Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Referees!

Am sure lotsa of yer had a great weekend of EPL footie. Here's me two cents worth:

The Good:
1) Hull Fooking City! No one, and me means abso-fooking-lutely no one, gave em a snow flakes chance in hell of getting anything out of the Emirates. Given the Gooners red hot form & the scintillating footie they were playing, the ultra-unfashionable new boys were expected to be on the wrong end of a butt fook. "Five-fooking-nil," said Macca on Football Forecast! Well, the Tigers showed em & proved that there is some semblance of romanticism & unpredictability yet in the EPL.

2) Reds triumph in Merseyside derby. Crap game with stoppages every two minutes. Senseless sending off but great result fer us & great to see Torres end his barren spell. To all Kopites looking fer a Bluenose to taunt, here you go, please leave yer comments at Evertonian Amir's blog: . (Do feel free to drop a comment or two, me already has!)

The Bad:
The Spurs - Poor start continues fer big spending Spurs as loss to Pompey see them firmly rooted to the fooking bottom of the table. Selling more than half the squad just prior to window closing means Ramos has a huge task of gelling the new arrivals into cohesive unit. Poor start means qualification (via league position) fer Europe is more or less out the window fer Spurs. To Moz & Anand, hang in there. We feel yer pain.

The Referees:
Am sorry. But these fooking bastards in black are fooking hijacking the game we love. Last week, there was the fiasco of Gerard's 100th "goal" v Stoke. Then there was the phantom goal @ Vicarage Road. This week? Cahill's sending off in the Merseyside derby, Wigan's dubious penalty winner & Rob Fooking Styles awful penalty decision against Bolton. Totally changed the complexion of the game. Perfect tackle but chose to award mancs a pen. And yes, me would be just as pissed off if it was us who benefited. Why? Coz we're football fans first . . .

ps: Look forward to yer comments on what you think can be done to minimise the impact of refs making shite decisions. Me is all in favour of vid replays. What say you?


Life's Like That said...

Hull absolutely deserved their win as I think the Gunners were too over-confident. Reminds me of Reading a few seasons back. Let's hope they can keep up the good work.

The referees are absolutely fooked! How do they expect us to respect them when their blunders are getting worse by the day!

As for Liverpool, good to see we are up there with the likes of Chelsea. Wins against scum and Everton in first 6 games definitely boosts confidence. Just hope it is sustained throughout the season!

I still can't fathom why the so-called bigwigs of the BPL are still reluctant to use video tech! Look at what it has done for rugby and tennis. Instead of spoiling the game, I think it adds to the excitement when the fans are waiting for the result of the video replay. Look at Hawkeye in Tennis. Fans love it!

Jon-C said...

I've been saying this for the last 3 seasons - The FA need to fooking sent their refs for eye checks and math classes. Enough said.

Mark said...

A compromise has to be struck. While I'd hate the pace of the game to be affected by the introduction of video replays, I think it's absurd that the refs are getting it wrong almost every week. I think if you have an official sat in front of a monitor focused solely on the task of watching replays, any decision should be minimal. Then of course, you'll probably have teams challenging every decision. Perhaps the introduction of an extra official? One in each half?

I have one question. Is it refs in general that are getting decisions wrong or only those in England? I don't watch the other leagues much but I seldom read about poor refereeing in other countries, not t the extent of England's anyway.

With the addition of so many new rules, refs have a lot to look out for there days and they need all the help they can get.

Anba said...

Yup it serves the gooners right...
hope they get focused and not carried away...
Its a long way to the Top...
by the way bro...whats ur dig on Rooney's comment regarding Reds punya performance tis season...?

senorita.. said...

hope Rooney will jinx all the clubs he mentioned to take the top spots, i.e ManU,Chelsea n Arsenal.. =P

anfield devotee said...

Anand the Silent Observer (via afooking long sms):

Agreed that the refs are crap & the assoc should implement a points system, reward them for a good game with pionts & deduct points or wrong decisions and relegate the bums to the lower divs.

Hull look good, Unfortunately Spurs is playing them this weekend. Chance for redemption? Or another loss? The media have it in for us since we dared challenge the top 4 with our 5th place finishes in 06 & 07. The problem with spurs is simple: Ramos doesn't know who is his best 11 yet. That's why he has been constantly changing the lineups this season. He also plays players out of position ala Rafa. So this doesn't give a chance for the team to gel. Maybe this is for the greater good.

We will see.

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Totally agree with you regarding video tech. Various sports has shown that it has improved the game - cricket, tennis & rugby. Not only does it remove human mistakes, it will remove the DOUBT of DIRTY MONEY at play. If that isn't important, me don't know what is.

After all, a few seasons ago, then FA big wig David Dein (of gooners board) told When Saturday Comes that players' HUGE wages removed the spectre of BRIBERY. Shouldn't the same principles be applied to refs? Well, not huge salaries but something to show that NO bookie influence is at play.

JonC: Me has been saying this ever since you know who scored that goal with his hands. Not because me is an England fan or anything, just that you don't want such games to be decided by a ref's mistake. To think Sepp Bastard still says such mistakes ARE PART OF THE EXCITEMENT OF THE GAME!!?!! Fooking hell la.

Mark @ Becky: two refs was suggested by Marco van basten a few years ago. Emulate hockey system. But of course FIFA decided that his report was not worth the time of day . . .

anba: Roo-what? Who he?

Senorita: see above.

Anand: Yo dude, with regards to yer views on the media having a go with you smacks of paranoia la. Nothing to do with you threatening the top 4, just a good story. That's all. (like Newcastle, u lot are just an easy fooking target).

Anyways, a Times columnist said much blame must lie at Levy's door fer his habit of continually doing LATE buying & selling during transfer window means coaches have no time to settle team before season starts. Writer points to the fact that Spurs have always started slowly under Levy whether it was Jol or Hoddle. This he says is down to the chairman ignoring the coaching staff's need to know who the team is before season starts.

However, me thinks it is just a matter of time before you guys haul yerselves off the foot of the table.

Starting with a confidence boosting victory over LFC in the League Cup perhaps?

kevo said...

Fookin definitely, just video tech it! That tackle on that prick-of-a-diver Ronaldo just sums it up. Ridi-fookin-culous! WTF, Rob Stiles was all of ten yards away! Where his eyes were I dunno. Supposedly one of the more experienced refs around. Yeah rite! Cracked up with Stevie Mac's comeback when asked what do the refs need to improve. "Therapy!"

The fact of the fookin matter is that the refs never ever played high level, 120mph football and so, simple as that, they will never ever know how to pass judgement. This most definitely can't be taught in ref school man. You've just got to 'know' the game. Its seriously time FIFA introduces technology and come to football's aid. Yeah, be it two refs, visual playbacks or maybe both - what the hell. Just can only wonder why its not done in the in the world's greatest sport yet!

Ooo, I must take me hat off to Hull City for a fantastic display. Amazing! Might have just done us a big big favour if only LFC take the cue and can prolong a good run. But man, will really dread playing the Tigers when they come around! But team performance of the weekend has to go to Wigan. What a show of great endurance, desire and tenacity! I've never seen a performance like that fer the longest time. Simply a true example of what a team's all about and should be. What a game of football. What do these buggers eat pre-match? That Zaki fler is one helluva fooker and a half! Pfuh, I'd hate to see him up against Carra.

As fer us, it wasn't really the best of merseyside derbies but i'm thankful fer a valuable win all the same. Just hope we can keep grinding out the results and stay close to the Chelskis.

anfield devotee said...

kevo: Really dunno what FIFA are up to la dey. Imagine, Sepp fooking Blatter still sings that mantra that refereeing decisions are part of the excitement of the game. WTF?

What bollocks?

Would appear we are stuck with this shite unless the English FA have the balls to strike it out on their own & introduce the changes. ie. vid replays. And me doesn't think it'll affect the flow of the game. The game can go on & the 4th official can call the game back if there is an offide or foul. And yes, that would remove the onus from the ref on the field but who really cares. Plus the stench of bookie inteference is getting a little too strong fer me liking . . .

You know la, FIFA & UEFA will be dead against it coz they'll say poorer nations canna afford it.

But let's hope they make the change before lasting damage is done to this game we love.

Bernard said...

Hull City FC - far, far cry from the days when I was in Hull. LFC have played Hull before in a FA Cup match in 1989, the year before I got to Hull & every other Malaysian student I knew went for the match. Sporting highlight of their time in Hull I suppose. Most of their matches were played in a half filled Boothferry Park, their old stadium, as most people in Hull were more interested in rugby league then footie. How things have changed...

As for video tech, I'm all for it & all it takes is to experiment over a season in some countries and see how well it work. I'm pretty sure most fears & teething problems can then be identified & ironed out.

anfield devotee said...

bernard: So you gonna start wearing the Hull jersey?

Bernard said...

Takda Hull jersey but pakai Petaling Street Malaysia team jersey can pass off as Hull's jersey.

BTW in the FA Cup game, although Hull lost but they gave the LFC side which included Barnes, Aldo, Beardo, Grobbelaar, McMahon, Molby, Nicol & Houghton a good run for their money losing narrowly 3-2.

AC_here said...

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the best start to the season. Classic Liverpool performance, 2 goals down and they bounce back with 3. Looking forward to more.