Thursday, October 30, 2008

Devil's Music PtI (Neuropathia: Devil Owns Your Stereo)

The devil's music indeed. . . from Poland no less. Brutal grindcore with just the right blend of self-depreciating humour (eg Worst Band In The World) & super sonic speed, Neuropathia have managed to take the genre forward with their quirky and irreverent sound.

Their earlier LPs were a fooking blast & me will try to post the download links here soon. Key to them making grindcore a little less like a fooking drill to the head is by adding lotsa of sound effects & snippets of movie dialogue in between the tunes. Fact is these fookers make grindcore seriously groovy!

To download Neuropathia's Satan Owns Your Stereo (2008), please go to: .
1. Face The Obliteration
2. Mysterious man with to newspaper
3. Satan Owns Your Stereo
4. High On Nicotine
5. Unpleasant Mournings
6. On Your Knees
7. Burnt Out
8. Brain Damage9
9. Ścieżka
10. Transsexual Worshipers Of satan
11. Iron Midget Buster Of Elephants
12. We're Abused Of her Majesty
13. Your last Hope
14. We Are Local
15. Fuck You Asshole
16. Worst Band In The World
17. Skulls For My Bride
18. Prosac Generation

As usual, look forward to yer comments on the album. Enjoy yer weekend!

ps: Am sure lotsa of you have folks who definitely thought satan did indeed own yer stereo & with this album you can pretty much confirm their suspicions! Mine gave up a long time ago . . .


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Neuro what?

nice graphics tho...ala2 Rob Zombie's.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Wait till you see the album art fer the previous albums. Class act.

This was a band that me came across one of the metal website - Brutal Zone. Thought just download & see la, no harm done.

Was seriously blown away by their groovy grindcore.

Do check it out as this is one heck of an LP.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i did, via youtube and i thought they were ok. but they've actually got an album called Satan Is A Cunt. muahaha...kinda funny la.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: yeah, have got that album. will try to post the links here soon. Artwork fer that Satan Is A Cunt LP is quite cool as well.