Saturday, September 6, 2008

All Apologies

The article below is reflective of the common lament among many Malaysians. Whilst me wholeheartedly agrees on the commentator's assessment of DrM, Bodohwi, Najib & Hishamuddin as master abusers of the POLITICS OF RACE; me thinks s/he may be a bit too harsh in including Anwar in that group.

True, Anwar failed to speak up against Zulkifli Nordin fer his FOOKING BARBARIC behaviour in shutting down the Bar Council forum on conversion. But fact remains Anwar is still the ONLY political leader out there today preaching a message of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES fer ALL MALAYSIANS. He did so in the Malay heartland of Permatang Pauh & has made all the right noises. . . so far.

With the nation at the edge of our collective seats awaiting developments on the cross overs, me urges you to think about where we are heading & do you want a future under the leadership of UMNO BIGOTS or take a chance with the fledgling Pakatan?

Already, rumours have filtered thru that Bodohwi has already seeked an audience with the Agong. And one can presume it is with a view to SNAPS & he is hoping to gain an extra advantage with early preparations fer fresh elections.

Now, please let me take this opportunity to APOLOGISE to the many people me has offended with me constant haranguing & brow beating. Life's Like That berated me fer going over board. But as me told him yesterday, it is just TOO IMPORTANT a juncture at our country's history to let so many of our friends' votes to go UNCOUNTED.

Anyways, sincere apologies to Messrs Kevin Rosario, Previn, Becky, Lester Neil Francis, Mervin D'Silva etc etc fer me constant harassment. Me hopes you understand me actions were fer the benefit of all Malaysians. (Video below is dedicated to you guys)

To those who took up the initiative to get their friends registered (eg Tony, Doris & Achilles), TQ & well fooking done. And fer those who did register (eg Moz, Azer, Premo, Merv etc), me sincere thanks fer fighthing the good fight.

We can now only wait . . .

Position vacant: Statesman
SEPT 6 — Wanted: A statesman in the class of the late Tun Dr Ismail or Tun Hussein Onn.

Someone who believes in his heart that this blessed country belongs to everyone; someone with the stature to hush chauvinists (Chinese, Indians, Malays) who are threatening to tear the country asunder with their divisive rhetoric; someone who can provide the balm for the raw nerves that have been singed by irresponsible politicians.

God how we need that one person today? Who can rise above narrow communal interests and speak without worrying if his fellow Malays, Chinese or Indians are going to revolt against his leadership.

There was a time when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave us hope that he would stand up for what was just, fair and good for all. Even if it meant him having to lose it all — power and position.

That was then, circa 2005. Today, with his eye firmly on surviving the Umno elections and with his approval rating near the cellar, he has little interest in playing the role of statesman.

Just can't see him telling Malaysians that citizenship embraced something more than just the question of political rights and obligations. That it also involved integrity, tolerance, civic consciousness, patriotism, loyalty and a truly Malaysian spirit.

Just can't see him risking it all by lecturing his party men and the rest of Malaysia like Tun Razak did in 1969 that "prosperity is not for any particular group or community.That prosperity must be widely shared and must be spread throughout the nation.

"This prosperity is for all… On our ability to achieve this objective rests the survival of our nation and the peace and happiness of our people.''

For that matter, one can't imagine the MCA's Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting or Gerakan's Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon tossing aside the interests of one community and speaking like statesmen when they address their party men in this election year for the MCA and Gerakan.

Will they be prepared to chastise the chauvinists in their midst and tell them that everyone has the responsibility to encourage children of various races to mix as much as possible? And that young Malaysians should be taught to appreciate that the things which unite them are far more important that those which divide them.

Above all, will they be prepared to proclaim that all Malaysians share a common destiny, regardless of race and politics? Tun Tan Siew Sin said all this once.

What we need is someone with the wisdom of Tun Hussein Onn. This is what he said: "We have a society in which people of various racial origins have been brought up to be tolerant, understanding; we are a nation of people with conscience.

"The Indians can be very magnanimous, so can the Malays, the Chinese. The great diversity is a blessing, not a handicap. It is a challenge and a blessing because no one race can dominate the others. I would hate to see the day when any one race dominates the other.''

It can be said that not one serving Malay politician today will be brave enough to utter these words. Not Abdullah. Not Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Not Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Definitely not Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein (a prime example that sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree).

For that matter, Malaysians cannot even count on any recently retired politicians to project a voice of reason during these difficult times. Definitely not Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He may have coined the phrase Bangsa Malaysia but it appears that he never truly believed in the concept.

Since the Barisan Nasional and Umno performed badly in Election 2008, he has shown a willingness to play the race card. He did so in Johor in May when he told a gathering that Malays stood to lose much in the post-election landscape where non-Malays were more vocal over their rights. He warned the Malays that if they kept quiet, they will lose their rights and other races will take control.

Several days ago, he questioned the need for Malay leaders to apologise over a remark made by Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail. The Penang politician had questioned the status of Chinese in Malaysia on the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Instead of projecting sense and sensibility in the roiling debate and urging all sides to stand down, and understand what is at stake for everyone, Dr Mahathir chose the narrow path.

Wanted: A statesman in the class of Tun Dr Ismail or Tun Hussein Onn.


Life's Like That said...

Well done la dude! Like I said, just give people some space n most will come around. I give you top marks for being passionate in something you believe in.

PS : Perhaps you can start a drive now to get the two fooking yanks out of Anfield?

anfield devotee said...

LLT: It'd be nice to think that we could make a differnce hence me constant urging. Me is still secretly hoping most will register in time fer (possible) snaps though.

As fer the fooking Yanks, me thinks nothing short of a couple of well-placed assassin's bullets is gonna stop em from ruining our beloved club. Like you said, DIC could just turn around & buy everton!!!

Life's Like That said...

Now that wld be the worst nightmare a Liverpool fan cld have!
But since the Al-Maktoum guy said he is a die-hard Liverpool fan, i doubt that will happen, hopefully!

Kopite78 said...

I for one am extremely pessimistic. I believe September 16 will happen but it will only lead to chaos and marshal law. UMNO has already stated that if Pakatan forms the govt with the 30 MPs crossing over, it will take to the streets in protest claiming it is undemocratic.

No doubt this will work in Najib's favour who will then use the military to back him and declare marshal law. Hence ending whatever hope we have for equality.

Najib has nothing to lose if he does this. Think about it. He needs to save his ass. He has everything to lose if Anwar comes to power.

I can only pray that the military will not follow Najib but being Minister of Defence and having all his people in the armed forces, I think we need a miracle.

So all of us need to really pray for divine intervention.

Pray people pray!!!!!!!!

Achilles said...

AD: Me just doing me part for a better tomorrow. no thank you required. Better tomorrow is all me ask for.

anfield devotee said...

kopite78: Yes, the thought has crossed me mind. Am also very jittery with all the uncertainty.

In fact, had read a piece yesterday stating that PAS & DAP are not aware of the ACTUAL PLANS surrounding Sep16.

That is certainly NOT good news fer us. If a takeover is imminent, me would have thought Keadlian would have informed its partners of the plans.

Its gonna be a very tense week ahead fer ALL Malaysians.

Achilles: No. Credit where its due. You made an effort to convince others which is what me feels we all need to do.

anfield devotee said...


BECKY . . . yes, the major procrastinator Mark fooking Lee has fooking REGISTERED as a voter!

Albertus, me believes you owes me a jug or two . . . hee hee

Mark said...

AD just make sure you come for Sat's game dude. Need your help to pull in as many for the ex-regulars as possible. It's a big do for us. We are the PKR of Liverpool supporters in this case :)

Mark said...

Pardon my ignorance but in the event of Marshall Law, is there a possibility of outside intervention? I mean there isn't cause for them to declare it, as civil authority has NOT broken down, it has merely shifted hands.

anfield devotee said...

mark/becky: Not to worry, will put up a notice on me blog by thurs/fri as well as calling/smsing some of the old faces up.

Perhaps we can get the other Kopite bloggers to put up a notice as well. LLT? Bernard? Surin? Albertus? JonC?

Yes. You are right. But as we all know, BN will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

Najib in particular would be facing pretty grim prospects if Anwar came to power. He'd be facing a number of charges - abuse of power, corruption & quite possibly, murder. So he may just decide to call in his cohorts in the arned forces to take over.

Far fetched? me thinks not.

ps: make sure we claim OUR beer tower from albertus AFTER happy Hour!!! Hee hee

Kopite78 said...

Becky it is "martial" not marshall as Bala had pointed out my typo. Apologies. As for your question about outside intervention. Firstly, Anwar's strongest supporter is the US and if they were to intervene it will not go down well with China or Russia or even Indonesia. Secondly, we do not want our country to become another lets hope and pray it does not reach that stage.

Mark said...

It will also leave us in economic wilderness because as it is, investors are staying away, what more when we have a selfish, racist, power hungry looney at the helm?

Achilles said...

Martial law... wow that does sound like a scary scenario. Hope it doesn't come to that, but from the looks of things, there are lot of people with "special" interests, dirty secrets and who are unfortunately holding power... so that's not good.

PS... No Apologies for the senior banker ke? just wondering-lah.

Life's Like That said...

Listening to all that is written and said, it would seem like it is a no-win situation for all of us who want to see the BN out. Frankly, I will not be surprised at all if Martial Law(ML) is indeed declared. We have seen the BN's abuse of power in the Hindraf and Bersih rallies. What's to stop them from declaring ML when so much is at stake?

Just look at how the PM treated that scum Ahmad Ismail who muttered the now infamous "Pendatang" word. Just a warning and said "Cukuplah, jangan buat lagi!" If it was Kit Siang saying it, I can bet my bottom dollar that he wld be in Hotel Kamunting now! That scum even bragged that many UMNO members supported him! F@#k and double f$#k!!!!

The future doesn't look too good for us now ain't it?

anfield devotee said...

mark: too rite. and before you know it we've turned into fooking Burma . . .

achilles: he doesn't read this blog, so no need.

LLT: To be honest, me is quite happy with ahmad ismail. He has shown to many more people what sort of govt we have.
This bigot seems to have nailed the final coffin in Bodohwi's coffin as UMNO pres as he highlighted Bodohwi's weakness & inherent ability to comandeer his party in that the small fry UMNO Penang divisions were able to push him around. WTF? Bodohwi is from penang la & hat shows he doesn't even have the support in his home state.

Now, we shall see if MCA, MIC & Gerakan have the balls & walk away . . . or will self-interest & self-preservation rule the day again?

Kopite78 said...

MCA has already said that they will not walk away from BN " the interest of maintaing unity".

So there you go.

I think equality for all will never see the light of day in this country as apathy and selfishness is within all the BN component leaders.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ya la bala, exactly what i had consistently pointed out. we shouldnt be demanding for ahmad to apologise or retract his word. he can deny all he wish la but its the people that will be the judge at the end of the day. let him spew more shit, and this way it will further dent amno's credibility.

*boss, found this link the other that may interest you and the lads here...

free local bands mp3 download.

anfield devotee said...

kopite78: No surprise there really, as MCA fookers have been complicit in digging the hole that we are in rite now.

Me thinks that if Sep16 were to happen, it'll probably be down to the East Malaysian defectors.

Kerp: Thanx fer the link & thanz also fer yer email today hee hee!

Yeah, Ahmad "KKK" Ismail is like the best weapon Pakatan has against Barisan Najis.

Achilles said...

LLT: Couldn't agree with you more. And to make things worse, this fooker is not going to apologize for his comments. Just a little tap on the hand "next time don't do again ok" and he is let off scott free. Fooking shite.

The future does look grim, but me is still confident that once Barisan Najis is flushed out, things will be better. We cannot let fear intimidate us into supporting them anymore. At some point we all have to say enough is enough. Don't get me wrong...i am not hoping for martial law or riots to happen... but if it comes, we will deal with it.

BTW, any thoughts on our MPs over the sea trip to "study agriculture"?

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anfield devotee said...


RE: Overseas trip

Pls see me latest posting!

Azer Mantessa said...

yes, am registered now but am waiting for confirmation. thank you.

tdm on bangsa malaysia?

doubted him years ago :-)

anfield devotee said...

azer: Should take about two months before yer name appears on electoral roll.

As fer TDM, unfortunately, way too many Malaysians still see him as some sort of demi-god.

Me has hated the man ever since he fooked up the judiciary with the Tun Salleh Abbas incident & of course Ops Lalang. Me firmly believes that the current scenario we find ourselves in is simply down to his handowork.