Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Minister talking shite . . . as usual (Ref Malaysiakini)

Tourism Minister Datuk Azalina Othman said such behaviour would reflect poorly on Malaysia’s image to tourists.

And what was the esteemed minister commenting on this time, you ask? Guess what, the fact that scores of Hindraf supporters had the gall to turn up at the PM's Raya open house to peacefully pass a memorandum (& a teddy bear!) asking fer the release of their five leaders. (see report at:

The YB also went on to say that the open house was not the appropriate venue fer this as the Hindraf supporters could have met the PM elsewhere officially or when parliament reconvened. Oh really?

Reflect badly on tourists? Me suppose spraying peaceful demonstrators with water cannons & detaining citizens without trial sheds a wonderful light on this country's image.

Words fooking fail me rite now . . .

ps: The ex-de facto Law Minister Dato'Zaid Ibrahim said Azalina was one of the main agitators against his reforms & constantly labelled his actions as "anti-Malay". And yet there are those who say UMNO is the best party to lead this country . . . fooking incredible.


Kopite78 said...

I must say I am quite suprised by Azalina. I know many gay people and they are all the most liberal and open minded people. After all you need to be that when you are gay.

So if anyone who should be opposing unjust discrimination it should be Azalina right?

telur dua said...

Poor image of Malaysia? The Gomen is already doing a wonderful job without any help.

Azalina is merely giving her 2 cents of comments. Yes, that is what it's worth.

I always wonder why people like her don't keep their mouth shut in the absence of anything worth saying.

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

Kopite78: Sexual orientation has got noting to do with ability to talk shite. Who says she's gay anyway? - ignorant old me :-)

telur dua: Yer being overly generous are you not . . . ?

telur dua said...

Is there a daily quota of crap that Ministers have to fulfil? Seems that way to me.

anfield devotee said...

telur dua: You could be right seeing that UMNO are so fooking fond of quotas . . .

ps: If you are in need of some entertainment in light of all this bullshit, may me humbly invite you to check out me previous posting & to download some great music fer free.

And TQ fer dropping by.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Sometimes you've got to take what politicians(especially the TV teen host broadcaster handpicked by Mahathir...surprised she's got that am picturing her with Rafidah in a compromising position...hahaha) says with a pinch of salt. Nothing much to do with anything much...among among kosong aje dude!

Don't like the idea of the Hindraf dudes using their kids for political ideation though ...perhaps terdesak.. don't blame them either.

Like i said, and i reiterate ..change happens slowly. {Perhaps I'm away from Malaysia but from the blogs and online info...too many people are listening to politicians..NO one should ever listen to politicians dude, let alone trust them). Change happens in the form of education, in the likes of what your friend Nanda Dude does for championing the environment, more importantly it happens gradually.
Don't get me wrong..what I'm trying to point out is the whole system is corrupt down and rotten down to the bone..and recovery takes time. There's everything to loose if the BN fucks declare an emergency rule or even another ISA coup...and everything you ppl. have been working for would be lost!!(Well we can also talk about the Perak dudes who said..orang bagi kita angkatlah, or the PAS dudes nak sembahyang hajat before every foriegn concert, or the PKR Dude who stormed into the Bar Council open forum...what's the fucking difference)...No one ever trusts POLITICIANS!!!

Change happens when people care and are given the proper education to care for what they persieve is right.. THE RIGHT TO THINK FREELY!!
p/s: still hate you fuckin' bastards for having all that Raya Food!..and gloating about it!!

Life's Like That said...

AD : You are only as good as your leader. And if good ol Bodohwi can make stupid statements (as per my latest posting), then what do u expect from his handpicked ministers???

senorita.. said...

M,y lar u picturing them in compromising positions? u wanna regurgitate yr dinner is it?

i still think we lack bright ppl in Parliament... the ones having the power to say yes/no are not nearly as bright...

and oh..... lemang! rendang! ketupat..! where art thou?

anfield devotee said...

Mohan: TQ fer yer feedback.

As fer yer advice -"Don't trust politicians" & "Take what they say with a pinch of salt" - I mean seriously la dey, you really think we are sooooooo stupid or what?

Seriously dude. That mantra is just fooking tiresome. Like we don't know any better. Sigh . . .

As fer change slowly? In case you have not realised, things are getting from bad to worse. Am not expecting a democratic utopia overnite.

Again, you are very keen to point out the flaws of the opposition. All me can say is that at least Pakatan has the BALLS to say they were WRONG & take action. Zulkifli the fundamentalist is suspended & will have to answer fer his actions.

The fooker who took sex bribe in Perak has been EXPELLED. Pakatan leaders made it a point to say they are NOT gonna be like BN who NEVER punish their wrongdoers (eg Rahim Thamby Chik, Ahmad Ismail et al).

That is CHANGE isn't it. ACCOUNTABILITY. Slow & small but change nevertheless. Unless of course, you are preaching one thing & expecting something else?

Me really don't see what you are getting at la?

As fer education, what did you think me campaign to get people registered was fer? You called it BIG BROTHER tactics. WTF? A call to exercise yer democratic right & to bring change thru the ballot box is met with that?!!?? Fooking hell . . .

And what d you think all me reportage on the political on-goings are fer? You may think it is just senseless grumbling.
No, it is me small way of hoping more people get information or opinions which are NOT GOVT CENSURED!

Am sorry la, me is at a loss as to what you are saying. Coz time & time again, me has told you that politicians are an UNFORTUNATE evil in a parliamentary democracy. But you never answered when asked fer alternative.

So pls stop with yer patronising bollocks. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but yer continued repeating of some basic truths like "don't trust politicians" paints us as ignoramus mice who are blindly following the pied piper.

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Just saying you're going to loose everything when emergency rule is declared dude...people/BN fucks will never give up so easily. Sorry if you feel if I'm patronising dude..never meant that..just speaking my thoughts!!
p/s: If you're not comfortable with independent(sometimes stupid opinions)..just delete it dude.. doesn't really matter!!

Mohan said...

p/s: Sad that you don't see that I want the BN to go get loss..and deteriorate too...whatever!!(Sometimes I find it sad that ppl. have nothing to say about ideas but resort in personal attacks on an fuck off dude).

anfield devotee said...

Dear Mohan,

It is not that me is uncomfortable with differing opinions, tis just that you keep harping on the same issues without a viable alternative.

Delete? Already said me wouldn't do that.

RE: "Sometimes I find it sad that ppl. have nothing to say about ideas but resort in personal attacks on an fuck off dude."

Hmmm . . . what can me say. Obviously, you have never bothered to read the LONG & CONSIDERED arguments me makes in response to yer comments. Instead you choose to see it as a personal attack on yer character. Which, by the way, it isn't.

If you have read the prior reponses, you'll see that me tries to explain in great detail what me opnions are & why. But you choose to see it as nothing but a personal attack. So much fer yer analysis. A quick glance will show that me has touched on issues on ACCOUNTABILITY, ALTERNATIVE OPINIONS & CAMPAIGN TO GET REGISTERED.

Also me knows you have said you want to see BN down. But also contrarily you have mocked Pakatan as being nothing but the same. This is when you preach fer slow change. And yet, you expect Pakatan to be PERFECT.

Personal attack? Me is at pains to point out this isn't personal but a forum fer debate. Yet you call people 'Big Brother' & all sorts of right wing connotations but yet canna handle a question or two bout yer opinions?

Anyway, can see it is you who has taken offence when someone dares challenge yer accepted notions or views. Sorry that you feel that way.

And sure, me will fook off. Why the fook not, eh? YB Mohan has spoken . . .

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Apologies for the fuck off...part! Sorry. Perhaps what I was trying to say was I see nothing much changing...I keep harping on that..and will very often. Even here we see the impact of the flactualtion of Oil Prices and Credit Crunch effecting the political situation.

Good advice..shall try to think about what can be done(but personally think it's an NP-Hard problem). Well...we're all trying and on the same side at chill dude.
p/s: You're never going to get rid of corruption..never happened in the West..will never happen there either(Just my opinion dude).

Achilles said...

AD: here is my 2 cents worth on why these fookers keep making these comments. I think this is part of the long brainwashing process. Keep flashing all this stuff in the media (no matter how stupid it may seem), enough people will buy it eventually and soon take it to be truth. Then they will believe that HINDRAF is evil. Its called advertising bro.

Mohan: Bro... you still not answering the question which is posted by AD. If all politicians are fooks, what else can we do? what is your proposed solution? Or should we just accept that we are all fooked either way so why bother? Sorry... me don't believe in rolling over and dying.

For now, we see the only viable option (i won't call it a solution as we are not that naive to believe everything will be rosey) is to give someone else a try.

Yes, corruption will always be there, but to what magnitude? If you can reduce it, wouldn't you want to try? Or are you saying that 1 cent corruption is just as ad as RM10,000,000 in corruption? If you are, its like saying cutting your finger nails is the same as cutting off an entire arm.... so might as well go for an arm.

Anba said...

As fer my 5 cents...
i guess what azalina's trying to do is trying to salvage some racial credentials to pinch votes when the elections come..
I guess thats the way am _i_ no works they get votes by racial credentials...
A lot of ppl actually now have a very critical viewpoint some might say anti gomen views ever since the ISA debacle involving the 3
so the more the ruling party come out with this type of comment..they are burying themself in a deeper hole...
deeper and deeper...

akuani said...

AD just a thought or two, no political alliances here ya - me thinks I've been 'bashed' enough although I've put white flag up and said fine if PR get to run, I'll take the change and make it work for me (self centered fook I am I know)

Not a great political analyst, but me thinks that so far what's worked everytime for the gomen is the racial card. And that's the only strategy they know to use they keep flogging the dead carcass for what it's worth.

All politicians use it since they know the majority of the suckers who will believe this 'threat' are surviving on the 'propaganda' that is fed to them.

Everyone uses it - not just UMNO since they are the masterminds of this crap, but everyone and they use it for their own push forward.

Whatever the reason, people are grappling at straws here, so why not use the damn thing again, it's worked before, it might work again then again it might not.

If you and I believe there's a better tomorrow for all of us minus this bloody game of pitting race against race - then this is NOT going to work for us, and hopefully this filters down to the deciders and emancipates their minds ... tough job no less, but there's hope.

Malays can keep their rights all they want, just start accepting the non-Malays played and still play a VERY important role in Malaysian economics - stop marginalizing and ignoring us.

(don't come beat me up again AD, just back from the Dr with not very exciting news)

nanda666 said...

Had this same discussion and my dad, mom and a few others were going on about the Raya open house being an inappropriate location for HINDRAF to protest.
Then Mrs. nanda666 said, "Was there an appropriate time to use ISA?? Their family and friends have been detained without trial and we're talking about the Right time???...When stuff like that happens, the government has no right to talk about right timing!!! What's the difference between Malaysia and Myanmar then?????" dad and mom didn't have much to say but nod in agreement.

Jon-C said...

Empty vessels make the most noises. That sums it all.

Mohan said...

Archilles Dude: I really don't know. I'm all for change but just weary sudden attempts for change will fail badly. The majority still support the BN fucks(all you have to do is look at how many hits chedet has so far)..What is going to the the government from declaring Emergency Rule or another ISA coup when they have so much to loose and ample support amongst the public, hence my idea of education. Just look at the good people who do leave comments here and AD's site and ask whether they're a representation of the population(the last time ti was in USM..most could't even string a proper sentence let alone think rationally).
So here goes me 2 cents for change(and I might/will be all too wrong too)::
1. The destruction of UMNO from within.
2. Tne need for a strong opposition(a so called 2 party system(which ever party)).
3. A FREE media to facilitate debate and hold politicians acountable to their actions.
4. Reformation of the Judiciary.
5.. Bodies like the Bar Council, independent NGO's to work towards repelling the ISA and OSA.
5. A total revamp of the NEP.
6. A dilutation of race..toning down the Arabic Muslim culture, creating a multi-cultural framework in government, the private sector and life in general.
7. Shaming the multi-nationals that work with the government of repression. Foreign influence has a major impact on the political spectrum sometimes.
8. And finally, reducing the price of Special Brew to RM1.

But then how do we do all these things with basic education, to teach people and ourselves to think critically and bum around with ideas. Like I said I'm all for change, just weary of politicians and would like change to take place slowly, bottom Up..instead of top down.

Anyway, apologies if i have offended anyone in my comments. Like i always said it's just about ideas and I'm always learning something new(who know I might be at a Pakatan Rally one day).

nanda666 said...

I agree that we're all on the same side.
Mohan: good stuff about starting from the bottom up. This differs from AD and some of the others but's your view.

I would rather, in the interest of time, start from both ends. We can't have our children intergrating well if the Muslim children are taught that their non-muslim friends are infidels, right? Don't bring your "non-halal" food to school, etc?? So yes...lets get some proper intergration based education in place ASAP.
DSAI can, on the other hand, address the 2 party check and balance issue..hopefully....

Mohan said...

AD Dude: Apologies for the numerous grammatical errors..but i suppose you get the gist of what i'm valiently trying to say.

Nanda666(hahaha..mana datang tu 666..Omen..hahaha): You make much sense in working in both ways. Just sad dude, that things have taken shape in that way. Read about an ex.USM student making some very racist comments about Indians after getting her mobile phone nicked...and am still thinking where our education system has failed.

Anyway dudes, have an amazing holiday and do take care.
Keling Mabuk, M.

Mohan said...

p/s: Chilling Out listening to Sonic Youth's Silver Session for Jason and Glen Branca..The Ascension..wondering how i could share this with you ppl.(if you don't already have it)...amazing habis kot!!

Azer Mantessa said...

hahaha ... i thot what those hindraf peeps did was cool stuff


Tinesh said...

That's why I said Im gonna open a PR firm only for politicians. Damn cun money. Then make Kerp the PM. You and I can be Vincent and Ananda

anfield devotee said...

nanda: well said la, once again, MRS Nanda666! Nanda, start la new party, IMA - Irish Malayan Alliance!!!

Mohan: No offence taken la. It is good that some of these "discussions" get a bit heated once in a while. Means people still care!

As fer yer 8 point manifesto, me 100% agree with you, even the special brew bit. But seriously, you would have noticed that PKR have made at least 5 of yer suggestions as part of their RULING manifesto. (eg- free media, unbiased judiciary, repeal of ISA & other draconian laws, revision of NEP etc).

That's far better than the crap that BN keeps feeding us. WHich is precisely the point of this posting. Azalina & all the other fookers keep blurting out the most unbelievable shite & expect us o swallow.

And whilst you are rite to say NEVER tust a politico, at least Pakatan fellas are talking some sense & saying the right things . . . fer now.

As fer BN declaring martial law, we have already discussed the possiilitoes here many times & are fully aware that BN are NOT gonna gi quietly. Have said so meself many times. But what to do? Risk we'll have to take.

Achilles: System is just so fooked up rite now, both sides canna see a way out. Oct 13 will be the day Anwar makes or break. End game is here.

Akuani: No lar . . . don't be so sensitive la. Anyway, what's up with Dr's report? ANything serious? Overdose on pando ah you?

Anba: Yer rite bout her trying to get some publicity before UMNO elections.

Azer: Hindraf - agree or disagree, they were merely voising the frustrations of many hardcore poor Indians.

Tinesh: You greedy fooker. Go join BN lar . . .

Achilles said...

Mohan: Bro... i know you are weary about the change... but if we don't try we won't know right? We have to give them a chance.

End of the day, we need to end the monopoly that BN has... as per what you pointed out in Point 2 of your comments. as long as they think they are Gods (sad to say but we gave them this status), they will keep pissing on us. Once they realize that we can piss back on them (voting opposition would be one good way)then they realize that at the end of the day, we hold the power... not them.

I too have the same mantra of "the only good politician is a dead one" but like AD says, its an evil of democracy that we have to live with. There is no perfect scenario, and there never will be...Thus is the curse of us humans... but if we can reduce the evils as per what you pointed out, it should be a better place to live already. and me thinks for this to happen, we need to give the opposition a chance.

Let me leave all of you with a motivational quote which is applicable to all aspects of your life.

"If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will keep getting what you've been getting."

AD: sorry for the very long post.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: No problemo. Yer always welcome to share yer thoughts here.

mohan: One more thing. Regarding corruption. Yes, me knows there is no such thing as a corruption-free society. But as you know, it has become a way of life here. From top to bottom, fooking corrupt.

We have to put a stop to Ministers who think they can swindle not some pocket money but BILLIONS of tax payers money.

Fer eg, the purchase of subs by Najib; Samy's holding of land in Bandar Utama designated fer schools & other public amenities; Civil service purchase of basic office sipplies at 100 times the normal rate etc etc.

Ni semua sudak lebih la . . .

Achilles said...

AD: Don't forget my favourite... buying Mercedes to save the Country Money... that's still the best.

Not just stealing our money, but treating us like idiots.


anfield devotee said...

achilles: Do note that NOBODY has been brought to justice fer that. And as usual, no one will . . .

Life under BN . . . fooking wonderful.