Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Real Fooking Deal

Had read about this blokey by the name of Seasick Steve who's been making quite a name fer himself among music aficionados. Born Steve Wold, this guy left home at age 14 & lived the life of a train-hopping hobo.

Busking, performing at honky tonk bars & generally just bashing the life out of his unique home made instruments (eg three-string guitar christened the Diddley Bo!), Steve came to prominence after his raucous performance on Jool's Holland New Year's Eve extravaganza a few years back.

So while you enjoy the long Raya break, me fooking urge you to check this video out of that performance. Raw, gritty & most definitely the real fooking deal. Am sorry but anyone who fails to be fooking moved by this has just got no soul . . .

ps: Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holidays to all!

pps: To download Seasick Steve's Doghouse Music, please click on http://rapidshare.com/files/89684529/jk_wbb_M_SS-DHM.part1.rar & http://rapidshare.com/files/89683281/jk_wbb_M_SS-DHM.part2.rar . (Please note password is: joeykins)


Mohan said...

AD Dude: Fuckin' amazing what he can do with a 3 string guitar especially at the rally in the end. Then again quite predictable Blues rifts...nevertheless still amazing...wondering what sort of fusion this is..Blues campur Rock.
Nice dude...like the end part of the music!

akuani said...

Yo AD: he has his own website dude :)) .... Seasick Steve

I liked this one :)) .... and he ain't no 'pretty boy' ahahah but that some voice and that's some music :))

Selamat Hari Raya everyone who's an AD blog fan ... keep safe yer all, I saw 3 bike fatalities yesterday driving home - it sickens me ... and if any of you see a white drifter type Honda WNV 3113 - stay away - he's one dangerous fucker on the road man!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yea, he's one talented guy. but am not much a blues fan la.

happy holiday, guys!

Bernard said...

More of Seasick Steve's songs can be heard here : www.last.fm/music/Seasick+Steve

anfield devotee said...

mohan: Da Blues more or less always follow a set pattern, you know that. The barometer is whether the tune has got soul, feel . . . you know, the bluuuueeees.

Akuani: Yes, me knows the website. Me is looking fer a blogsite where me can download one of his three albums. Any ideas?

Kerp: Don't need to be a fan to see this is some serious shit. And happy holidays to you too dude!

anfield devotee said...

bernard: Thanx fer that. Me is aware. But me wanna download dude . . . download.

And before anyone accusses me of ripping Seasick Steve of his royalties, me canna find any of his albums in the fooking shops rite.

akuani said...

AD on his site - the album cost like Pound Sterling 15.99 or something ...

Let's all hope Mohan here is kind at Christmas and grabs each of us a copy *big hopeful eyes at Mohan* heheheheehehhe

Achilles said...

Can't view as usual. so got to go home and check it out. But the short one liner of his life's story is sounds interesting.

Anyway Happy Holidays to all.

Bernard said...

Latest album available to download for 5 quid (or RM31 at today's rates) but only until this Sunday. If you're too kiam siap/stingy to put up the money, maybe we can pool together, get it & burn a copy each.

kevo said...

Good stuff. Where this guy come from? The blues made so raunchy. Is all his shit like this? And the 3 string guitar? What?!! What a name as well. I'm sure Mr Paul Weller there was quite impressed too.

anfield devotee said...

bernard: On. Me split with you half-half. Ok? Pls do the necessary. Kindly download first. And pls burn me a copy. Cheers!

Kevo: This guy's from all over. Having lived in 56 different cities. Last place of abode - Oslo, Norway!!! Me thinks Paul Weller was looking quite worried there coz he was probably up next & thinking "how da fook do I top that?!?".

achilles: Great fooking stuff la this, make sure you have a listen. He sings about his life's adventures on this track . . . One of those who started busking just to make ends meet. Now international star la kira after several ground-stomping performances at BIG UK festivals like V2 & Glastonbury.

ps: This dude prefers to be called a "song & dance man" rather than the traditional blues man. Love his foot stomping which he calls his rythm section!!!

Bernard said...

This is for the album 'Dog House Music' -



OK, will do the necessary for the latest album.

anfield devotee said...

Bernard: Cheers Dude! Mucho appreciated!

Latest album apprently recorded in plush state-of-the-art studio & people are wondering if it has diluted his sound. Earlier albums were recorded on basic 12-track decks.

senorita.. said...

omg, fucking nice la wei....

i know i can always count on FFS to provide good music (although not always my cup of tea.. =P)

THANK YOU for sharing.

senorita.. said...

erm,i dunno y i cant download part 2. part 1 i got edi

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Free users have a limited time frame to download on rapid share. So try again esok.

Glad you like this. Me thinks its fooking awesome. And great music is meant to be shared.

senorita.. said...

erm.. what's the password? i got both edi.. =P

thx heaps!

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Ah shit, you mean this one's encoded?

Me haven't downloaded yet. Will ask Bernard to if he knows the password.

YBmozcavalera said...

tuan-tuan,puan-puan, sudara-sudara dan yg notsodara sekalian,

1. HAPPPY FREAKKINNN HOLIDAYSSS. HAVE A GRAND AND MIGHTY ONE. get pissed, high, laid, sleep, rest, whatever. just lay back and immerse

2. kerp: SELAMATTT HARGGHII RAYEEEEE!!! maafkan gua dan maafkan football club gua dan ..dann. HAVE A GOOD ONE DEI ALRIGHT!!! (save some food for you guests la bro..mwahhahahha).
p.s. will keep you posted macha.

3. misc hostages released - anything traded the other way? a ships worth of cash perhaps?. what..no..yu kidding me? they released them for free?

4. stiles..grrrr..hulll...the lane...arhghghghghghhghghhg

5. Bala: have not downloaded, but judgin' from yer description, have a feeling i'm gonna like it. i'm a sucker for anything bedroom-recording sounding with that hiss, crackle and pop goin' on the background, y'know like the smoky sound yu get off vinyls. also a mega HUGE sucker for lo-fi recordings ranging from the 4-track kind (think chess/decca) *sigh*
and lastly a beladhi sucker for anything bluesy. the first time i heard richard johnson squeal man, it pressed my eyeballs back into its sockets; a sunken delights. and that sounds he pulled off with what seemingly soudned like an electrified kapok guitar - that was enough. and top it all of it was a free tape that i got of those old "history of bluess" magz (remember them?) will download pronto...i'm in the same boat as achillesrajen, cant download in the opis.

premo: dude, hope yer alright mate. have a feeling yer mighty busy and can relate to that. will give you a shout soon.

achilles: ever wondered what manowar would sound like playing king of steel a-la blues?:)))

ciao dudes.

p.s. i am playin that old eurythmics number "sweet dreams"
to death. take care bro.

YBmozcavalera said...

oh and on sad note: just to inform of an old sporean opposition stalwart jb.jeyaratnam had passed away earlier today at the age of 82and almost bankrupt due to LKY/LSH and GCT defamation suits against him. the man was alive and kickin' right till the end. selling books he wrote on street corners and lrt station. one of the few farkers who had the balls to give an upyours to LKH while in parliament.

made me glad, i'm not freakin sporean to a certain extent.

Bernard said...

Sorry-ah, in my excitement, I didn't notice this little important bit of info - password for Dog house Music is "joeykins"

anfield devotee said...

Thanx Bernard.

Life's Like That said...

AD : Not big fan of this kind of music but enjoyed last partlah.

senorita.. said...

AD, u might wanna alter the password u wrote in ur blog post. it's 'joeykins' without the capital J.



Achilles said...

Moz: Cannot imagine Manowar in blues-lah... one thing for sure, it won't sound like Manowar.