Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a load of fooking bollocks

Am sure many of you have come across those who spout bollocks such as:

1) "Online media is pro-opposition & is not unanswerable to anybody so it spreads lies. You cannot belive the online media . . . (blah blah ad nauseum)."

FFS retorts: Malaysiakini reporter has resigned over an erroneous report regarding Najib's alleged manifesto. That's accountability isn't it? Compare with the hate-fulled reports & "short stories" which regularly appear in Utusan. No apology & fook all remorse. It functions as nothing more than UMNO's hate propaganda machine. And the cheek of some well known bloggers to say it is wrong fer DAP to sue Utusan as it contravenes freedom of the press. FOOKING FOOK OFF!
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2) "Anwar is a chameleon & will say the right thing to the right audience. He is not to be trusted . . . (blah blah ad nauseum)."

FFS retorts: Khairy fooking J no less has based his campaign fer UMNO Youth chief on a platform of multiracialism and government reforms. One of the biggest issues at the moment, he says, is the pro-Malay affirmative action programmes of the New Economic Policy (NEP).
"I've said from the beginning that although the NEP-type policy is still necessary, we have to reform it so that it does not enrich just a very small segment of the Malay population." That's almost akin to Hitler saying he loves Jews or Ronald Reagan saying he believes in socialism? Fooking hell, does this right-wing extremist think just coz the rest of us commoners aren't Oxford-educated, we are fooking morons who are gonna swallow his shite?
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3) "Pity la Pak Lah, he is a decent man who is trying to reform the government . . . blah blah ad nauseum."

FFS retorts: Ah yes, he says he will push thru his reforms now that he is no longer beholden to the party warlords. So today he appointed Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi as the Chief Justice of the Federal Court. Problem? Well, apart from the fact that Zaki is a well-known UMNO activist & that he pole-vaulted his way thru the higher courts (he was appointed Federal Court judge in September last year and elevated to Court of Appeal president two months later) - no, not really. Independent judiciary my fooking foot!
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Who is going to save us from the continued bollocks of UMNO? Suggestions, people?


nanda666 said...

If you look at The Sun, the comments coming from our ministers are just getting really bad.

The Selangor PR goverment, on the other hand, seem to be making more sense of everthing including the proposed budget 2009 for Selangor.

It's actually pretty simple, when you really mean to do something, it comes out right.

And if you usually shows.

And these BN ministers.....OMG...they can really lie!!!

anfield devotee said...

nanda: Thing is these fookers don't even bother lying anymore. People like Syed Hamid Albar, Najib et al have turned talking bollocks into an art form.

And still, there are those out there who INSIST that these fookers are the best people to lead this nation . . .

Am completely flabbergasted la.

Problem with PKR's good work is that NONE of the govt-censured media is giving it the neccessary attention. So people will continue to think that PKR are full of shite & doing absolutely nothing.

Achilles said...

AD: The problem is, people have been brainwashed since day 1. From your history lessons on how BN was the saviour of the nation to the media constantly upholding them. majority of the people only have access to the papers as their source of info.

Then we have the educated people who do surf and have seen the other side, but still refuse to believe it, and think that Barisan Najis is holy...that one i dunno-lah...i guess that is how effective the brainwashing has been.

But then again bro...DSAI also has let a lot of people down. All his talks of take over and then nothing happened. so people who did support the other side have all lost hope. Its going to be hard to rally that level of support again. now even more than ever, people who did care about politics are saying... what's the point.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Our only hope is that Najib's administration does even worse than Bodohwi's la & people will be forced to vote fer a change.

nanda666 said...

It really doesn't mean much about what's in the media, what accessible...but more to what it means to you....
The Bush administration and the likes of the BN administration both have one thing in common and that is...VERY POWERFUL FRIENDS!! and as long as their supporters get something good...(i.e. contracts, etc)'s the Rakyat biasa la that get @#$#$$!

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

nanda: betul . . .

But rakyat have to wake up & smell the coffee also rite.

As you found out to yer dismay, some people canna even be bothered to register. Not their problem, they fooking say. . .

Or like Achilles & meself, have to contend with educated fookheads who still blindly worship at BN's desecrated altar . . .

Anba said...
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Kopite78 said...

We are fooked lah. If you aint a Malay, you get nothin. This fookin country is not gonna change.

I am so sad to say this. I actually thought that we would see a change. It looks like all the hype created by DSAI was purely just to get rid of Abdullah.

akuani said...

AD: everyday it gets worse and worse and worse ... race based political parties - time to throw the whole shit out man.

Malaysia needs to realise to move forward is to acknowledge the mistakes and take steps to make things right.

Me thinks BN is no longer what Malaysia needs with voiceless component parties and bermaharajalela UMNO. Those fookers have fooked us all with their fear and greed to let anyone else shine and in true kampung politics, they're bloody fooking back stabbing each other ...

No wonder learning History is a scary option to the government, because we live with mythology of Sejarah Melayu and forget from where this nation really rose from.

The way forward? Ditch the Dacing, we need a truly multi-racial party where everybody is equal - DSAI promised this, yet to deliver maybe never to deliver - but the ideology exists - but who do we have that has the balls/boobs to push this forward??? No one, because we our 51yrs has taught the nons to step aside for the freaking lanuns who claim they are sons of this earth ... can I stand and scream balik Bugis/Jawa/Riau now???

**come visit me in Hotel K ok ... I'll miss FFS**

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

1. and the MSM has been doing fair reporting? That’s a real joke. When their responsibility is to carry accurate news to the Malaysian masses, we have the utusan and nst that keeps twisting and lying just to save their ass.

2. we are not that naïve to think anwar is the only politician with that trait are we? I can name list down their names but it will be endless la…but hamid albar is one worth mentioning.

3. what reform la these fellas talking about. When datuk mazlan harun made a report against him to the ACA, no action has been taken. What reform again? Fuck la.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Disappointing innit. Can't even harap PAS to take things forward as reports indicate a battle royale brewing between two camps within the party. One in favour of staying put with Pakatan (Tok Guru) & supporting Anwar. The other favours making pact with UMNO to strengthen 'Malay Unity'.

Akuani: (see above) too many self-serving pricks is the main fooking problem . . . No visionary who is able to take the country forward.