.

A friend of mine once said this about a woman. "That girl ah nice from far, but when near ah, far from nice". It's the same with our great nation isn't it?

Your friend I must say has a lot in common with BN. Avoid issues that need to be addressed because in truth, you have no bloody idea how to address them. Instead divert the public's attention to more pressing matters like leaking pipes and scantily clad women begging to get raped.

Mark said...

Sorry, I meant "friend" and not "friends".

anfield devotee said...

mark: correct, correct. correct.

Incredible how all intelligence is thrown out the window once politics is mentioned.

Shockingly ignorant. What chance do we have if middle class non-Bumis like VV think like that?

Scary . . . fooking scary . . .

Achilles said...

AD: Does your macha W read this blog? If he does, i feel sorry for him for the endless attacks he will be reading... but then again, being a BN supporter, he might be like our gourment...conveniently convince himself that it is not about him and nothing is wrong.

Mohan said...

Agreed the BN fucks are just that, corrupt fuckwits!, and need to be gotten rid of!(your friend has his right to freely think, the right to vote for who he believes in, and of course the right to be so fuckin'wrong!). then again wondering whether PKR would make any difference at all!(something like replacing a has been bunch of has been corrupt fuckwits with another new batch of wannabes until we get sick of them buggering the nation all the same!).

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ancthere are certain things that needs to be seriously probed into. the hamidah case for example, bn should apologise on behalf of their people's insensitive and rude remark. but typical of them buggers, the issue deemed as petty by them, their supporters and ofcos, the media. on the other hand boss, there are bn personnel who does good for the community especially those directly deal with thepeople of their constituency. i am all for goody-bags, regardless if they're from bn or pr.

senorita.. said...

u said ur fren is a well-educated dude.. i just dun understand.

Life's Like That said...

Haha! AD, this conversation reminded me of my ex-girlfriend's bro-in-law. He was in the MCA and everytime I met him, he tried to recruit me into the MCA youth wing, telling me all the great things abt the MCA. One day, had a major fight w him and the conversation went along the same lines as yours. Never spoke to him again since!

The amazing thing is I don think he was just following the leadership blindly. He really, really believed that he and the MCA could make a difference in the country. I doubt yr fren is in the same boat tho!

muststopthis said...

Woi, Bala, dey, thot you said if Tony can change, anyone can?
Aiyooo...your buddy needs to wake up and smell the roses.
Let me guess, Father-Gomen, Mother-GLC (or vice versa)...your fren waiting to get in line to hop onto the BN gravy train....(not realising that it is actually caryying shites!)

anfield devotee said...

Tony: He he, does his arguments sound familiar? Miracles don't happen every day la woi.

senorita: Yup, well educated & a very nice guy to boot. But like me said, when it comes to his beloved BN, all reasoning goes out the window. Me canna understand either.

Mohan: Yes. You are spot on. Me friend has the right to support BN & doubt PKR's credentials. It is his democratic right. BUT HE CANNA IGNORE ALL THE ISSUES & SAY THEY ARE PETTY & UNIMPORTANT.
Whether its bigots like Hamidah or the shelving of development projects, it has to be addressed. It is because of people like him that there is absolutely no sense of accountability in this country, hence PKR Free Zone etc.

Achilles: No, me doubts very much he reads this blog. Me hopes he does as he can then see the skype converstaion again & maybe realise how fooking bodoh he looks & sounds.

LLT: Know what? Me friend is a LLB grad & he still thinks DrM's removal of judges was not wrong. Worse, he canna see the damage it has done. "Let's move on & not bring up the past" is his typical riposte. Another reason why people like VK Lingam thinks he can do whatever the fook he wants.

Kerp: This scenario is ironically an actual demonstration of MUHIBBAH. You as a Bumi is ashamed & appalled at Hamidah's outburst. Me friend who is Indian, sees it as a petty & unimportant issue NOT related to BN . . .

Bernard said...

Tony: there are no more roses to smell, only shit spewed out by BN leaders, supporters & their spin doctors still blind, deaf & oblivious to what they've done to the country. You can bet he's the kind of supporter willing to eat the shit from Najib & Badawi...

AD : if he don't want to talk about the past, there's nothing to talk about with regards to the present & future too. Your friend may have an LLB but he seems to have failed to grasp the art of analytical thinking.

anfield devotee said...

bernard: apo nak di kato?

Jon-C said...

Hehehehe! Latest reports states that ARB's p.i. has filed a statutory declaration stating that DPM has affair with that model. He also put in in black and white that the powers that be tried to hide some evidence.

So.... i say to this. What's new? Hahahaha!

anfield devotee said...

JonC: How to keep a lid on things when the accussed's (Razak Baginda) wifey was busy shouting to the press that "why go after my husband? He doesn't want to be PM" when razak baginda was first arrested.

Don't take a genius to put two & two together.

ps: However, me friend was oblivious to it all. Now he says its a petty issue. Fooking incredible.

Jon-C said...

Well, let's hear his response when someone blows up his house or car with military grade explosives. Kekekekeke!

theALBERTUS said...

Firstly, your friend is an idiot. Secondly, to say that he has an LLB speaks of another act of idiocy. Thirdly, to say that TDM was right in removing the power of the judges should have his membership in the bar council be stripped. Being a lawyer, once should know the sepearation of powers between the judiciary, executive and legislative houses of power.

On another note, we give thanks to BN for giving putting us where we should be now. However, should it be that PR is acting the same now as BN, we the people would react the same.

As I said, Governments should fear the people, not the people should fear governments!

What an insult to the legal profession. Reminds me of Jesse Helms and Rev. Phil Graham or worse, Rush Limbaugh!

enuff said.

anfield devotee said...

albertus: Unfortunately, mwe friend is not a lone voice . . . many feel the same . . . sigh