Monday, October 13, 2008

More fooking disappointment (Ref Malaysiakini)

Oct 13 - first day of parliament after the Raya break. What gives? Two fooking major disappointments.

Firstly, Anwar announced that there shall be no motion of no-confidence. As many had expected, his posturing & rhetoric fer the last few months was just that . . . empty & devoid of substance. Whilst me still thinks BN should be given the boot, Anwar has painted himself into a corner usually reserved fer the class dunce. His star is waning . . . fast.

Secondly, this being the first session of a reconvened parliament & was supposed to see a hearty debate regarding Budget 2009. What happens? Absolutely nada. Why? Coz the new Finance Minister was NOWHERE in sight. Also missing were the two deputy finance ministers as well as the entire fooking cabinet. At a time when the Budget is looking outdated in light of the current global economic crisis, the no show by Mr Ulan Bator & gang shows just where their fooking priorities lie. Most certainly not at parliament or with the nation's economy. (see

As a radical blogger once pointed out perhaps Guy fooking Fawkes had the best idea of them all. 5th Nov anybody?


akuani said...

AD: DSAI's star is fast fading you say? ... then where does the hopes of the new era nation now lie? with Najib and his fookers? We're all fooking c4-ed brother!!

What happened to DSAI's fire and promises? Did we just get buggered for believing and hoping??

If you're disappointed, what about a lot of people out there who were dreaming of a new Zaman Gemilangan under the premiership and stewardship of ever the chameleon ...

I am really worried that the Fin Minister was not present and like one writer to thestar asks - is our government not at all bothered with the heavy possibility of the 1920's Depression hitting us flat out as everyone else tumbles ....

Aiyo ... thankfully my mom is a pekebun kecil trying to at least have some home grown veges, or else we're fooking going to be ass drying (as they say in tamil!!)

Fookers all them politicians - the biggest entertainers!

Achilles said...

AD: Me feels your pain and disappointment. Me has a few thoughts / theories on DSAI's sudden lack of fighting spirit... and to be honest, i hate to say it.

A) he's been bought off.. ie, keep your mouth shut and you enjoy some of the submarine sale income and other future unnecessary purchases using the rakyat's money.

b) He was threatened... ie, keep stirring trouble and its off to the dungeons and this time we will throw the key away for good

c)King told him to stop doing this shit as he won't back him up either.

d) me hate to say it... but gotta say it... he's just like the rest of the politicians.. all talk and no fooking action. just pure lip service.

I dunno-lah bro...i was so inspired by him and truly believed that we would see change in this lifetime... and not to mention the countless arguments i have had with people over this while defending him. now what can we say?

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Me has told you countless times before, me is not a diehard Anwar fan. Just that he was the BEST option available in light of Khir Toyo, Najib et al. And pls don't start on the "don't listen to politicians" & "me told you so" mantras. He played his cards wrong. But let's not forget, he was the only politician who DARED to say abolish ISA & redesign the NEP. Just words? Well, at least its better than the BN fookheads who say everything's fine & dandy. Hmmmm . . . me thinks he seriously miscalculated his moves here.
Truth be told, he still managed to rock BN's boat like no one else before.

achilles: He put all his eggs in one basket . . . fooking sigh.

akuani said...

I did not say you were a diehard fan here AD ... am just really damn frustrated with everything in this country at the moment - every point dead ends ...

And I wasn't doing no mantra either ... just a fooking exclamation (me thinks me going to be jobless soon - anyone needs someone do be tea lady?? I fooking need to raise me 2 kids still - am fucked maximus at the moment ...)

Achilles said...

AD: Yeah man... really wrong strategy on his part.

Akuani: Why-lah going to be jobless soon? If you really looking for a job, let me know or pass me your resume and i can help you to fetch something.

akuani said...

achilles: hey thanks and I am really looking for a job.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the new finance minister was busy lobbying for support. having someone like KuLi as your opponent by no means an easy feat.

anfield devotee said...

akuani: Zaid Ibrahim fer PM?

achilles: tactic backfired la. Najib's got way too much money & can virtually buy off everybody.

kerp: As much as me thinks Ku Li is the best of the lot with his moderate stance, me thinks he will struggle to garner the required nominations given that Ku Li refuses to play money politics.

akuani said...

AD: would that mean better judiciary?
will I get better family court judges so my 6 yrs waiting for someone to use some available law to grant me my decree absolute and maintenance for my daughters??

All for Zaid perhaps .. but his economic fundamentals strong *kih kih kih* ... I wretch hearing that!!

Achilles said...

Akuani: Email me your resume and i will do my best to help you.

Also, do try Job street and all... its pretty good actually.

worse to worse,there is always the sales job for me magazine. hehehehehe

Kopite78 said...

I don't know what to say lah. Was Anwar just giving us lip service all this while. I hate to think that my worst fears may come true. A leopard does not change his spots.

Akuani, I may have something for you if you are inerested.

akuani said...

I just got back from a long lunch **venting** to my 2 male colleagues about the shit I had this morning ..

And I come back to so many ppl offering to help ... hey guys - Thanks so much ..

Achilles: got it :)

Kopite78: watcha got cooking that I might be interested in?

AD: sorry fren your blog jadi job-seekers site :))

anfield devotee said...

akuani: No problemo aunty. Me has passed yer resume to the relevant parties. Hope some positive news will come yer way soon.

kopite78: No lar, me thinks he just miscalculated his tactics. He went fer broke & . . . (looks like he has) failed. Sigh . . .

Kopite78 said...

Akuani: Will send you more info through facebook mail. Basically it is in the investment industry.