Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mission: Impossible fer Anwar?

Fer those trenchant critics of Anwar Ibrahim & the many disappointed souls who felt betrayed by the former DPM's failure to SEIZE power on Sep16, please read the article below.

It outlines the mammoth size of the task facing Anwar & the Herculean efforts he has already put in by getting this far. So a little patience is perhaps in order. What worries me though is how will Anwar convince the monolith institutions of the Malay Rulers, Armed Forces & (worse of all) the fooking civil service to accept a government led by him.

Fer those who counter by saying that Anwar should have bid his time & waited fer BN to capsize on its own accord & walk into power at the next GE, just look at the constant sabotage caused by BN & its fooking leaches in the civil service. BN has emptied the Treasury in (four of the five) opposition controlled states as well as placing Federal obstacles in its path (eg delayed Monorail project in Penang). The civil service meanwhile has resorted to subterfuge in the form of ass-dragging to hamper whatever projects Pakatan have tried to put in place.

Yes, Anwar may be power hungry but the unworkable scenario in those states also necessitated a snatch fer the PM's crown. Otherwise, we'd be in an even fooking bigger mess.

23psi said to me yesterday,"People don't seem to realise what a difficult task this is. And fer them to lose patience so quickly shows that they don't quite fully realise the size of the undertaking. Anwar has been tirelessly canvassing support from all quarters since his release & fer him to make such inroads since Mar8 its quite incredible."

Me fully agrees. No one, not PAS, not DAP & certainly not Semangat 46, has managed to so effectively destroy BN's myth of invincibility as Anwar has done. Does anyone remember a time when the govt was on such shaky ground?

Even if you are somewhat disappointed with the delay tactics of Anwar, bear in mind he is just going thru the democratic motions of asking fer an emergency sitting of parliament. He wants to be seen as giving PM the democratic route out. Besides, if BN are so sure Anwar does NOT have the numbers, call his bluff & end this fooking charade once & fer all. Fact that the PM has refused to meet Anwar or agree to an emergency session of parliament show he knows his grip on power is tenous at best.

Do read the article below to gain some perspective as to what is trying to be achieved. Also do understand how one man is standing up to the collosal might of govt almost singlehandedly. He needs yer support.

This is how me sees it - If you are against selective prosecution & the abuse of process, support Anwar. If you are against racial politics & bigots like Ahmad Ismail & Khir Toyo (but a reporter & an opposition MP is detained fer their crimes), support Anwar. If you believe in free speech & is abhorred by the detention of Raja Petra & Kickdefella, support Anwar.

It really is that simple. Support the one person who can bring an end to the corrupt & morally-bankrupt regime that is BN, or be prepared to be stuck with them fer another fifty fooking years.

Please do take a few minutes to digest the article below & me hopes all Malaysians will find the resolve needed to sees us thru this crisis. Like me said, things will get a lot fooking worse before they are gonna get better . . .

The entrenched forces still in Anwar's way
By Baradan Kuppusamy (From The Malaysian Insider)

SEPT 17 - Opposition leader and PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has failed to keep his promise to topple the government and become prime minister by Sept 16. But it is not for want of trying.

He has been working day and night since March 8, meeting Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs secretly to persuade them to defect. He offered them almost anything they asked.

He also secretly met top civil servants, ministers and even tried to contact senior police officers and the army's top brass to help "clear the line" for him to make the change happen.

Although Anwar had substantial public support to make the crossovers happen, major hurdles stood in his way.

Up to now, he has been unable to surmount the hurdles and that is why he failed on Sept 16 and will fail again. He is unlikely to see the inside of the prime minister's office in Putra Jaya unless he successfully clears these hurdles.

This is the case even if he has the numbers. Depending on who you talk to, he is said to have 31 to 42 MPs behind him. This is the reality of politics here and anywhere where democracy is weak and personalities dominate national politics.

While, theoretically, the public will is paramount, entrenched institutions have a big say on who becomes prime minister. One instance is the King, who, although he is a constitutional monarch, still has a big say on who governs the country.

Not only is the King's support crucial for Anwar to achieve his aims but support from the Rulers as an entrenched institution is essential.

The backing of the Rulers is essential, not just for the technicalities of convening parliament, taking a vote of confidence or the swearing in of a new government, but more as an integral part of the political establishment of Malaysia.

Anwar's image as a rabble-rouser, earned from his days as an Islamic firebrand, stands in his way now as he battles from the outside to change the government. The worry is he is seeking to rewrite the rules and change the status quo.

Is he just replacing the leadership or rewriting the rules? Is he a republican or a monarchist?

He has not yet convinced the country's monarchs, who are also, crucially, the heads of Islam in their domains, that he will defend the status-quo including their positions.

Another entrenched institution that needs convincing is the army, and, by extension, the police force which sees him as an agitator who will potentially destabilise the status quo.

The recent statement by the armed forces chief that the military is worried race and religious disputes are destabilising the country should be taken in the context of the constant refrain from Anwar that he would topple the government.

Any armed forces would worry about what is really being toppled?

By voicing their concern, the armed forces signalled that they will defend the status quo - meaning the institutions of the Raja Raja Melayu, Islam and the related political establishment - including current structures i.e. bureaucracy, state government structures, the established economic policies and the open investment climate - all of which together makes up the status quo.

Any established military, and ours is one such force, is for the status quo. It will defend the status quo against any grab for power from a leader considered "outside" the political establishment.

Originally, Anwar came in from the outside as a radical student leader in the 1970s and rose rapidly up the ranks in Umno only to be thrown out again. Now that he is trying to come back again from the "outside," it is natural for the "insiders" to be cautious and apprehensive of his motives.

What does he really want to change? That is a natural question entrenched stakeholders would ask. Anwar has to explain and convince, not just collect the numbers and head to the palace.

The door will not open otherwise.

Although he may have a majority of the public behind him, he has a lot of convincing to do to put powerful institutions at ease. No easy task for a man with an agitator's image.

Anwar's aides go to great lengths to say that he has already met the King or is going to meet him to clear the way. But that is not enough; he has to find a tactful way to assure not just the King, but also the Rulers as an institution and the many royalists who populate Malay society, that the change is benign not malignant.

The third hurdle Anwar faces is the one million-strong bureaucracy, 90 per cent of whom are Malay and Muslim, without whose support his chances of competently running the country is near zero.

In fact, it would ruin the country if he wins power and the civil service drags its feet.

Unlike in other countries where governments are frequently changed and the civil servants soldier on, here the bureaucracy has had only one master - the Barisan Nasional.

In fact, one of the key issues in the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled states of Selangor and Perak is a disobedient bureaucracy. This problem is minimal in the "Muslim" states of Kelantan and Kedah with the civil servants accepting their new masters as one of their own.

Anwar had attempted to meet senior civil servants, with some success his aides say, to assure them that basic policies will remain and institutional interest would be protected against encroachment i.e. a more racially balanced civil service.

Nevertheless, an obedient, helpful and functioning bureaucracy is a major factor and Anwar has to win them over in a manner convincing enough that investors and stakesholders are satisfied that the elephant in the room would cooperate proactively.

The last major hurdle is the divisions and diverging interests in his own Pakatan Rakyat coalition, with ally PAS having radically different views of how the country should be governed from that held by another ally, the DAP.

Up to now, Anwar and his people are "closing an eye" to the differences without actually working to resolve major issues.

The thinking, for now, is that the main struggle is to capture power and they believe everything else would fall in place after that.

Such a rationale has not convinced the entrenched stakeholders who believe differences should be resolved now to show that PR is a viable alternative to the BN.

PAS has repeated numerous times that they will not back a new government that is "not Islamic". They have proposed that PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is the "best person" to be prime minister of the new Malaysia.

Up to now nobody in the PR - neither PKR nor DAP - is taking the PAS position seriously.

It is also not clear which of the parties - PKR, DAP or PAS - any potential defecting BN MPs will cross over to. Are they crossing over as individuals or as political parties joining Pakatan? Will everybody in a political party cross or only some?

Anwar has worked to show, in a convincing manner, the future shape of the political structure he will be heading. Is it a grand coalition or a collection of adventurous individuals?

There is a lot for work ahead for Anwar before he can confidently walk up to and knock on the palace gates. If he has the entrenched players behind him, the gates will be open when he arrives. Otherwise it will never open, even if he has the numbers.

Up to now, he has only succeeded in getting the people talking and thinking and accepting that a change of government is possible. That's about all.

The ISA detentions last Friday, roundly condemned by all, show how thin the line is between fair play and foul play, between acceptance and coercion.

It gives a glimpse into the powerful entrenched forces that are arrayed against Anwar in his bid for power.

ps: Sorry fer the long posting. Please leave a comment on what you think of the current impasse.


Mark said...

A little humour:

Achilles said...

AD: Wahh... the article makes it seem like it's almost impossile for DSAI to take over. No shit what he is doing is enormous, but that article really puts "huge" into persepctive.

But the write also pointed out a valid point... taking over the reins is just half the battle. The other half is managing the civil service and ensuring it does not drag its feet because they have a new master.

Dunno-lah Bro... i think a lot of DSAI supporters are already becoming weary of his success. Unless some real changes start happening soon, i am afraid DSAI may have to rebuild the momentum all over again. But i guess, Only time will tell.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, yea i always thought it was much simpler than that; get 31 mps to cross over, kick the hell out of dollah and voila, for the first time in our nation's history, BN becomes an oppo.

but i believe those who has been behind PR knew what to expect. whether it was 916 or on later date, they're sticking with anwar. the belief is there anwar's gonna give dollah the boot.

Jon-C said...

Teresa Kok - released from ISA detention at 1 pm today. Hope those buggers who put her in there will get sued till their fooking pants drop.

anfield devotee said...

becky: Thanx fer the link. Fooking superb that.

achilles: Ask yer Bn supporting friends whether they believe in cutting off the nose to spite the face. Coz their tax payer ringgit is being wasted by the civil service in Penang, Perak, S'gor & Kedah.

kerp: If Anwar pulls it off its gonna be even more incredible than
LFC's comeback v Milan in Istanbul.

JonC: Me heard. Suing the govt is a pointless affair so long as the judiciary remain an extension of the executive's annus . . .

nanda666 said...

My kudos to the efforts by DSAI!!

My main problem is this X-over ministers.
The Law minister problem.
SAPP quit problem.
31 MPs quit BN la....what's the problem??? Don't have to join PR..just quit first!!
The "I'm sooooooo scared of ISA, I'm scared I'll be killed...oooouuu....sooooo scared" is soooo full of crap!!!
Put them in the turkish embassy an announce la...oh FFS!!!

Achilles said...

AD: I still dunno what these BN supporters see in them-lah. They seem to have an answer in defense for every shit thing that BN has done. And the fooking media is playing a darn good job at painting DSAI and the opposition as troublemakers, gila kuasa, anarchists (is that a valid word), not moving forward, playing dirty politics etc. So people seem to be buying it wholesale.

Nice to hear TK is finally being released. how about RPK? hope they release him too.

Sure do hope TK goes out on an all out war and takes some fookers down achilles style. please watch Troy for a better understanding of how achilles takes down fookers who piss him off.

akuani said...

in my usual fashion of leaving you wondering if there's anything between my ears and where are my alliances, perspective and focus(altho I get the feeling somehow you think Toyo is my idea of a hero - while I'd cut his balls off first given chance- the dickhead moron he is!!!), might I point out that the inroads to fooking kicking UMNO and BN in their balls and faces is simply owing to the fact we have Sleepy Eyes leading that freaking lot!! Perhaps had it been under a more capable leader (don't even now ask me who - I've told you before, to date I see no one of caliber, and you told me then give DSAI a chance...)the battle might have been harder.

However, I do congratulate DSAI for getting this far, and in many ways his moment of truth hovers deliciously and dangerously close ... I wish him and all Malaysians the best in making realities all that we've heard the new government will herald in.

BN is or rather UMNO are drowning men clutching at straws - and such men are very very very dangerous. From what we've seen so far, Malaysians are on a brink to what exactly we're not sure - but we're on a brink and we've got to be ready for whatever happens.

CHANGE is always a constant and inevitable - let's learn to embrace it.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Chage & learning to embrace it. Well said aunty. If only more thought like that.

ps: If only you attacked Khir the way you attacked Anwar & Kickdefella . . . hee hee

nanda: Turkish embassy not so big la. But let's face it, the politics of fear is a difficult spell to break, especially when certain leaders have no qualms about blowing yer ass up!

achilles: me knows exactly what you mean them blinkered BN supporters. Semua dia buat ok, lain orang buta salah . . .

akuani said...

AD: Some people are way too sickening to even bother to attack.

I've been doing my own blog hopping lately and been reading Toyo's works of shit! ... the man makes me wretch (as much as I made Nick Mun wretch in the past heehehheeh) and I am amazed at his infallible ego ... he just thinks he all there and its his fooking right - one word I have each time I read his posts - B*****D!!!

But trust me, ehehhe these fookers get a solid bashing when I am with them blinkered UMNOites ... and I graciously tell them - please do report me as inciting racial anarchy, said with a smile too to boot! :))

Be interesting no doubt Villa de Kamunting *wicked grin* ...

I just don't do none of that here AD ... has you wondering if I'd report you fookers too don't it - kih kih kih!

And I ain't against Kickdafella, I just didn't support his upside down flag stance(I liked his Portrait Seorang Patriot la)

Tinesh said...

I posted this on Kerp's blog, and he told me to forward it to other blogs. here it is:

when rpk accused najib, they brought rpk in. when the reporter accused ahmad, they brought the reporter in. then when saifool accused anwar they brought anwar in. when toyol accused teresa, they brought her in.pundek flers losing trend la.. even CSIs are gonna have a hard time understanding their pattern.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Yes, me also occassionally drops in to see what that bastard Khir is saying. But its good to see quite a number of Malays attack him as well.

Tinesh: With Teresa released today, the public need to exert extra pressure to ensure the remaining detainees such as Raja Petra & the Hindraf boyz get released.