Tuesday, October 14, 2008

M'sia? Where the fook is that?!!? (Obituary: Cause of Death)

Another deathly slow week with the weekend still a distant microscopic dot of light at the end of working week tunnel. To combat the depression, me found the link to one of the all time great death metal albums. Even though released 18 fooking years ago, this second album from the Florida quintet abso-fooking-lutely kicks arse.

From John Tardy's bowel-of-hell vocals to the melodic fretwork courtesy of axeslinger-for-hire James Murphy, this album was the fooking business. Alongside Entombed's Left Hand Path, Sepultura's Beneath The Remains & Morbid Angel's Blessed Are The Sick, Cause of Death ranks as one of underground metal's finest moments.

Me was actually privileged enough to catch them during this album tour & man, did they bring the fooking roof down. Blistering riffs & supersonic double bass drums, hair flailing everywhere & pure guttural death metal ensured Obituary left a lasting impression on me cranium & seriously damaged eardrums.

The tunes are just state of the art of death metal with just the correct balance between brutality & melody. The sound effects in between the tracks also give the whole album an continuous organic feel while stand out tracks include 'Chopped In Half', 'Cause of Death' & the Celtic Frost cover 'Circle of the Tyrants'.

A fave anecdote involves me queuing up earlier in the day to get me album signed at the local death metal emporium. Of course, among all the gwailos, short lil brown me fooking stood out. So Donald Tardy asks me where me is from.

me (proudly): "Malaysia"

Donald Tardy: "You mean people in Malaysia know of us?"

me: "yes, of course."

DT (exclaiming to rest of the band): "Guys, people in Malaysia are rocking out to us! Fooking cool or what!?!!" (*much high five-ing ensues*)

Rest of band (in unison): "Where the fook is Malaysia?"

me: "Singapore?"

Obituary: "Nope"

me: "Thailand?"

Obituary: (blank expression)

me: "Viet Nam?"

Obituary: "Yeah, we fought a war didn't we?"

me:"South west of Viet Nam".

Band look well chuffed & signs me record with an extra flourish with the added message of "To Bala, Stay Cruel (signed Obituary)" . . .

Artist: Obituary
Album: Cause Of Death
Year: 1990
Size: 115 Mb

01 - Infected
02 - Body Bag
03 - Chopped In Half
04 - Circle Of The Tyrants
05 - Dying
06 - Find The Arise
07 - Cause Of Death
08 - Memories Remain
09 - Turned Inside Out
10 - Infected (Demo)
11 - Memories Remain (Demo)
12 - Chopped In Half (Demo)

To download Obituary's Cause of Death LP, go to: http://rapidshare.com/files/70953479/ObiCaofDeaxpablo_el_aleman.rar

To sample the ferocious sounds of these suvvern rednecks who obviously failed their geography exams, see vid below. Enjoy!

ps: Please do take the time to download this fooking classic LP & look forward to reading yer comments on it. Cheers!


Anba said...

I absolutely agree with balaji...
Obituary was the band that got me into Death Metal...
What i like about Obituary that their music had a feel or some would call grove thats absolutely awesome ...the only band that comes close to match their music is Boltthrower...which i highly recommend
The Riffs crushes you slowly but surely...even though they have admitted they married the music of hellhammer with slayer...
its a special brew that can only be provided by these Death Metal meisters...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i used to proudly wear their The End Complete tshirt altho admittedly, i've never had their stuff let alone heard them. i know what you'll have in mind after reading this little confession- you've got yourself a poseur friend, buddy!

anfield devotee said...

anba: Yeah dude. They have a certain groove to their sound which makes em special.

kerp: Haiyo dude. Mana boleh? Tis like dem fookers who walk around with their mu jersey tapi tak tengok game or them teenyboppers buying aerosmiths T shirts coz Britney wore one!

Nevermind, will make sure you have some of Obituary's albums the next time we meet.

Highly recommended are debut Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death, live album Dead & the latest Xcutioner's Return.

Great Stuff. Definitely one of me all time faves.

j or ji said...

me only got the end complete album.
and john tardy vox is among the best and weirdest in death metal scene.

Achilles said...

AD: As you know, me not a big fan of Obituary and the whole death metal scene... but will check out the vid you posted when me get a chance.

BTW... i am off the S'pore tonight for Motley Crue's concert tomorrow. Hope it will be blast. Will do my best to get pics... maybe pics with the band backstage? hahahahahaa

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

j or ji: The End Complete was a good album but not as good as Cause of Death. Please do enjoy this album & share yer views of this download here. Will also try to post links fer Slowly We Rot & Xcutioner's Return asap.

achilles: Don't forget to pack yer ultra-tight spandex . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro, i was only a yound kid then la...pretty lame and stupid.

btw, i wont be watching this weekend's home game against everton as i'll be away on a much higher and cooler ground. but definitely wont bring any of the Arsenal kit with me la...for obvious reason.


and dont forget to bring zippo lighter with you. you may need it when 'Without You' comes on....


Achilles said...

AD: hehehehe... that and me hair spray.

Kerp: I hope they play a lot of their older stuff and not just stuff from their new album. See-lah how it goes. will share some pics with you guys if i can.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Everton? No prob la, some more Cahill suspended. 3-0 to the Arse.

ps: Did you dig the vid?

achilles: Am sure you'll enjoy yerself. Don't burn yer fooking fingers holding the lighter aloft fer too long . . .