Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Unlikely Lad

This posting has to do with a question our very own resident rambler, Moz (aka Anand of Bear Beer fame), asked me some time ago. Who does Morrisey support?

The ex-frontman of The Smiths may not strike you as the archetypal footie fan with his woe-is-me anthems & vegan lifestyle. But with titles such as Frankly, Mr Shankly, Your Arsenal & Roy's Keen, you suspect that there's a terrace hoolie under that famous quiff. And lo & behold, you'll never fooking guess where Morrissey is getting his footie fix!

To find out, please go to:

ps: Know of any other unlikely footie fans? Do share.

pps: And fer a spot of navel gazing, me has included this little ditty to remind us of how fooking great The Smiths were in the 80s. Enjoy!


senorita.. said...

ha...! must have been before my time..! :P

anfield devotee said...

senorita: Haiyo, aunty . . . don't have to make us all feel fooking old la.

Anyways, there's plenty of music before me time which me enjoys. And part of the reason me posted the vid is fer younger generation to dicover this gem of a band.

Believe it or not, a poll conducted a few years ago by one of a music rag had The Smiths as the greatest British band of ALL time . . . ahead of The Beatles!

So what do you think of the tune? If impressed, do also see 'Girlfriend In A Coma' fer some seriously black humour.

senorita.. said...

lol, i njoy poking fun at FFS-ians. hehe

will check out at uni tmrw. :P

Bernard said...

Ooooohhh, The that on my playlist & don't tire of listening to them much like Led Zep, the Purps, Sabbath &.....Happy Mondays.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now...

Bernard said...

BTW, & in spite of his Hammers t-shirt in the pix, its likely Morrissey is a Scum at heart. Might want to read this interesting piece from when before Capello was appointed England manager :

kevo said...

Brilliant bunch! They made gloom bloom man. Simply love the titles of their stuff. What duotoned album covers too. And who could forget their label Rough Trade eh. Johnny Marr wuz just superb. Fondly remember Morrisey in Top of the Pops with his waving arms and flowers stuck in his jeans. Had fun with the boys imitating this fooker in school.

I think me bro's the biggest Smiths fan i know to date. But I met this young ciku once, a year back and she just blew me 'frankly, mr shankly' away when she actually knew The Smiths, songs and history! That wuz quite refreshing.

Always thought Morrisey wuz a manc though, I mean he truly is la but shockin to see him in a hammers T! Anyways they're always a good listen till today. You just seem to appreciate them more now.

There is a light that never goes out.

seeva said...

Since Senorita and I are of the same age, Im gonna say this is before my time too hehe. BUT since I dig rock and roll, Ive heard of Morrissey la.

I noe Robbie Williams owns a club.

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

kevo: "she just blew me" . . . literally? This charming man, indeed . . .

Bernard: Yeah, you could say one never tires of the Smiths. But as the link reports, Mozza here has been frequenting The Den!!! To watch fooking Milwall!!!

seeva: Robbie who?

moz:spurs afraid? said...

Senor baloresssss,

word of caustic caution: the words sprawled on herein onwards may bare sanctiminous pyschoseared thoughts; preserved and pickled in a selfgloried orgy of honesty.
but they run the gamut of emotions, though wide and varied - mostly honest; freakin honest.

it may also profess a lusty self disclosure of a pathologically wired being, hellbent on a self-immolation of sorts. call me a madcunt, a freak that deserves to fagbutted in the mouth, eyes and ears; an apathetic 30-somethin year old with no-life, save for neurotic rewinds and fast forwards for nervegnawing tracks to catch that one beladhi sentence;
that one "marr-ry" feedback; or
just that one beladhi word macha dei...just fer that one
beladhi word.

its the words chief;
to me at least, its always been abt the words.
its those goddamn bloody words strewn together, sears and burns in what seems to be
an effortless unperturbed calmness.
damn. too goddamned
personal at times, it makes
yu just wanna swith of the lights,
lie down bare in room with nothin but the floor (and a bottle or two)
and listen all shy and quiet, and etch, carve and cement into yer head, till it farkin bleeds dei.

can't explain it. take "girlfriend in a coma" for instance. if you take out the words - hell, it may get misconstrued as a wet,wet,wet track...but the words man, the words just take yu a whole different level. it gelles me supaglued, lightning rooted with eyes wide shut with a mind starknaked and blank.

its the words man, every farkin word deserves to be heard
by every uncaring ear, may knock some sense in em for all i know, oh hey, hang on i forgot,
the world won't listen.

cheers mate. really.

moz:spurs afraid? said...

to some a track is just a what it essentially is a song - not deserving a word of two of rambling :))). to others, its something personal. something raw that gnaws you from the inside out. something that yu would never want to share with anyone, not out of a freaky selfpossesive nature, but out of fear.fear of hearing something yu hold close, dear and godlike
being insulted, trampled and spit upon.

and for that my friend, ma sincere apologies from the wormed core for this uncalled for rambling.

cheers mate, got me all tearyeyed once over. shite. but really thanks a lot dude. appreciate the effort to intro the man and his band.

PREMO: i know man, got yer moz LP with me dude. sorry bro.

moz the resident rambler mwhahahhahahaha nice one dude. sudah ada pangkat skarang siot:)))

p.s. "..haven't had a dr-e-aamm, in a lonnggggg time...y'see with the luck i've haaaaddd, would make a gooodd man..
turn baaaaddd..." - a fitting anthem for spurs fans worldwide in the last decade so. la

Tinesh said...

ehhhh seeva is me lol..some singer fler la :P

Azer Mantessa said...

me never get tired of the 80s :-)

anfield devotee said...

tinesh@seeva: Did you not spot the irony or heavy sarcasm in that response? ie who gives a flying fook about ex-boy band fookers la. Sigh . . . young people these days.

azer: Though much maligned, there were some genuinely good bands from that era - New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, U2, Tears Fer Fears, Big Country etc etc.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mozzz, robbie williams is a spud too. i remember clearly he had the old holsten kit donned while on stage in one of his video clips.

in case you guys didnt know yet, the sambal-hot Daphne Iking is a Goonerette!

actually i myself just found out abt this recently. was drooling away at the sight one this smoking hot chic in tight-fitting Red and White.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Famous Kopites - the late, great John Peel, Ian McCulloch, Elvis Costello & John Powers are among the many notable Reds.

ps: that wanker Robbie Williams is a Port Vale fan la. And let's stop talking about that fookhead la. Canna stand the sight of that smug piece of shite. He's one of me pet hates alongside madonna.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

he's a Port Vale fan ah? darn, i wish he was in fact a spurs fan la you, i've never liked him, nor any of the Take That faggots.

more famous Gooners- Dido and John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten.

j or ji said...

Millwall? the most notorious hooligans are from that club..
morrissey pulak pernah dituduh sebagai racist (hang the dj) dan pro hooligans.

whatever it is,bring back the 80s and the smiths.

Anba said...

I know Steve Harris is fanatic West Ham FAn...
and Napalm Death are big fans of Aston Villa

Venom maybe Newcastle kot...
by the way bro...i nve heard of the Smiths b4....hmmm time for me to check it order yes..tears for beers yup..
too bad they have banned youtube here..have to wait till weekend then...

mozisgod said...


speaking of ian's an addition
julian cope / teadrop explodes *sigh* a lot of legendary bands form merseyside i side, don't know though whether they're on the blue or red side of the fence;


mozisgod said...

deaer kerp,

robbie beladhi williams, a horrific spud? mwahhahahhaha..oh mentang-mentang gooner fan, dun la insult spurs like thisss.
but i heard he's a port vale fan too. have been grossly misinformed about the moz though, thought he was a man city fan all these way. then again, his interest in millwal could solely boil down to the notoriety of their awesome fans slash thugs, as j or JJ rightly pointed out. he (moz) is after all a thug in his own right. a cerebral ruffian. hehehheee.


anfield devotee said...

anba: Never heard of The Smiths? C'mon, you canna be serious dude. First you say Load better than Justice, now this.

You taking the piss?!!?

If yer fer real, me thinks you're gonna be highly impressed with this bunch of gloom merchants as Johnny Marr was the first boona fide guitar hero who didn't do SOLOS whilst Morrisey's none-more-British lyrics & outlook made them one the greats to have emerged from those shores.

Happy discovering dude.

kerp: Famous gooners also include Take That & East 17 . . . hee hee!

j or ji: Morrisey's alleged nationalist leanings came about when he draped a Union Jack over himself during a show in the 90s (at the time, the flag was the symbol of the far right). Whether he is or not remains open to conjecture.
Be quite funny of Mozza got beaten up at The Den!

Moz: Cerebral ruffian . . . he he . . . very true.

Anba said...

yup me kid you not...i know the name but not the music... have to wait till friday then or saturday b4 i can tune to youtube...
Me still prefer load to justice...hehehe

senorita.. said...

pls do not slay me for what i'm about to say.

honest to the library lightbulb, my 1st thought when the song starts playing was "GAY".

k, u can start shooting now. =P

senorita.. said...

by the way, familiar with 'The Gossip'? i think Beth Ditto has amazing voice.

Anba said...

Balaji...i checked out the smiths video you posted...needs a bit more listening will find out other music

do check out this vid..m not sure you might have seen it...its quite funny...

anfield devotee said...

anba: Ah, ok, you know of the band but not heard their music. That's fair enough la. Was stumped how could a muci buff like yerself not have heard of this bunch of gloomy mancunians.

Hope you enjoy the discovery trip.

senorita: The word is sexual ambiguity. He claimed (at the time) to be celibate.

But the beauty of The Smiths is in the words . . .

Senorita & anba, cheers fer the links. will check em out soon.