Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kill Em All? (Metalloca: Death Magnetic)

Once upon a fooking time, many of us would be anxiously waiting fer the arrival of the new Metallica album. Dreaming of riffs galore & looking forward to whiplashed necks from the serious headbanging the album inspires. And once we got our clammy mittens on a copy, it'd be played to death. The vinyl or tape would be worn super fooking thin within weeks from over play.

But things have changed greatly. Lars & gang have struggled to recapture past glories & me was none the wiser of the arrival of a new long player until uberfan AK Yusof (aka Pure) alerted me to it.

However, gone are the days when me would save me pennies & buy the vinyl. Have wasted enough money on the fookers via rubbish releases such as Load, Re-Load & St Anger. Cukup.

So me presents to you absolutely FREE of FOOKING CHARGE, Metallica's brand new album fer download a WHOLE TWO FOOKING DAYS BEFORE its official release on Sep12!!!

To DOWNLOAD Metallica's latest opus, please click:

ps: Me is downloading this now as me writes this so haven't had the chance to check it out. Look forward to hearing what you guys think of this. Return to form or same old shite?

pps: Am quite optimistic once me found out that this LP was produced by Rick Rubin. Wonder if he managed to work his magic on these tired old fookers.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, no more Bob fucking Rock. thats a good start. no better producer to take over than the legendary Rick Rubin himself. and if you noticed boss, they even got their original logo back.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Yup bro. Still haven't checked it out yet, so will post verdict here soon. You need me to burn you a copy?

Tinesh said...

im not touching this until someone tells me how it sounds hehehe..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i checked out their first single, which is 8 minutes long btw, and there's some similarity to Justice's One. even the video clip as well. not sure la boss if i'd actually want it. may have some resemblance to One but Justice, KEA all are in a totally diffrent class la, IMHO.

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: What a lazy twat of a metalhead. Here it is FREE so you can decide fer yerself la pundek!

kerp: No worries.

JonW said...


I've had the copy for over a week. All I can say is gone are the Load, Reload and St Anger crap. This is defo a step back to Justice and Kill Em All.

There are tinges of commerciallity with a couple of the tunes but overal it sounds like they're are rediscovering their roots.


anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

JonW: Yeah, read somewhere that some French music store was selling copies of the album some two weeks beofre the release date.

Hence the proliferation of download sites online. However, many have already been shut down. So if anyone is interested in downloading this fer free, please do so pronto.

Hmmmm . . . will give it a few more listens before posting verdict.

JonW said...

AD: I sense some reservatioins there, no?

Anba said...

Actually was busy all week long listening to the six track...
thas y no time to post...hehehe

by the way...i prefer load and reload more than and justice for all...
nvr did play and justice that much i reckon...
I just listened to six tracks...
i like what i've listened so far...
its no master of puppets...nor KEA...
but it last longer than the previous Megadeth album in my player...

my Fav far
The Day that nvr comes and All nightmare long..and not forgetting
My apocalypse...
m currently listening to judas kiss
by the check out metallica's
version of Maiden's Remember tomorrow
and also the ecstasy of gold on u tube

j or ji said...

..and justice for all is the mothers of all riff,melody and beat.unfortunetly,i du not know how to d/l using that damn fucking rapidshare!

dah try 2,3 kali tapi masih blur blur.please review the album,kalau sama mcm load reload or st.anger then its not for me.


Achilles said...

AD: Me tried to download yesterday but too fooking slow-lah....Can't you paste the audio file on yer blog like you do for videos? that would be great.

St Anger was just fooking noise if you ask me... give a few electric guitars to some teens who never played an electric guitar before and ask them to goreng and that is the same shit sound you get in St Anger.

Hopefully this one is better.

PS: How come only Kerp gets special offer for CDs to be burnt-lah? What about us? Is there a special application form for this service that Kerp filled up and me didn't? I would like to fill it too, please. TQ.

anfield devotee said...

JonW: No, just to be fair. Me wants to give album a thorough listen before posting verdict. These guys have produced four fooking great albums which has illuminated many a metalheads gloomy life, so me won't rush into passing judgement. Already many fans have rubbished this latest album, so me'd like to give a real listen before saying shit.

anba: Whaaaaaaaaaat?!!? Load & Re-Load better than Justice? Frayed Ends of Sanity? Blackened? Harvester Of Sorrow? One? C'mon . . . you gotta be fooking kidding rite?

j or ji: Why la? Just click on link, click free user, then save album on yer desktop. Then you zip the file & then you extract & burn onto CD. But do note its best to try to download 9am-6pm - less traffic & less hassle. After that all sorts of error, file not found crap la etc.

Achilles: It only took me 10 mins to download. Why only Kerp? Coz the fooker hasn't got the space on his laptop which is full of fooking PORN! hee hee!
Will pass you the CDs to copy la, ok. You have Nero rite? If not pasar malam version only RM8.

Anba said...

Balaji:- If given load or And would pick load...yup..true..i like load better than justice...hahaha
Nvr did like the sound of justice... first i've heard it..nvr did like the guitar sound bro...
My Fav Metallica albums in in order

1. Master of Puppets
2. KEA
3. Ride
4. Black
5. Load
6. Garage
7. Justice
8. St Anggur...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


shit, you serious?? get outta here. you better get your eardrums checked la boss..muahaha...

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: Strange la yer fellow gooner.

Anba: Yes, the mix on Justice leave much to be desired, not least coz the Jason's bass was completely frowned out.

But the tunes, the anger & the whole concept, Justice fooking raised the bar fer thrash metal.

And while its not a proper album, but what about the 2-disc set Garage Days Inc? It collects all the cover versions - Budgie, Diamond Head, Motorhead etc. That is quite possibly me fave Metallica disc of all time! Am I Evil? Yes, I Fooking Am!!! Fook yeah!

Anba said...

Balaji:- i love the garage album also..bro... played it to death..when i first got it..
too bad i got cheated the ppl in victoria sole me a pirated version for rm 65...
got meself another version ...hehehe...

Kerp:- yes i think am serious...hehehe

YBmozcavalera said...

tuan balayuvchenko,

again, thanks for the link chief. interest in them has somewhat dwindled over the years. i'd still look gooey-eyed when old maiden tracks, heck even helloVEEN tracks are played and ooohhh motorHEAD. but theM...legends they are and will forever be, i just plain lost interest, especially after that PHILHARMONIC collabocrap. yes, call me an anal closeminded unappreciative music junke. however, without a doubt, always a prime band, AWESOME riffs to while away moshing our arses to.

having said that, these are tracks that still poomps up the adrenoMOSH IN ME IN A HUGEFARKINWAY:

1) harversterrrrr of sorrrroowwwwwwwww *screechyell fading into backgrounrd* cue - languaggeeeeee of the maddddddd

2) cover of misfits'lass caresss - i'veeeee gotttt somettttthing to saayy-ayyyyyyyyyyyyy..wmahahhahahahha


4) blackened, shortest straw in no order

5) creeping death


7)sanitarium/leper messiah / mopuppets - in no order


9) and there is this one song dude which for the life of me i CANT FARKIN remember the title...think it was an words...during the cliffburton era..just the bass dude..awesome bass....can't you know which one...really
out of this world awesome bassline
anesthesia is it?

later mon.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mozzz the man, mozzz ISSSS THEE MANNNNN...

its even funnier la through music football rivalry can take the backseat.

blackened, shortest straw me fav tracks bro.

but how come nobody mentions about Fade to black? or even For Whom the Bell tolls? am i alone on this?

anfield devotee said...

moz: Anathesia pulling teeth! Actually me fave album is Kill Em All. Me plays it far more often than any of the other albums.

Kerp: Yep, great tunes those. And after a few listens, me has to sadly conclude that whilst this new LP sees the band returning to a more ferocious approach, THE FIRE IN DEM BELLY GONE.

Just going thru the motions . . .

YBmozcavalera said...

tuan kerpluvchenko,

duuddee HOWWW IT GOOESSSSSSSS???? no. you're not alone at least on one track there bro. fade to black duuddeeeeeeee.

thats erhm...just can't damn remember on which LP is that on...lightning..or puppets?

thanks for the forward. will crossover right about NOW..
ma funk soul brotha hehehehe

later mon.