Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beginning of a new dawn?

Well, well, well . . . after the doubts surrounding Sep16; Anwar held a PC & told the world at large that he has enough defections to form the next Federal govt of Malaysia. No list of names though which he has said will only show to Bodohwi after gaining assurances that the ISA & other draconian laws will not be invoked to stop em. Fair enuff me suppose.

He has demanded a meeting with Bodohwi to show him the list of defectors before going to the Agong. He said Pakatan will still take a "soft & conciliatory" approach in asking fer a smooth transition of power.

So what next?

Will Barisan Najis just walk away from their Aladdin's Cave? Will martial law be imposed? Will BN simply just act as if nothing has happened & start threatening its own MPs back into the fold?

Well, a certain Spurs fan who works fer a Telco had this to say:

"Much will depend on the internal struggle in UMNO. The power struggle means Bodohwi will be ousted very soon. Who succeeds Bodohwi will ultimately determine the fate of the nation. If it is Najib who takes over, then we are fooked as he will do everything possible to remain in power."

"However, if the former Anwar-ally Muhyiddin Yassin succeeds in getting DrM to cajole UMNO members to support Ku Li as leader, Muhyiddin will be number two & the transition of power will happen smoothly."

"This is because Ku Li as a former opposition leader does not think that being on that side of the fence is the end of the road. He's also a man of ideals & will do what's best in the national interest."

So there, analysis courtesy of The Silent Observer who based it around what he heard from certain UMNO bigwigs within his organisation.



Achilles said...

AD: Woo Hoooo.... sounds like good news to me. this really just gets more exciting every day.

What's next? Bodohwi won't give up without a fight-lah... Yes, quiet transition will save his water face but he has to think of his "retirement plan" since he will be jobless. So even more daylight robbery needs to be done before he will agree to step down quietly. I still think the sodomy case is going to make a return and DSAI will be locked away. maybe as DSAI enters bodohwi's opis, the SWAT team will be waiting?? just being paranoid and hope it doesn't happen...

One of me colleagues husband is in the army and she says in the military everyone looks up to and respects NTR... really and not jsut because he is their big boss. So if NTR takes over, it could spell martial law.

Me hope that does not happen... but we will wait and see.

Bravo to DSAI for keeping his word.

anfield devotee said...

Unfortunately, achilles, many still feel that Anwar's PC today was mere political posturing without substance. But with UMNO holding the ISA, Martial Law & all other manner of trump cards, you canna blame Anwar fer keeping his cards close to his chest right.

Me supposes we'll just have to wait & see how this unfolds. Many are still wary of Anwar but like me said many times before, me is willing to give him a chance & believe that DAP & PAS are far better internal checks than MCA/MIC/Gerakan et al will ever be.

And if does lead to Anwar being PM & he fooks up, we just boot him out the next GE la.

But am getting ahead of meself here. Me is quite unsure how to call it as me is no seasoned poolitical analyst plus this is the first time we have ever encountered such a situation.

Lest assured, UMNO will go after the defectors with everything they've got. So me hopes Anwar knows what he's doing.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dollah has declined meeting anwar. he said it was all bull it'd be a waste of time to have such meeting to take place.

i don know la man. been receiving all kinds of smses since morning about the defection, including from unreliable sources forwarded by another spurs fan.

* i voluntarily broke the news to that certain spurs fan of this morning's result...muahaahaha

Tinesh said...

ill believe it when it happens la..until then, i dont want no fuckin roadblocks jsut because someone's dick is playing hide and seek or they grew a pussy.

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: Things will get a lot worse before they get better . . . And me thinks you best be prepared fer a few tremors heavier than a fooking roadblock.

Kerp: Yes, saw Bodohwi's pc. Took a very defiant tone. To be expected. Me just hopes Anwar has REALLY got the numbers & goes staright to the Agong.