Monday, October 20, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Obituary: Xecutioner's Return)

As promised, me has found the link to Obituary's latest opus. And me thought it the ideal Monday posting as this is one album that will definitely blow the fooking cobwebs off yer weekend-hungover brain.

Just a quick note, the title is a reference to the band's original monicker - Xecutioner. Another notable diff is there is more twiddly-widdly guitar wanking courtesy of Ralph Santolla, who took the place of founder member Allen West (also of Six Feet Under) who is behind bars fer a drunk driving charge.

Needless to say, if an album is featured here, me generally thinks its the dogs bollocks. And this one here flies the death metal flag loud & fooking proud. Cliched as this may sound, this is a return to form after the lukewarm Frozen In Time & shows there is life yet in these hairy suvvern rednecks. In yer face death metal with plenty of hooks fer the Malmsteen maniacs as well as the trademark driving riffing that will induce auto dandruff removal.

Me had to fooking fork out RM85 fer this disc in Pertama, so the fact that you are getting it fer free means the least you could do is fooking click the download link below. Enjoy & look forward to yer pronouncements on this killer piece of music.

Band : Obituary
Album : Xecutioner's Return
Year : 2007
Genre : Death Metal
Format : Mp3 - 320 Kbps

Track listing:
1. Face Your God (2:56)
2. Lasting Presence (2:12)
3. Evil Ways (2:57)
4. Drop Dead (3:36)
5. Bloodshot (3:25)
6. Seal Your Fate (2:30)
7. Feel The Pain (4:31)
8. Contrast The Dead (7:01)
9. Second Chance (3:28)
10. Lies (3:32)
11. In Your Head (4:32)

To download Obituary's Xecutioner's Return (2007), please click: (password: devil_woman)


senorita.. said...

i took a listen to the previous vid. not bad, not bad at all. but did not download as it is still not my type of listening.

it is such a pity that i am not into these music.. i just found a store selling cheap LPs and CDs. metal... heavy metal. looks damn dark and most probably... er,i mean definitely, is ur mug of beer! and the metal bar every Friday. just too bad.

anfield devotee said...

Nay worries, madam. Janji cuba.

No comments bout the flailing hair?

hee hee

senorita.. said...

oh,i jus plug in me earphone and read me 'strategic marketing' text book while the thing blast thru me ears. no notice da hair. lol

Achilles said...

AD: I know this is a bit off topic but I have to share with you.

Motley Crue Concert was fooking fantastic. was 3 people away from the front of the stage. and me wifey managed to catch a pick that Nikki Sixx threw into the crowd. Fook yeah.

Got loads of pics of the band (since me was so close), and they played mostly old stuff. Started out with Kickstart my Heart and ended with Home Sweet Home.

They had an oppening band called Bad Obsession... not sure if they are Indonesian or Singaporean... but they rocked too. All in All.... one fooking hell of an experience. Was worth every cent if you ask me. will be posting the pics on me facebook, so please check it out.

BTW, did you get me invite for the halloween party? The invitation for the halloween party is open to all FFS visitors as well.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Glad you & wifey had a ball.

And no, didn't get invite fer halloween do. Pls sms me.


Achilles said...

AD: Invited you in facebook bro. But anyway, me and Rajinder organizing this party in Frontera Bar (jalan University, PJ) on October 31, 2008. Please do come and please help to spread the word. Invitation is also open to all FFS regulars and not so regulars. We could consider this FFS's next gathering?

Jugs at RM40, RM260 for Vodka and RM350 for Chivas...all night long.

Let me know man.

anfield devotee said...

what say you kerp, Oct31? Rest of you guys, how?

j or ji said...

(selepas mendapat tutorial secara YM selama setengah jam semalam!)


now i can donlod everything!
first obituary..later adult dvd!

Anba said...

balaji: 31st gua tak boleh make it..sorry eh...

anfield devotee said...

j or ji: Well fooking done! Now you can share yer views of the albums with the rest of us! Pls do go back to previous postings to download the recommended LPs (such as Entombed's Left Hand Path & Six Feet Under's Haunted).

anba: Lu bila boleh turun? Cakap le so we can try arrange something.

Xecutioner's Return - no comment?

Anba said...

Balaji :- i'm planning to turun on sunday 2 Nov...
I just downloaded the obi's album today morning .... have just listened to 6 songs so far...
Need more time to digest the whole album...
but so far have no problems with any of their songs so far..

anfield devotee said...

anba: Nov2 you say? Make it Nov1 lar, so we meet up sat nite.

RE: Obituary album. What do you think of new guitarist's fretwork?