Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play It Again, Sam! (Sam Gopal: Escalator)

Ok, Anba piqued me curiousity when he started babbling about some obscure psychedelic band from 60s London fronted by a Malaysian dude by the name of Sam Gopal.

A quick dip in cyberspace revealed that the band did indeed exist & played alongside some seriously BIG names of that decade - Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Soft Machine - and even featured a certain Ian Kilminster (ie Lemmy of Hawkwind & Motorhead fame) in its line up.

From what me gathers, Sam Gopal played the tablas & they managed to produce ONE album Escalator. And lo & behold, me found the download link to the album.

To download Sam Gopal's Escalator, please click here:

Have not heard this meself yet, but me has got the feeling this is gonna be mystical, whimsical & downright weird & fooking wonderful!

What me wants to know now is what has happened to good old Uncle Sam & why the govt has not made him a 'Datuk' yet?!!? Anyone who has played with Jimi deserves a Datukship!

ps: As usual me looks forward to reading yer comments on this album.

pps: Check out the "ferocious" facial hair on the album cover . . . dashyat . . .


theALBERTUS said...

and surprisingly he's been found on wikipedia:

or can got

Gotta love the internet!

Achilles said...

AD: If he played with Jimi Hendrix, he should be a Tun-lah... Fook Datukship.

Imagine playing with the Gods... wow. 1 in a billion opportunity.

Will attempt to download this tonight.

YBmozcavalera said...


remember seeing the name when i was surfdoting on massorgy extraordinaire lemmy, not so much on his musical output, but more-so to weed out and seek
erectous phallic proof on the 2000-or-so testosternone filled

heck, if the man can and did achieve that much lustful splendour in his living life,
who needs a rock n' roll band?

just goES to show he used certainly used..uh..his
"MOTOR-head" and
ace of SPADES
to spade..uh
*vomit now if you must*

he is a legend in his own right
which gives rise to
a tincture of possiblity
(in a glint in a tight slit sorta way)
..a possiblity of wondering whether
this macha would have an
er.."pegang lampu"
one of lemmy's ouevers..or
hang on wait
possibly even participate
with a groupie
or two

achilles, i take my word back: how about framing him up in a homemade altar, break a watermelon or two (coconut too expensive now la), light some incence
and start a newage
non-religious new age
spiritual movement chanting
*my life is pathetic compared to someeee." in monotonous
drone of course.

yours appreciatively,

p.s. cheers anba/bala for the posting. the facial hair? dude, he's a machaaaa la weyyyy..mwahahhahaha

anfield devotee said...

Still beggars belief that we had a minor rock star in the swinging 60s & most of us have never heard of him!

Anyone out there know anything more bout this Sam Gopal dude?

YBmozcavalera said...

erectous phallic proof on
conquests i mean.

Achilles said...

AD:i didn't know about him until anba mentioned it and now the posting. i still can't believe it.

Moz: hahahaha.. yes, the man deserves an altar-lah for his "greatness". i dunno about the "i am a loser..."chants though. hehehehee

Anba said...

Balaji:- tried to click the link server givin me problem...whole week somethin wrong with the network..will try to do this when i get home...even youtube they all ban ready...hmmm

honestly i pun didnt know much about sam gopal until last week when i was browsing thru the wikipedia but i did listen to one music tho on youtube sounded good to me ...didnt know a malysian had already made his name playin with Jimi and Lemmy...yup and i garee must give datukship...

how to work now without youtube...
The only saving grace was Metallica's new album..been playing like crazy for the whole week...

anfield devotee said...

anba: Thanx fer pointing the way.

So you dig the new metallica lp eh? So so only la . . .

senorita.. said...

wah, u veli good at digging up free download sites... wonder what other download sites u have but not sharin? =P

and 'WOW' to that Gopal Dude

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Have you downloaded this? Pretty rare & hard to find & quite possibly the only "international" Malaysian rock star!

Me assures you me time online is mostly devoted to finding great music. Me knows what yer fooking insinuating, but no, me is not gonna turn into another kerp-type pervert just yet . . .

Speaking of which, how did panty-less Thurs turn out? hee hee . . .

senorita.. said...

pantyless weekend lar...! thursday still need to do assignment coz Fri due... =P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa...this is the first time ever i'm hearing of Sam. a check with wiki, he's also known as Sam Gopal's Dream, not sure for what reason but my guts feeling is telling this guy can really rocks. any idea where he could be now ah? i'm so proud of his roots la.

*moustache macam jason king.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Thanks for that. Listening to it together with a gift from a friend...Mr. Bungle's California..hahaha...and having a smashing time. Sam Gopal..what a fuckin' awesome name(who would think of such a name..mine's now Stienlarger Stongkerlard in the dept....hahaha).
you take care, M.
p/s: shall write something on your political articles soon(err...when I'm sober enough i suppose...err if that ever happens!!)

Azer Mantessa said...

tuan rumah dan para pembaca,

saya datang nak meminta ampun dan maaf sekiranya terkasar bahasa dan kata dan segalanya semada secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki.

maaf zahir dan batin.

pandu cermat jiwa selamat.

anfield devotee said...

azer: Hey, hey, Selamat Hari Raya to you & have a safe journey home!

Mohan: Whoaaaa . . . Mr Bungle! Lama Tak dengar that name. Sigh . . . fer the good ole days when Faith No More ruled & the Chili Peppers were still surf punk. Glad you dig this! Sam bloody Gopal, where art thou?

Kerp: Precisely . . . Ini la Malaysia Boleh. He managed to put the album out without any govt assistance (unlike some of our so-called record feats!!!). And does he get any recognition from the gomen? Nooooo . . . hence generations of Malaysians have no idea that Mr Facial Hair here has jammed with Jimi!

senorita: May the sounds of Sam Gopal accompany yer panty-less weekend!

Life's Like That said...

Wonder why Mr Sam never got any publicity here at all! Sometimes we hear of celebrities who are 1/8 Malaysian and their faces are plastered all across the local media.

But cheers to Mr Sam, wherever he is now! U d man!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Suppose its too much to ask you to download the album to check out Uncle Sam's soothing sounds . . .

akuani said...

AD: I downloaded it and finally gave it a listen this morning .... I liked the album ... oddly enough :))

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Great! . . .

(why oddly enough?)

akuani said...

Because the last few we really too loud for me :)) but the kind I'd listen to when I wanted to kill someone to be dulled into the actual sadistic act ehehhehe

But this one turned out a real gem ... have forwarded the link on to others who like the same genre ... waiting for their feedback :))

Thanks AD - are we having a Raya get-together gether???? Let me know if you are ... is Datuk Kerp inviting the lot of us over???