Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cheek Of It All

Fer the benefit of those who were unable (or unwilling) to catch the debate between Anwar & Shaberry Cheek last night, here it is fer yer viewing pleasure & to allow you to make up yer own mid.

Few things me wants to highlight, fer those who saw the debate as another exercise in mud-slinging & gaining of political mileage from both sides (many blogs have expressed this sentiment), please bear in mind that this is the first time that an opposition figure has been allowed to publicly air his views against the ruling coalition. This form of democratic expression is still new to us & will take time fer many to adjust. After all, the majority of our elected reps are nearer to the Bung Mokthar/Hamidah Osman end of the spectrum than to intelligent human beings.

Secondly, is to see things as fer what they are. We are ALL suffering from the petrol hike. The reduction is fer all rakyat not just opposition supporters. And if MAS, Perwaja & other corporations are entitled to bail-outs to the tune of billions, aren't you as deserving? Or do you think Shaberry made a decent point of saying we cannot further tax Petronas earnings & that it is time to ween Malaysians off a subsidy mentality?

Me looks forward to reading yer comments on last nite's debate. Cheers!

ps: The latest news of Anwar's arrest this afternoon a clear indication of who won the debate last nite?


j or ji said...

first.the debate is great cuz dah lama tak tengok anwar live on TV.
Second.Shaberi bukan lawan obvious that only Tun M can lawan anwar.PM and Najib also kenot debate with him.he is so good at that shit.
third.Panelist for Shaberi is not very good at giving question lah..
third.One hour is not enuff.baru mau panas sudah abis...

senorita.. said...

u'll hear from me abt this tmrw.

Mark said...

Agreed, the debate when by too quickly.

While Anwar addressed questions posed to him head on, Shabery was elusive, made reference to the past (things change right?), and attacked Anwar's character. Can't say this wasn't expected.

IPP- Good idea last time when Petronas was in it's infancy, not so now. Do you still spoon feed your kids when they are 30? Shabery apparently does.

Inflation - Food cost didn't go up? Erm... the Wan Tan Mee store raised prices by RM 1. My porridge stall raised prices by $0.50. Rise in petrol prices = inflation, no?

Anwar used to protest in the streets - relevance to topic?

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: They were afrid that the BN dude might end up looking (too) stupid . . .

senorita: Yes, look forward to yer comments.

Becky @ Mr Shirley Temple: Typical of BN fookers la. 1974 la. Dulu DPM tak buat apa la.

Loved the way Anwar looked at the
Cheek(y) Bastard & said he seemed to have forgotten his time as a Semangat 46 member!


Mark said...

So now they've arrested Anwar AN hour before he was supposed to turn himself in. This after he had already AGREED to do so. Perhaps they have had enough of the whole "Malaysian timing" stereotype.

They have now sealed off roads leading to Police Headquarters in anticipation of a street rally. Do you reckon the arrest was to provoke a response from his supporters? Now if Anway had turned up on his own accord, there would be no angry protesters endangering public safety. On the other hand, if there was any violent response, BN could then turn saviour, protecting the safety of all Malaysians.

anfield devotee said...

All we need rite now is fer another hothead cop to give Anwar a BIG HUGE BLACK EYE! A bloodied nose would be good too.

The world press awaits . . .

Mark said...

Did you read yesterday's NST? On the issue of why Anwar did not submit himself to questioning 2 days ago, his lawyer replied that he would have broken the terms of the injunction barring him from coming within 5km's of Parliament. This is because Police Headquarters is within 5 km of Parliament! HAHAHA! Shot themselves in the foot right?

Jon-C said...

I tell you this whole fiasco is getting so predictable. Same shit from the power that be.

If the BN govt intends on using such intimidation method to oppress the already enraged public, well they got another thing coming.

anfield devotee said...

JOnC: Er . . . in case you haven't noticed there are people like VV & akuani around. AND THERE ARE LOTS MORE LIKE EM AS WELL . . .

So wouldn't be too sure about the "got another thing coming" bit.

Achilles said...

Me shall reserve me comments till after me watch the vids. Sorry, me missed it.

Can't wait to check it out.

Life's Like That said...

I think many missed a point here. Anwar did not propose that all subsidy to be taken fm Petronas. He only asked for RM1B out of the 6B that the govt rec'd as dividends to be used as part of subsidy. The rest is from cost cutting measures like reducing amt pd to IPP's etc.

At one glance, it does seem a workable plan by Anwar. But is renegotiating agreements that simple? There will always be a matter of compensation to consider. As usual, it will naturally run into billions to fill some idiot's pockets.

After the debate, it confirmed once again our arguments all this while that our whole nation is being run by donkeys who speak with their arses! Shab-by(Not to be confused with ESPN's Shebby) can't hold a candle to DSAI. I agree with ji that the only one capable of matching DSAI is Tun M(Altho I m no big fan of his either

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

am no fan of anwar but it was so obvious la that sabery monkey guy did not stick to the main issue. i've said all thats supposed to be said in the previous entry so not gonna repeat and in turn sound like a broken record. talking about record, am currently listening to Burzum. dont quite dig it la.

akuani said...

AD: thanks for the mention and the equation to your friend VV. Perhaps you should connect the both of us spineless visionless perspectiveless short sighted souls :))

It be so much easier to rid the world of such then don't you think? ... at least I'm trying to help eradicate apathy in view of the larger picture that I miss.

*my skin is so thick and my brain thicker obviously*

anfield devotee said...

akuani: he he . . . all in the name of free speech.

As fer eradicating you, that would just mean we are reducing ourselves to Barisan Najis levels what with their now on-going Öps Padam".

Let's face it, you kena because you rant, you rave, you call others whingeing hot air bags without ever giving an alternative.

Venting one's frustartion thru the blogs is something M'sians had not had the chance to do ie make their feelings known.

It is also hoped that it some way it may have helped to change a reader's perspective or opinion.

So did you watch the debate & what did you think?

Mohan said...

AD: Some food for thought. 'Corruption/Cronism/Enriching One's Self' is embedded so deeply in the fabric of every level of society back home, i'm wondering whether it would be any different in the near future. I've seen that from local upstart police offices, gov. dept. staff, private doctors, businessmen, teachers even up to your proberbail fuckedUp politician and the ball carrying judiciary bastards!. And it not much different here and in the US too, it just assumes a more sophisticated manner higher up the heirarchy.(think DickHead Cheney's Halliburton in Iraq or even the BAE fiasco with the Saudi's to name a few).
If you're trying to tell me that things will change drastically.. I don't think so. I'm all for change and kicking the corrupt BN fuckers in their balls but also quite skeptical as change always occurs slowly...very slowly.
But you make complete sense in saying we're all for initial change..change in the manner the goverment are accountable for their actions and spending by having a credible and strong opposition(either one party could be I don't really care anyway). I suppose maybe someone like me prefers to concentrate on something i know in my vocation and contribute something(however independent and able i am to maneuver the system) than to be a policitan..' melalak tak tentu arah' about something they know little about.
I really don't know..maybe you're right. We need more political awareness and activation...Anyway salute your efforts and writings! And hopefully you're right and our country will not go to the dogs(which i think we're there already)!
cheers, M.

Tinesh said...

Why take the pussy's way out and personally attack your opponent? I hardly saw any point being made by the Minister.

Even to someone who might not have understood the debate, Anwar would have certainly sounded more intellectual than Cheek

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: Firstly, this country has definitely gone to the dogs. Me has been expressing me fears since the late 80s when the Mighty Tun made the judiciary his fooking personal playground.

Me has also been predicting this current scenario fer a long time now. This is not a "Me-fooking-told-you-so" rant but rather "When-the-fook-are-we-ever-gonna-learn".

And yes, corruption is deeply ingrained in our psyche that me thinks that even a CLEAN ACA will take 100 years to uncover all the shit that's been going on. No thanx to 22 wonderful years of unbridled Mahathirism.

We really need to be brave enough to take that step of trying an alternative govt. A two-party system is the best way to check abuse of whoever is ruling. Tak suka, vote them out.

Right now, the rakyat has fook all choice as we are browbeaten into accepting that there is no way but the BN way.

Fer example, the current Anwar arrest. BN are saying to us, so what you are angry? What the fook can you do?

Seriously, this country is heading down the Road to Ruin (*cue Ramones tune*). . .

mozisgod said...

tuan balric:))
yu forgot the 1234..GOOO!!! (unless of course that track doesnt have the ubiquitious ramones 1234..mwahhahah)

ok..erhm. how..or rather where should i start:

point: live televised debate with fair arbitration and without undue duress.

moz +ve conclusion: WTFFFF..holly shit. initially it knotted me testicles in stark bewilderment, almost unreal,etheral. terkejut beruk sial. pinched me butt, almost hazed me anal sanctity. said and done. a farkin decent move. probably one of the most decent in recent years. agreed chief. a move towards solidifying the alleged transparency we're headin to?

moz psychotic paranoia conclusion(s):
a) was it a "fishin" trip?; a ploy to hook the worm on and see what the dude had on his palatte against the g.o.v (and thus the arrest, the next day?) - why send a lamb for the slaughter? the hj.cheek is generally known as regular all-round nice fella (much in the mould of mustapa mohammad) in this neck of the woods.
b) intention to ridicule him. was thinking more of a cause and affect. like as in the more he talks, the more it gets warped, twisted, like a mangled spanner gnawed by epileptic crusher machines.
c) to uncover and probably shed some light on the mess left over by the predecessor (of the current incumbent)

whatever i think. means shit all anyway. the little hope i had, got thwarted by the nerving arrest.

viewpoint on fuel hike:
point was made, why should a net exporter nation succumb to a global price hike, point being
i) we sell higher quality oil at higher prices; &
ii) buy lower quality oil at cheaper prices.
should be a bag full of surplus. no doubt taking into account overheads. so we can't cover the costs now - why?
i)global hike in the overheads - without a benefit of the doubt, O&G overheads are high
ii)"leakage/bocor" - ill leave that to the floor
iii) the selling price itself is erhm..fixed perhaps? by some dasyhat high-tech hedging financial planner hookin up forward contracts
iv) or. the selling price, being sold to a slew of middlemen at a fixed price. who then mark it up?

dunno la. debate was good though. hope it is a sign of things to come.

nanda666 said...

I thought the coolest point was the question posed by the BN dude, " Will Anuar suddenly increase oil prices when we become a net importer of oil in 2015???"

WTF????? Most of my projects are running till 2026 with huge projects coming online in 2011 and 2012...drilling of appraisal wells are on-going, existing wells workover programmes are running full blast....more large deepwater reserves discovers of Sabah and Sarawak....come on la!!!!

And to think that Anuar wouldn't know...God....

Anuar's response, " If our ministers cannot understand the fine print of the Petronas Annual Report, we are in serious trouble!!!"

anfield devotee said...

moz: yes, you are right. Anything achieved by the debate was negated by the subsequent arrest. It seems BN are just saying to us all "we can wjateber the fook we like & there's fook all you can do about it." sigh . . . Satyricon betul . . . as in Diabolical Now!

Nanda: Tq fer clarifying that point.

Achilles said...

AD: Hope the same fate that hit Anwar 10 years back doesn't repeat itself... ie he is thrown away in some dungeon for another 10 years... Coz if it does, it will only mean Barisan Najis will continue to crap on people some more.

Already many people are starting to fear BN and saying they don't want to go against them anymore..."look what has happen"...blah blah blah... If Anwar is jailed one more time, I am sure we will see an exodus of opposition supporters pledging their life to BN.

Sigh...This is what happens when we have chicken shits in power...

anfield devotee said...

No need to throw Anwar in jail (BTW, he was freed on bail at 945 am today), throw some traffic congestion & many are ready to see the error of their ways in supporting opposition.

DrM once famously quipped that Malaysians forget very quickly. ie we are a nation without conviction.

akuani said...

RPK is now arrested.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: RPK sure la. He started it by making statutory declarations like that . . .sure la . . . am a bit surprised that he hasn't been fooking blown up with C4 himself!

senorita.. said...

i'm ashamed to admit that the Cheek guy represents the Malaysian gov. no class lar....

and my oh my,does he show all the qualities of incompetencies..

Jon-C said...

Royal blood does come in handy right AD? Hehehehe. I was at one of the ceramah in Klang featuring him, and boy, he's got guts. Fiery is an understatement.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Did you the specks of spittle forming around Mr Cheek's mouth?

JonC: Hmmm. . . yes , me knows. RPK seems to thinks he is untouchable in that BN wouldn't dare ger rid of him. But am not so sure with this bunch of fookin g cowboys. Thye do as they please, quite like their predecessor, only this time it extends to murder.

Jon-C said...

Just checked out and DSAI revealed that he was subjected to some body examination at HKL naked and the best part, they measured his "you know what."

He refused to allow 'em to take pics and his dna sample for fear of being used to fabricate more nonsense against him.

Looks like they are trying to ascertain the corresponding size of the "blunt" object that jab the accusers arse by comparing the lobang after the act to the tool of the accused? Hehehehe.

Man this sandiwara really getting better. Even US and Japan making noise about this whole joke of a conspiracy.

anfield devotee said...

or they are trying to show the rakyat anwar is unworthy to run this countyr because he got small cock?

with this regime, you just never know . . .

Azer Mantessa said...

i can't really comment as am still wondering which garbage trash this she.berry chick is from

*mind boggling*

anfield devotee said...

Azer: Fooker ran out of shit to say he even tried to use Carburetor Dung as a stick to beat Anwar (to great cheers from the assembled BN pundeks). How fooking sad . . .