Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Battle has just begun . . .

"Najib is the only person with the requisite pedigree and charisma to lead Malaysia." - Mr VV, the diehard Barisan supporter (via skype recently).

Hear ye, hear ye all Malaysians! One dungu, spineless leader has announced his retirement. But the battle fer us has only just begun. The annointed successor is a ruthless, greedy & RACIST despot. If anything, everyone must REDOUBLE their efforts to ensure this megalomaniac will NOT flush our beloved country down the toilet.

Do note that there are PLENTY of VVs around who are blind to the greed, avarice & uncontrolled lust of the man (soon to be) elected to succeed Mr Yawn.

Me can never forget pix of Najib hoisting a flag bearing the slogan "Bunuh Cina" on the front page of the NST way back in 87 as the seeds of Ops Lalang were planted. To all those who keep harping about Anwar's complicity in the dark days leading to 87's crackdown, never ever fooking forget Najib was GUILTY of RACIST shit stirring as UMNO youth chief.

On top of which, there are the many questions surrounding his & Rosmah's involvement in MONGOLIAGATE. (see fer more damning evidence). As fer his wanton lust & dirty business dealings (all alleged of course), do refer to

Worse yet, is the damning verdict from ex-de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim (see article below) who sees Najib as a mere DrM puppet. He foresees a continuation of DrM's zealous repression of democratic process.

Yes, that's right. You can forget any reform under Najib as he will further tighten the screws with abuse of the ISA, appointment of UMNO cronies in the judiciary & further inject female hormones into an already castrated media. Rule of Law & due process? Expect it to be fooking furthered sodomised in the name of national security (pun fully intended).

Fer those of you wary of Anwar, PAS & DAP's ability to rule, me thinks Najib's many flaws will make even Badahwi look positively Mandela-like if he is allowed to come to power.

Yes, me may be an anti-BN dude; but at least me likes to think it is rooted around a considered opinion & not blind loyalty like VV. Why do me say that? Dear MrVV ws not even aware of the submarine purchase by Najib or that he was implicated in MONGOLIAGATE. He also happens to think DrM is a deity & that the corruption & neutering of the democratic process perfectly acceptable in the name of PROGRESS.

If you believe in forging a brighter future fer this country, then you must say 'no'to the likes of Najib & continue to figth the good fight. As far as me is concerned, his 'pedigree' highlights everything that is fooking wrong with our country at the moment. The fact that Najib is a Scum supporter only makes it that much more unbearable fer me.

Me apologises fer the fooking long winded posting; but it is with great despair that me views Najib's accession. Me hopes you will read the Malaysia Today links as well as the article below & come to the same conclusion.

Najib & the old guard UMNO must be stopped!

The Malaysian Insider
Sunday October 12 2008 Zaid: Mahathir is back in power with Najib (By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor)

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 — Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim says Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s impending rise to become Umno president and Prime Minister marks the return of “Mahathirism”.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he said, will become Malaysia’s “de facto PM”, standing behind Najib.

He said the fall of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a result of Dr Mahathir prevailing.

Zaid, who resigned recently from Abdullah's Cabinet in protest against the use of the Internal Security Act, said he did not expect Najib to continue Abdullah's reform agenda once he takes over.

"Legal and constitutional reforms make you less powerful, more accountable and less able to use the privileges of power.

"Why would someone trained and schooled by Dr Mahathir introduce reforms. Have you heard Najib speak of reforms?” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Zaid said he expects Najib's administration to be more authoritarian with more controls and restrictions compared to that of Abdullah's.

Abdullah, he said, believed in reforms, but "he did not have the stomach" to push through the changes needed.

During the interview he also responded to allegations made against him by Dr Mahathir on the latter's blog recently.

In his blog, Dr Mahathir accused Zaid of being in Perth, Australia during the March general election, and for helping the Pas candidate win the Kota Baru constituency against the Barisan Nasional.

Dr Mahathir also criticised Zaid's move as minister to have the government institute ex-gratia payments to the judges who were sacked as a result of the 1988 judicial crisis.

Said Zaid in response: "He says I helped the Pas candidate, but the fact is Pas was going to win no matter what because of the anti-BN mood.

"He has conveniently forgotten that he actively asked the people to vote against BN to teach Abdullah a lesson."

Zaid added that Dr Mahathir would never be able to accept why ex-gratia payments were made to the judges because it reflects badly on his legacy as Prime Minister.

He said Dr Mahathir would never understand the need for reforms because, to him, "more authoritarianism is better”.

The former minister said Malaysia's political and economic uncertainties today is a result of Dr Mahathir.

He also blamed Dr Mahathir for Umno's unpopularity and lack of proper leadership.

"The truth is we have had no proper election since 1987," he said in reference to the year in which Dr Mahathir defeated Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah by a wafer-thin majority to retain the Umno presidency.

Soon after that election, Umno was declared illegal in a court case which led eventually to the 1988 judicial crisis and the sacking of judges involved in the case.

Under Dr Mahathir, the Societies Act was also subsequently amended disallowing judicial review of any political party decision.

"After the Societies Act was amended the president of Umno could do anything.

"You have destroyed the fabric of our lives as a democracy. Have you not done enough?''

Zaid said Malaysia faced an uncertain and more authoritarian future when Najib takes over.

"You had 23 years of Dr Mahathir, so let's say Najib lasts for 10 years as PM with Mahathir behind him. That means a total of 33 years under Dr Mahathir."

ps: Do check out Also read wikipedia's less-than-wonderful potrayal as the man who would be PM at .

pps: As usual, me looks forward to reading yer comments (dissenting or otherwise) on the Najib's ability as a leader.


Tinesh said...

"He has conveniently forgotten that he actively asked the people to vote against BN to teach Abdullah a lesson."

Like he conviniently forgets everything else. Did you read the i'view in The Star by Jostling Tan? Sucking up to TDM like she sucks up to BN flers.

I was a few months short of being born in 87 when Najis carried the keris but Ive heard stories la. And I dont want someone who is more racist than TDM and Ahmad to lead the country. Yes, he might have the charisma and qualities, but he fail miserably because his stands are not his own.

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh: What charisma & other qualities? You mea the part bout him being a scummer . . .

Tinesh said...

Hahaha!! Nola! I dont mind our PM supporting any club la. I meant his education qualifications. He's a trained economist from England all. And he's definitely better and stronger than Badawi. But I still dont want him simply because:

1) He's ultra fuckin racist
2) Enough BN governing the country

Achilles said...

AD: Actually, i disagree with you on the tightening of screws for ISA. I think with Abd Najis taking over, we could finally see the end of the ISA.

Why? because if found guilty for anything that he doesn't like, Ka-Boom...end of story. Who's next. So who needs ISA anymore?

hehehee. i am sure the first few sentences of me comments made your heart skip a beat right?

Still got a tiny bit of hope for DSAI. IF he wants to attack, now would be a good time.

senorita.. said...

they have to do this la... no choice. their naive little minds were thinking that the people are boycotting BN because of Abdullah. and that Najib will restore the people's confidence.

IMO there are still people who will vote for BN, i.e all the crooks,ppl who are doing not-so-legal businesses. easier to do things with a corrupt gov.,no?

Life's Like That said...

Don expect much to change once Najib takes over. I agree with Achilles that with najib we could see the end of the dreaded initials ISA but only to be replaced by the even scarier C4!

Anyone has any news on the Pakatan Rakyat. They seem to be pretty quiet now. Let's hope s'thing is brewing.......

anfield devotee said...

tinesh: He's no economist la. Just coz you did a few basic papers at uni don't make him an Economist. All those people who seem to think that he has "experience" will NOT be able to tell you any HIGHLIGHTS from his previous portfolios.

LLT: Like me said silence is somewhat deafening. Am just afraid they have played their cards wrong & the Najib/M Yassin partnership means that the defectors will wait & see.

achilles: me actually thinks things will get a lot worse under Najib. Abolish ISA? You gotta be joking, he'll never do it. Fer current example, see RPK's case. Najib uses the ISA to silence him rather than face him in court. Najob won't even bother with a kangaroo court la . . .

senorita: People who have business dealings with BN me can understand. But there a lotsa people like me friend Mr VV who is just blind to the facts & insists that BN are the only option we have. Tragic . . .

senorita.. said...

yes,tragic. i have my fair share of encounterin ppl who support UmNo blindly. i hav an acquaintance who has been here in Welly for only 8 mths now n has just been voted as the NZ(or only Wellington, not sure) UmNo Club President. he drinks (alcohol), nv fast n club... n he has very shallow understanding of patriotism. n gives me a racist impression sometimes, frm the things he said n way he act. i guess all the basic requirements to b UmNo supporter are the same dont they?

Life's Like That said...

Let's pray Anwar has something up his sleeve.....

Life's Like That said...

Senorita : Better gat close to that guy! Who knows, he may one day be a minister and you can start getting contracts from him so that WE(as in all in this blog) can all benefit! Haha!

nanda666 said...

read the star today that DSAI said something about taking over before Dec 8.(Hariraya haji)
...the article on page 13 is an article on death of Pangolins and Tapirs!!!...guess Anwar is endangered tooo!!!! hehehehehe!!!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: If you can beat em, join em? hee hee

senorita: Yer Welington UMNO Pres sounds exactly like the kinda of fooking twat who would be a minister one day . . . Make sure you take plenty of pix of him during his less than holy moments so you can fooking BLACKMAIL him some day . . .

nanda: Yeah man, looks like our Anwar has completely run of steam la. Fook that fer a laugh la . . . sigh

Achilles said...

AD: me was being sarcastic about ISA being abolished-lah...

but we'll see lah if DSAI got any other tricks up his sleeve or not. As for him always mentioning the actual dates of take over, i still think its a bad strategy-lah....

Anba said...

Me wonders will we still have diplomatic ties when Uncle Jeep b'comes PM...hmmmm

Anba said...

Me wonders will we still have diplomatic ties with Mongolia when Uncle Jeep b'comes PM...hmmmm

senorita.. said...

i think i have one.. of him holding Carlsberg.

n he fucking talk big n is arrogant when he's ard all his Melayu clan.. but when he needs help with assignment, sweet talking sms semua datang.

and yes, i will not be at all surprised if he turns out to be some minister some day.

anfield devotee said...

senorita: me hopes you know how to twist the wanker round yer lil finger . . .

achilles: me knows you were. but me is also stating what me thinks he'll do.

anba: Still hoping we'll never find out . . .