Friday, September 5, 2008

The intrigue continues

Ok, the grapevine is not just rumbling but almost burning from the sheer amount of whispers, hearsay & rumour making the rounds on the supposed defection of BN MPs.

Last me heard was that apparently Pakatan has already sewn up the 30 required to topple the govt but are holding back coz most are non-Bumi MPs. They have thus held back the announcement in a belated attempt to bring over some high-ranking UMNO blokeys in order to give the new order a more balanced racial appearance.

Apparently, some of these defectors will even include several cabinet & dep ministers. Far fetched? Think about it. If Pakatan have already got the 30, why wouldn't these rats cabut from a sinking ship?

Me called Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran & asked if he had any solid info on these mutterings. "So far nothing concrete & they remain just that, rumours," he said. "But there is a possibility that they could be true & Anwar keeps good his promise of a Sep16 change of government."

But what is most telling is the tone from both sides of the fence. Anwar & other opposition leaders have been quitely confident even though the mass media has painted them as liars & fer not respecting the recent electoral mandate. You get the feeling that something is going to happen just from the cool demeanour of these guys.

Contrast this with the repeated pressing of the panic button by Barisan Najis. You can sense the party is in its death throes & is clutching at straws to stay alive. From a fooking COMPULSORY trip fer their MPs to Oz to hastily arranged press conferences stating that Sabah MPs are loyal to the cause.

Could this really be happening? Never in me wildest dreams did me ever think me would see the day that BN fall. It hasn't happened yet & may not still. But just to see BN fooking shit themselves is worthwhile enough . . .

ps: Fer those of you who care enough but missed out on the last GE, time is running out fer you to be registered in time fer a possible snaps at the end of the year! Time to get mobilised people!

pps: Look forward to reading any other rumours you may have heard as well as yer thoughts on what may happen this time next week. A new govt? Martial law? Or same old, same old BN crap?


Achilles said...

AD: Bro... just one concern with all the hop overs from Barisan Najis. If all the fooking scum of Barisan Najis move over, wouldn't it be the same as now? ie same people, behaving in the same way, but just under adifferent party? I know the leadership would be different and hopefully that will be enough to whip things into order and stop these foookers from continuing their dirty tricks under a new party name. maybe me is just paranoid, but me guess its still better than bodohwi's rule.

anfield devotee said...

achilles: Plenty have said the same thing. That it'll be the same old shite as it'll be the same old fookers.
Well, this represent the minority & me hopes under pakatan it'll be better (if it happens that is).

Let's not forget, there are TRILLION problems to be solved, so don't be expecting miracles overnite.

At least fer start, Pakatan has said there'll be open tenders fer govt contracts thus eliminating cronyism. A cleaner judiciary to protect our interests & a curb on police powers. All much needed reform needed & which Bn paid lip service to but as well can see did fook all.

Also you can bet Bodohwi will leave a BANKRIPT tesury should he be forced to step down. So more problems there.

Some have also said that getting into power via defections is against the spirit of democracy. But all me has to say is that it is merely a means to TOPPLE BN & then seek fresh mandate witha snap election.

But we shall see. . .

Achilles said...

AD: Agreed... the problem list is endless and i too not hoping for overnight miracles to happen... but just don't want to see the same shit happening under a different flag. that's me only hope fer the new govt.

Defections by the candidates very own choice is democracy if you ask me. No one putting a gun to these MPs heads and forcing them to jump ship.

anfield devotee said...

Me received this sms around 230pm today:

Sep5, 2008: Simultaneous press conferneces will be held at 3pm by Gerakan, PPP, SAPP, SPDP, UPKO, LDP & PBS to announce their withdrawal from Barisan Najis at their respective party HQs.

ps: Me meant BANKRUPT TREASURY in the comment above, sorry typo!

nanda666 said...

to avoid rumours and if you want accurate info, pls send via sms:

Reg adil

To: 32300

30 cents per sms received and you can sms "stop adil" to the same number if you don't want it anymore.

From my buddy in PR

anfield devotee said...

Thanx Nanda, very helpful.

So any news thus far?

Life's Like That said...

Hope all these rumours do come thru and not only remain that. As AD says, we have never been so close to seeing the ruling coalition being toppled. If it does happen, let's hope we have a govt that serves the ppl and not themselves.

Food fer thot : Imagine if PR takes over and messes it up even worse, who then do we turn to??? Scary shit ain't it? Let's hope fer the best!

anfield devotee said...

LLT: Unfortunately, the sms was false . . . sigh . . .

As fer doing worse than BN, well . . . its a risk we will have to take. Otherwise, who knows where we'll end up.

Am just hoping that sooner rather than later, Anwar will keep good his promise to topple BN & replace it with a party that is dedicated to clean governance.

nanda666 said...

According to my buddy, that official sms service will be the most accurate and uptodate.
So far...nothing.

Achilles said...

If PR messes up, we boot them out again. BN would have learnt their fooking lesson on not to take things for granted and serve the people properly. They are already wishing they learnt this lesson earlier without such painful consequences.

But like AD says... we have to give them a chance. Or we may never know.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whats funny is the statement by the tiong MP that says no better timing than now for the said trip abroad. and here we are in the month of ramadan. cant the course be done any other month instead of ramadan? something's quite fishy. possbile defection? too good to be true but the smell is there.